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u/justaprimer · 8 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

I know nothing about 80s music, so I decided to go with a very summery, cheerful Home & Beauty box. The goal with this box was to make a gender-neutral box that anyone could use, so it focuses on lifestyle items that are meant to be useful and bring you pleasure and joy in the day-to-day.

u/cuttlesnark · 10 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

Cuttlesnark's Limited Edition "Walking on Sunshine" Lifestyle Box:

  • Zum Face Gentle Facial Toner This toner is perfect for cooling and soothing after hanging out in the sun just a little too long. Witch hazel, lemon, and geranium clarify and brighten the skin; Skin is soothed by aloe vera leaf juice and extracts of rosemary, marshmallow, and chamomile. Store this in the fridge for an extra cooling burst! (4 oz. full size, $14.00)

  • Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Instant Perfecting Primer This primer powerhouse packs a serious matte punch, perfect for when that summer shine on your face starts crossing the line to oil slick. Wonderful on its own or under makeup to extend the longevity of your foundation. Bonus for glasses-wearers: a little of this under your nose pads will keep your specs slip-free all day! (1 oz. full size, $14.00)

  • Drip-Free Ice Pop Molds Grab some friends or family and whip up a batch of homemade ice pops. Your new ice pop set has a stand to make freezing a breeze, no-drip handles to keep your hands from getting sticky, and the peace of mind that it's BPA free! ($10.99)

  • 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes Book Now that you have your own ice pop mold, you'll need some recipes to try out! This recipe book has it all when it comes to ice pops. There are smoothie-inspired recipes, creamy dreamy pops, and (my favorite) alcho-pops! (paperback, $19.95)

  • LUSH Montalbano Shampoo Bar As a child of the 80s, summer always reminds me of putting lemon in my hair to lighten it in the sunshine. Now that I'm all grown up, this shampoo bar from LUSH does the trick. It has lemon juice and Sicilian lemon oil for brightening, with fresh olives for moisture. This stuff feels and smells like a hunk of sunshine in your shower! (1.9 oz. full size, $10.95)

  • Helia Gold Slid Sandals from Cliffs Named after the Greek Sun God, these sandals give new meaning to "walking on sunshine" with their subtle gold sparkle mesh bands. ( price, $41.40)

  • ILNP Holographic Nail Polish in Flower Girl Get your toes ready for their time in the sun with this unique take on a rose gold polish. This polish is a pearlized rose color, with flecks of holographic gold running throughout. Perfect for pairing with your new Helia sandals. (.4 oz full size, $10.00)

    Total Cost $120.84
    I'd like to think I could shave that 84 cents off through more carefull shopping ;)

    edited: formatting and typing fails.
u/coffeeandbowties · 3 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

Makeup (+ 1 extra lifestyle item)

NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner in Vivid Violet or Vivid Sapphire - $6.99

This, or the following lipstick, would be the sample choice. I figured something other than black eyeliner would be nice & I thought the blue and violet shades of this were particularly lovely.

NYX High Voltage Lipstick in Hollywood, Rags to Riches, or Tiara - $2.99

I've really been loving NYX products recently (obviously) and I thought these lipsticks looked incredibly pigmented and came in pretty colors. As I said, the lipstick or the eyeliner above would be the sample choice.

BECCA Shimering Skin Perfector in Moonstone - Travel Size -$19

This is the most expensive item in my box. I've been in love with highlight/illuminators recently and I think they give an absolutely beautiful glow.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray - Travel Size - $14

No one wants their makeup to start wearing off halfway through the night! Setting sprays are wonderful & I've been making sure to use them - especially since it's getting hotter.

Pack of 60 Glow in the Dark Stars - $6.28

The bonus lifestyle item! I had these when I was like, 10, and I loved them. I want to get them again, I just haven't. I think they're totally fun and are a nice bonus for the theme.

WHIM Bold Glitters Nail Laquer in Rock n' Stroll - $10

This nail polish looks like stars. That's it really.

Total - $59.26

u/sugarplumcow · 8 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

Beauty Box

u/LaReineDesEtoiles · 8 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

Box Type: Beauty/Lifesyle

Theme Walking on Sunshine


All products are full sized!

MAC Lipstick in Sweet and Sour or Sushi Kiss $17

ColourPop Gel Liner in Prance or BeeSting $5

Bath & Bodyworks Aloha Waterfall Orchid Body Lotion $12.50

Etude House 98% Watermelon Soothing Gel $7.80

Marc Jacobs Honey Rollerball $25


Target Round Tortiseshell Sunglasses $16.99

Summer School DVD $5.95

The Beach Boys Sounds of Summer CD $11.47

Celebrate the season of sun in style! From the summery colors of the MAC lipstick and ColourPop liners, to the refreshing scents of Honey and Waterfall Orchid. Don't forget your Sunglasses and the sound of summer itself - the ever summery Beach Boys- on your way to the pool! Refresh your skin after a long day in the sun with Etude House's Watermelon Refreshing Gel. After a busy day hanging with friends, curl up with the classic 80s summer movie Summer School . And repeat all summer long :)

Total value : $102

edit: fixed typo

u/CrazyKS · 8 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

FYI: Amazon now has the Allure beauty box. I signed up on September 3rd and received my box yesterday. Super simple to cancel through Amazon as well!

u/ellabellie · 3 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

I think so? I just read somewhere that it's better to sub thru Amazon and I tried it. True enough it IS better. I subscribed last Oct 27th through Amazon, got a shipping notice the next day for Oct box. Meanwhile, my Oct subscription through the Allure website still hasn't shipped, and I just got charged for November. 🙄 Here's the link for Amazon if you wanna check it out -

u/idwthis · 1 pointr/BeautyBoxes

They make little tiny spatulas for getting make up out of bottles! They come in quite handy.

I agree about the Sincerely perfume. Way to strong, a bit on the old lady side of scents and way too many scents of this and essences of that.

u/GladysKravitzSeesYou · 3 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

I had done a DIY of a scalp scrub last winter, and like your experience with the Ouai, and mine was similar, unless you separate your hair in sections and apply the scrub before the shower it is impossible to get to the scalp. If you have a beauty supply shop near you ( I am in the US) you can get this exact brush for about two bucks and it is a nice supplement if you are looking for scalp exfolitation

u/FrecklesTheHusky · 8 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

Allure Beauty Box. Subscribe through Amazon ( ) or through

Personally I think they're really stepping up their game. I really enjoyed this last month's box. Looking forward to the Kat Von D box this summer.

u/InformationMagpie · 4 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

I don't use one myself (yet) but a hanging jewelry organizer would be great for this, particularly if you're mostly dealing with small sized products.

Here's an example of what I mean.

u/seasonsreading · 1 pointr/BeautyBoxes

The ingredients are listed under the supplement facts tab here: Looks like a mix of vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

My naturopath recommended Pure Encapsulations Thyroid Support when my thyroid tests came out low. It raised them to healthy levels after a month.

u/leggup · 2 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

There are way better travel dryers on amazon that also have the folding feature (making them better for packing). I have whispy hair, so I just need power for fast drying, so I got this cheapo thing and it's so powerful:

There are also ceramic and diffusing ones available that I haven't tried:

For me, my goal was 1. small space for international travel (must fold), 2. power.

u/pinkiswink · 3 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

I use this thin 3-tier lunch box. I love it. There's enough room left at the top for a soda can/fruit or silverware.

u/SarZanne · 2 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

Just a suggestion, but I've been using this product for years for my dry eyes.... It's reusable and you just pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds. Same exact thing but not a one time use like the starry eyes

Thermalon Dry Eye Compress

u/awly · 3 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

There's plastic ones out there too.

After a coworker came to work with a bandaged hand from breaking one, I knew the plastic version was right for me. (The Amazon price seems high, but I went for a reliable link)

u/Meh625 · 4 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

I use one of those four sided nail blocks (like this one:, I only use the side to remove the nail ridges and even out the nail, wipe my nails with alcohol (I heard this makes polish stick better?), applied two coats, and top coated with Revlon Colorstay Gel-Shine Top Coat. This is day six: