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u/likefireincairo · 1 pointr/Barca

The Croatia shirts are checkered because their crest is checkered-

So no, they don’t have a claim on checkers preventing anybody else from using them, but Nike pretty much took the very same vapor match shirt and switched colors.

I personally thought last year’s third kits were a much cooler way of being “inspired by a neighborhood” and were much, much more original.

All things kit being a matter of taste, like what you like.

u/DakMontana · 7 pointsr/Barca

u/mishraakshay, you deleted your question as I was typing out this response. His question was "why do the Real and Barca fans hate each other" to anyone reading this and wondering.


There isn't really a single answer to it, there are so many different reasons to why it's as big as it is. I recommend you read this book.

But some of the reasons and what I consider defining reasons:

  • Barca represented Catalunya and they opposed Franco. Franco supported Real and back then in Spanish football, fans choose teams based on political beliefs, so Real supporters chose Real because they believed in Franco's regime.

  • Barca's club president, Josep Sunyol, was executed without trial by Franco's men because Josep Sunyol opposed Franco. This obviously angered Barca fans.

  • There was also the Di Stefano transfer. It's widely believed that Franco was involved in making Di Stefano go to Real when he was meant to go to Barca.

  • Even now political beliefs are still being held. Many Barca fans are pro-independence whilst many Spanish football fans are anti-independence, this is known by the whistle Pique receives when playing for the National Team. Particularly in the Santiago Bernabeu.


    No one here will be able to illustrate how deep this rivalry is without writing an essay worthy to be called a book. It's best you do your own research if you truly want to learn about it, that book I linked is a great place to start.
u/-rumHAM · 1 pointr/Barca

Definitely check out this book by Guillem Balague (one of the most prominent La Liga journalists). It will definitely help you explain the massive weight that this fixture carries in Catalan society, and more specifically what it did to Pep during his time at Barca. This fixture (combined with Mourniho's tactics) basically broke him as a person, interesting stuff.

u/CorsarioNero · 7 pointsr/Barca

Bought a 3D puzzle of Camp Nou for a Christmas gift. I'm thinking of getting a second one for me. It looks pretty good when finished.

u/porkchameleon · 1 pointr/Barca

"Fear and Loathing in La Liga" is essential, a must read.

Non-Barça, but still interesting read (but hey - if anyone writes about futbol - there will be mentioning of FC Barcelona and their players):

"Inverting the Pyramid" - evolution and analysis of game tactics.

"Soccernomics" is more general, but a very interesting read as well.

Didn't see electronic version, but this one is worth mentioning: "Angels with Dirty Faces", history of Argentinian football.

u/mullsork · 3 pointsr/Barca

This book is a great read that talks about this stuff as well.

u/poetical_poltergeist · 3 pointsr/Barca

This is the book I took the excerpt from, even though I thought I knew most of the things regarding Spanish football, I was pleasantly surprised by how many things I did NOT know.

u/ncocca · 1 pointr/Barca

It's not that simple. Graham writes great articles and books about Barca, he's just not a good commentator.

u/aquaticshade · 3 pointsr/Barca

If you don't mind spending ~$10, it doesn't get much better than Sid Lowe's Fear and Loathing in La Liga. I highly recommend this.

If you're looking for free stuff, here's something that looks interesting from 2012 (PDF). (Although, admittedly, I've never read it).

u/StreetsofGalway · 2 pointsr/Barca

My girlfriend got me this for Christmas! I haven't been following soccer/football very long (since this year's world cup) so it's the first shirt I've gotten. I also asked for a barça jersey on my main wishlist (I gave her a separate one so she wouldn't have to worry about someone else getting me the same thing), so I'm excited to see if I get that too.

u/Rza526 · 4 pointsr/Barca

If you're in the US and have Amazon Prime, it's available on that. Here is the link.

u/Andman22 · 3 pointsr/Barca

I too am a programmer (mostly C and python at the moment). I just bought Love Death Immortality and its a great CD to listen to while coding.

u/NeuralLink · 3 pointsr/Barca

I would agree. I just finished reading Fear and Loathing, and it is the best book I've read on the topic. If you are looking for another, you might try Morbo: The Story of Spanish Football by Phil Ball.

u/theodore_axehandle · 28 pointsr/Barca

For the uninitiated...

Fear and Loathing in La Liga

Great history of the rivalry between Barca and Real Madrid. A good history of the context of the Spanish Civil War and the clubs' legacies, etc.

u/hardboiledjuice · -1 pointsr/Barca

Technically, setting off stink bombs doesn't violate any of Lucho's player rules.

Plus, it's not like you can buy them individually...