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u/Tangent_ · 2 pointsr/BMW

Yeah, 87,000 is close enough that it wouldn't hurt to do the spark plugs now. With that bad vibration/check engine light it's hard to say what might have caused it.

Over the years I've had a few occasions where I've had something similar, but it's been so few and far between that it's usually easiest to chalk up to a computer glitch that's resolved by the restart and not something with a mechanical cause. If it happens again try to read the code. An inexpensive code reading solution is any cheap ELM327 bluetooth OBD II adapter from Amazon (around $10) and the Torque app for an Android phone. A more powerful solution that can give you BMW specific codes and also lets you do lots of coding to customize features in your car is to buy the Carly adapter (Android adapter, iOS adapter) and their app.

They're all DIYable, some with a higher skill level than others of course. If you have a place to do it and can read and follow instructions you can do any job and save lots of money even if you need to buy the tools first. Lots of people are intimidated by it but with just a bit of care it's something anyone can handle. One of the big things I follow that solves the biggest problems new DIYers face is using a torque wrench when tightening fasteners. If you do that you won't need to worry about overtightening anything and breaking off a bolt, or undertightening and having it come out. If you aren't comfortable with it or you can't afford to take the time to do it yourself, a good independent shop will be a much better bet than the dealership.

Here are DIYs for the ones I mentioned:

Spark Plugs (Easy)

Ignition coil removal - Part of spark plug DIY.

Valve cover gasket (Challenging)

Motor Mount (Moderate challenge, but more in the getting to bolts way than complexity) Couldn't find a Youtube video I liked, this has lots of pictures and good step-by-step though. The only thing I would change from their DIY is to use this or similar engine support bar rather than supporting the engine from below.

I'd say the spark plugs and coils are absolutely something you can do yourself but read and watch the DIYs on the motor mounts and VCG carefully before deciding to tackle that. If you see no oil down in the spark plug you likely don't need the VCG anyway, and the motor mounts would just cause you to feel the misfires more and you can actually see it on the tach.

u/bodhemon · 1 pointr/BMW

definitely. I replaced a reverse light switch (screws into the transmission under the car) felt pretty awesome about myself. I would recommend getting the bentley manual. I understand that is the one to go with. Good luck!

u/SquidlyStopa · 1 pointr/BMW

I actually had this one originally:

and that was great because it hooked straight into the iphone connector in my Audi but since the BMW is looking for a usb and aux cord I had to buy a cord to adapt it (

I would go with the wma3000b as it's all ready to go without the adapters.

This works incredibly well. Sound quality is absolutely perfect. Sounds like it is coming from a wired connection not bluetooth to aux.

u/FlyingButtresses · 1 pointr/BMW

My dad had this for awhile and I decided to use it. But if I had the choice I definitely would have gone with this only because it's much easier. If you do end up going with the 3M one make sure you have some type of UV Protectant or sealant to coat the lights with afterwards so they don't get foggy again too quickly. The one I had included the sealant and the instructions were pretty straightfoward on the box.

u/murdochh · 1 pointr/BMW

MD requires a front plate n i don't want to drill any holes in the bumper so i got this. sure there are other ones that don't require holes but are all $55+.

thanks, recently put the lip on n i love it. do not love the scrapping though.

u/melikeum · 1 pointr/BMW

I highly recommend grabbing a cheap OBD2 reader off amazon like this one. It can help you fix certain minor issues yourself or at least give you a heads up when you have to take it in for service.

u/Bikanir · 1 pointr/BMW

I have a 2011 535i. I'm very happy with ViseeO Tune2Air WMA3000B Bluetooth Adapter, you can connect your iPhone via bluetooth and still see track information on iDrive. All other functions (receive calls/skip tracks, etc) work perfectly as well.
For me now it's almost as my bluetooth connection was native to the car and I forget I'm using an adapter.

u/Utilityj · 0 pointsr/BMW

This is what i use for my 08 328i. Great sound quality imo and I think the best perk is the buttons it has on it so I dont have to look and fumble with my phone to change songs.

u/ajkd92 · 1 pointr/BMW

Congrats on the new purchase. Iron block, woo! It’s a little more resilient than the aluminum block in your touring (and all my E39’s), and has a slightly deeper sound :)

I’ll just leave this here 😉 I bought one each for both my manual E39’s and it’s a joy!

u/AZStig · 2 pointsr/BMW

I have had zero repairs on the top and the only maintenance I've done is to put some Gummi Pflege on the seals every 6 months ( ). The top works great and has never given me a problem. I live in Arizona and put it down A LOT.

u/CorpseMunging · 1 pointr/BMW

I really like this. Especially of you have USB and Aux in your center console. You just run the remote/mic out from there and stick it flat somewhere easy to reach.

Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm) - Supports AptX

u/redbootz · 1 pointr/BMW

This is the one I have. It's prime-able, there are also ones not. There are a bunch of other ones too. But I have been happy with this one. The app I use is called Torque, there is a free version and a paid version.

u/daruma3gakoronda · 1 pointr/BMW

It will work with any obd2 device, but not guaranteed. I was able to get everything but security and another module to code with mine. I'm able to diagnose and clear codes so I'm happy with it.

u/eyeamgrewt · 1 pointr/BMW

Sonax is my go-to. But if you want to go all-out, give them a deep clean and decon, and ceramic coat them. I've used Gyeon with good results. Ceramic coating makes them a breeze during regular cleanings. A blast with my power washer gets 95% of the brake dust off.

u/jhonizzle · 3 pointsr/BMW

and Coding is super simple on those cars if you have an iPhone/iPad/Android device! Just download (and pay for) bmwhat Android or iOS. Then order This from amazon or eBay. You can seriously code your car in 20min by pressing buttons. Only module I can't seem to use is the Alarm one with that adapter (i'm sure if you buy bmwhat's adapter it'll allow you to use it)

u/wspellmann · 2 pointsr/BMW

Get a California Car Duster and try to give her a brushing every other day, daily if you can. If you keep up with it, it will stay pretty clean for a long time.

u/JaredTizzle · 3 pointsr/BMW

Restored my headlights about 6 months ago using this 3M Headlight Restoration System (Works GREAT)

These Predator Orion V2 LED Angel Eyes w/ Remote angel eyes from umnitza (Would NOT recommend them! However the angel eyes are awesome)

Clear Corners (Clean fit and no problems)

Stealth Bulbs (A big pricey however they look AMAZING)

Have clear side signals on the way, along with some Langka blob removal for some touchups.

u/Yey0 · 2 pointsr/BMW

These work great, high quality, hence the premium. You use your y-cable with 30 pin connector. As long as it is an iPhone, you keep your steering wheel controls and audio descriptions on the control display.

I always recommend them to customers, everyone loves them. Avoid the other cheap ones available, they just don't work or sound horrible.

u/tuxbugy · 1 pointr/BMW

Thanks! Just to make sure, is this the one you meant?

u/tomz17 · 1 pointr/BMW

> Ah ok, I think my 2010 model just missed out on Bluetooth audio.

You need this!
Worked great on my pre-lci E90.

No song names with android, but all steering wheel controls work. I just used tasker to automatically open up spotify and hit play when it sensed the cars bluetooth connection.

u/theographics · 2 pointsr/BMW

This is what I got:

OBD transmitter:


I loved the app, it let you program a bunch of different things (including folding the mirrors when the car is locked). It also would let you see live information from the ECU when the car was running.

u/matt79d · 1 pointr/BMW

I'm so sorry! It's a 2009 non xdrive?

So I think I can get any cable, but it had to have an adapter change the media from digital to analog?

Or I can get a y cable with a blue tooth adapter

So either this:

Or this:
ViseeO Tune2Air WMA3000B Bluetooth Adapter for Streaming iPod/iPhone/iPad to BMW/Mini with original AUX/USB Y-Cable Connection

Either of those work?

u/font9a · 2 pointsr/BMW

My vehicle comes from the factory with summer tires and a BMW Tire Mobility Kit . I've used it on a couple of occasions when I woke up to a completely flat tire (nails). I was gobsmacked that the latex and 12V pump worked perfectly to get me on the road (and over to the tire shop to properly patch the tire.)

u/gibson85 · 0 pointsr/BMW

Try this stuff

I've been using it for the past couple of weeks and it's been working great.

u/Dmencha · 1 pointr/BMW

If your car came with the 30-pin iPod connection, you can just buy this adapter and be able to listen to music from your phone via Bluetooth. I have it in my E90 and it works great.

u/wwb_99 · 1 pointr/BMW

Not a trick so much as a way to get modern bluetooth audio in your "dated" 2009 BMW nav. Check out -- it works brilliantly if you have ipod integration already.

u/synteur · 3 pointsr/BMW

You're going to want this exact model, and plug it into the aux USB dongle.

I've got a 2011 328i with no iDrive console and came across the same issue: Bluetooth pairing is limited to calls, and the USB dongle uses up my phone's connector (and provides little to no charge for my phone). Other standard Bluetooth adapters will only transmit audio, and the wheel controls / song display won't work. The Tune2air works perfectly: bluetooth connection for audio + calls, track names and wheel controls can change volume and skip, while freeing up my phone's connector to charge via the cigarette lighter.

u/smedema · 1 pointr/BMW

Sonax wheel cleaner is by far the best wheel cleaner I've ever used. Most of the dirt is brake dust which is inescapable. But sonax spray melts it away so easily.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 0 pointsr/BMW

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Amazon Smile Link: This


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u/StockAL3Xj · 1 pointr/BMW

I use this in my E92 and it works great. It automatically turns on when I turn in the car and will connect right to my phone so you can just hook it up and forget about it.

u/kingofpoptart · 1 pointr/BMW

All you'll ever need to fix an e30.

The e30 is an easy car to work on. There's plenty of space under the hood to work with. Its also very mechanical, so there's not a lot of computery things that can break. As somebody who owns a moneypit e30 I say go for it!

u/cubbie4109 · 2 pointsr/BMW

Your car is an E39 and you can probably get an Aux cable and DIY the project, here's a good link that shows how to do it.

u/PunnyYolks · 4 pointsr/BMW

I used these brackets instead of drilling holes into my bumper.

This is what it should end up looking like.

u/Intense_introvert · 3 pointsr/BMW

Did you put gasket treatment on the door seals to help prevent the doors from sticking?

u/drewson · 1 pointr/BMW

What is the production date on your car? If it is 09/02 or later, you could buy this or make your own for a fraction of the price. I made my own for my E39 and it works just like it should. The potential downside is that it does not offer iPod integration, which would prohibit you from changing the songs through the steering wheel or head unit, and you would have to just change it on your phone. If you have an 09/02+ production date, the cost trade off is worth doing without the Grom or Dice.

I use the Grom in my E46 because the headunit software does not support aux in. Grom offers two different cables to connect your audio input device. The standard one has an aux-in and a female charging-only USB, and the other one has an iPod connector allowing for integration. I don't know about iPhone 5 though.

Bottom line, what do you want to do with your phone plugged in? Just the basic function of having music or full phone integration?

u/OsamaBinSwagin · 1 pointr/BMW

Yes I just did this.

I use that. You may need a different model so do some research.

u/bwhoback · 2 pointsr/BMW

Get one of these ASAP. Works like magic and lasts forever.

u/drgncabe · 1 pointr/BMW

I have a generic ELM327 bluetooth reader like this BAFX one that I use with an app called torque on my android tablet. I paid $25 for the reader and $5 for the app (there is a free version that can pull codes, the paid version does so much more). It's been amazingly useful but it's not K+CAN so any extended bmw specific stuff (like extended engine check codes) doesn't show up and you can't do coding with it.

On newer-ish BMWs you can pull the code using the BC stalk in control check, but only if the code has already been thrown, where the ODB reader will catch "pending codes."

I got a P0015 code, however if I had a K+CAN cable I probably could have pulled the (what I call) sub-code saying if it was a stuck or non-responding solenoid.

u/JakeWJF2 · 1 pointr/BMW

If you get a car without iDrive many later models still have hands-free Bluetooth, but no Bluetooth streaming audio. I remedied that with a Bluetooth audio adapter that's conveniently NFC-enabled and I've been very pleased for $30.

u/saintdev · 2 pointsr/BMW

While it's not what I would call cheap, I would also suggest changing the timing belt if you aren't sure when it was last done. It is supposed to be changed every 60k miles. If it breaks, you're most likely going to have to replace the engine. The water pump is typically changed at the same time, because you have to take the same parts off and it tends to last about as long as the timing belt.

Also, if you plan on doing a lot of the work yourself, you should look at getting the Bentley manual. It's the best one out there for the E30. Don't even bother with the Hayes manual, it's useless.

Edit: Bentley's

u/BalrogAndRoll · 1 pointr/BMW

This one is very highly recommended.

Check out /r/AutoDetailing

u/rsoatz · 1 pointr/BMW

I added this to my 135i and it worked. Make sure it works with your i drive

I can control music with the stock head unit and it routes phone calls to the incar speaker. Also it shows artist etc

u/QMac · 1 pointr/BMW

I have a 2011 135i with iDrive but without Bluetooth audio streaming. I bought this and it connects to the aux and USB in my center console. It works flawlessly for what I have.

Bovee WMA3000B Viseeo Tune2air Wireless Bluetooth Music Interface Adaptor for BMW iPod integration

u/ShesWalkinOutTheDoor · 1 pointr/BMW

I had gotten one that was adjustable, so I put the holes from underneath. This was the one: figured I'd share if you can't find anything else.

u/arontx · 2 pointsr/BMW

I just ordered this one through Amazon:

Including tax and shipping it came to $73 which is cheaper than I've seen many places sell the knob by itself.

u/thataverageguymike · 1 pointr/BMW

I'm not sure that the USB interface works with audio on newer phones.

I use a cheap Bluetooth audio adapter to play music in my 2009 128i, and if you want to use something similar but have steering wheel controls enabled you need to pay quite a bit more.

u/scatterbrn · 1 pointr/BMW

I currently use this and have just music stream over while calls use the built-in bluetooth in the car. the little puck lets you start/stop and skip tracks, and music pauses when a call comes in.
I have it plugged in to the armrest with the puck by my idrive knob, and while I usually don't bother, the plug has a USB in that you can use if you need to also plug your phone in to charge.

u/3rdFloorChair29 · 1 pointr/BMW

Bovee WMA3000B Wireless Bluetooth Music Interface Audio Adaptor for BMW iPod integration

u/Redsubdivisions · 3 pointsr/BMW

I’ve been using this for 4 months now without any issues and I use an iPhone 6:

Bovee WMA3000B Wireless Bluetooth

u/youRFate · 1 pointr/BMW

I just realized, what I'm looking for does exist:

This works with the same interface BMW uses for the ipod integration, but instead does bluetooth. It even lets you browse your phones's music library on the idrive.

u/Aterners · 5 pointsr/BMW

Here's the link, it's only $16

Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for OBDII Vehicles

u/ASV731 · 1 pointr/BMW

The price went up, but this is the one that I bought.

iPhone's use wifi-adapters, while androids use Bluetooth.

u/harryatsimplex · 1 pointr/BMW

If you don't have Bluetooth for streaming but do have iPod integration in the centre console you need

u/m34z · 1 pointr/BMW

It's not perfect, but it works. I've used it for 3+ years.

u/worra · 1 pointr/BMW

I've heard of some folks installing small USB bluetooth adapters in the car's USB you have a USB port?

EDIT: If you don't, something like this is also an option

u/devilinpoop · 4 pointsr/BMW

And it will take you 2.5 minutes to get them dirty again.

Take a look at armorall wheel protectant, stuff is a bit expensive. But it does keep the wheels cleaner for longer.

u/crude_username · 2 pointsr/BMW

I have this one which I forgot to mention comes with some gloves as well :P I think Continental makes a kit and there are likely some others but I just opted for the OEM one. Even with roadside assistance, the kit isn't a bad thing to have for maintaining your tire pressure alone without necessarily having to go to a gas station.

u/loltown · 10 pointsr/BMW

Maybe try sonax wheel cleaner. I've used it before with some success but yours looks caked on really bad.

u/dr_pepper_ftw · 1 pointr/BMW

The quality of bluetooth audio streaming depends on your phone and car. I use an adapter that plugs into my pre-lci E90's auxiliary port and stream from my Galaxy S4 and have noticed no degradation in quality.

u/Thunderbird_12 · 1 pointr/BMW

I feel your pain, as I had a BMW that didn't have enhanced bluetooth. (So I couldn't listen to music through my phone.) There are so many products that claimed to work, but didn't deliver. The cassette/bluetooth things are a pain, those Android systems LOOK cool, but it's a crap-shoot about how well they actually work (not to mention take away from the stock look of the car,) and who still uses auxiliary cords anymore? I can relate.

Sadly, I too admitted defeat and was only able to solve the problem when it was time for me to get another car.

FYI: Don't waste your time on this (or anything that looks like it.) It won't stay connected, and will be more trouble than it's worth.

u/DiscoMike · 2 pointsr/BMW

Like you said, I would check for vacuum leaks and if your exhaust is loud maybe you have an exhaust manifold leak. Also test fuel pressure and make sure your pump or regulator isn't starting to give out. I had a similar problem on my e90 and it took forever to figure out the problem.

As for the shifting, sounds like a clutch issue.

Edit: invest in one of these, it links directly to my phone or tablet. I use the BMWhat software, but if you have an Android device you need to use the Bluetooth version of the adapter not the wifi version.

ieGeek® WIFI Wireless OBD2 Auto Scanner Adapter Scan Tool for iPhone iPad iPod

Edit 2: Shit just realized you have a 94. The above device won't work for you. Sorry about that.