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u/The_Kids_Lying · 70 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

I'm going to hijack the top comment because it's related.

People! If you want to rescue a dog that is already trained (leash, crate, house is rarely ever an issue. They're eager to learn sit/stay types of household commands), look into getting a retired racing greyhound or Galgo for our friends in Europe. There are TONS of these dogs who are abandoned after their racing/hunting careers, and best case, end up in rescues.

Greyhounds are sweet, gentle dogs that generally don't suffer any physical consequences of their racing past (just typical big dog hip-type issues. Injuries on the track are usually documented, so you should be aware of anything like that). And the best thing about them is that they have been bred to be on a track or in a crate, which means that they are LAZY. I'm talking 20 hours of sleep a day, and they require little exercise relative to most dog breeds, and are generally do not bark. They are without a doubt one of the best large dog breeds to have if you live in an apartment or condo.

If you have any questions, ask and I'll do my best to answer!

Edit: thanks for the feedback and questions everyone! I'll heading to job #2 right now but will answer any new or unanswered questions I can I about 4 hours. In the meantime, this is a great book on adopting retired race dogs. It's cheap, a quick read, and contains more than enough information to help you get a feeling for what it's like to give one of these great dogs a home, given their odd background.
Adopting the Racing Greyhound

u/Ephemeral_Halcyon · 29 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

I just wanted to say-- thank you so much for taking time to learn about betta's and not just go off of what the general population seems to think.

One additional suggestion-- make sure that any plants you offer are either silky or live plants. The plastic ones will tear up their fins. You can often find nicer silky ones in the reptile sections of pet stores or Amazon rather than the fish. Like this one for example. It also offers lots of hidey space, which betta love!

The hanging /suction cup silk plants in the reptile section could also be neat, though I've never used them in a tank personally. It might be cool to have a plant sort of trailing down in a corner.

They definitely should have a filter, but make sure it's not too strong of one. You might be better with an under gravel filter or two small filters. Also-- make sure you buy a temperature gauge. You want to check regularly to make sure the heater is still working properly-- 75-80F water always feels cool to the skin so it's hard to tell.

u/RedMare · 11 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

Pin brush
for regular everyday grooming, slicker brush for shedding, comb for removing little tangles in the tail, ears, legs/feathers, etc.

Avoid a rubber curry, those are good for short-haired dogs like Boxers, pugs, etc but don't usually help much with a golden. They're not harmful though so you can use it if you want (some dogs enjoy the rubber bristle).

You can use the furminator if you're careful with it. If you overdo it, the furminator can irritate the skin and break the hair... You need to use it sparingly, only when the dog is heavily shedding, and keep a close eye on the skin when using it. You can also get the same results with the brushes I advised, it just takes more work, so it's up to you if you use a furminator or not.

Also remember to clean the ears (Goldens can get ear infections pretty easily because they have floppy hairy ears), brush the teeth, and keep the nails trimmed as close to the quick as you can comfortably get them.

Edit - doesn't have to be the exact brush I linked to btw, some of those are kinda expensive, I just wanted to show you what I mean because not everyone knows what a "slicker brush" is haha.

u/KestrelLowing · 3 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

One option you might try is the "IQ ball" or the kong wobbler. They're both toys that you put kibble in and the dog has to knock them around in order for the kibble to slowly release. Helps with dogs who eat too fast, and it also makes meal time interactive and last much longer so you get a bit of peace!

Edit: additionally, if you can afford it, I'd highly recommend changing foods. If your dog is doing really well on purina one that's fine (nice firm poops that aren't massive) but most dogs will do better on different foods. Even purina pro plan is a good food that's very affordable, but a bit better nutritionally for the dog, and at least on, is just a few more bucks per bag.

Other options that are highly recommended (some are rather pricey) are Taste of the Wild, Fromm, The Costco brand, Acana, Orijen, and many others.

u/FartingWhooper · 5 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

I have a 5 gallon tank with a filter and a heater. It stays out of the sunlight (sun can help encourage algae growth) though he does get natural light in the day. I do 30-50% water changes a week (and test regularly with strips to make sure the water is safe). I use water conditioner when adding more water.

Here is my tank that comes with a baffled filter. The filter is nice because you can adjust the flow. Keep it on low flow for your friend.

If your tank is big enough to support it, you can get yourself some algae eaters as well.

u/NYSenseOfHumor · 18 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

I suggest a stronger crate.

Until you can get a stronger crate, or can’t afford one of the extra strong crates you should try:

Extra heavy duty zip ties are tested to a break strength of 250 lbs. Secure the length of every edge with one through each wire intersection be enough to keep her from bending the crate, you can even put two between each wire intersection. You should also use the zip ties to reenforce where the door attaches to the crate, you may not be able to tighten these ties 100% because the door will needs to open.

If it’s in your budget I also suggest 10 climbing carabiners like these in addition to the extra heavy duty zip ties. The twist lock can’t come undone just through friction and the dog hitting the crate (a regular screw locking carabiner can be unlocked this way). The reason for 10 is that on each of the four corers you put one about 1/3 from the bottom and one about 1/3 from the top; and 2 on the door (either 1/3 from the top and bottom if it’s a single lock crate or 1/3 between the latches if it is a double lock crate).

Even if you don’t do 10 carabiners consider at least getting 2 for the door. The door is a weak point and these will add extra security.

u/melonmagellan · 3 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

Very nice of you to rescue him! Poor little guy. Not enough people care about fish. As you can see on my profile, I'm a betta person :D

He'd probably love a 5-gallon tank with a filter. This was my starter tank and I really liked it! Only $45 and has everything you need as goldfish don't require a heater.

u/MorleyDotes · 2 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

Good nutrition is very important to fur health. Feed him good food. Maybe supplement with Lisine. We have a six year old rescue that had bad fur and "hot spots". We got him on Hill Science Diet and started giving him the Lysine treats and he's a silky boy now.

u/StockmanBaxter · 2 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

Well the webcam I used was this one.

It really didn't take the greatest pictures. But it did let me keep an eye on him without being in the room.

The rest of the pictures were taken by my cell phone. Galaxy S6.

u/BeautifulHope · 2 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

Look into getting a [Litter Kwitter](Cat Toilet Training System By Litter Kwitter - Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet - With Instructional DVD My cat was toilet trained until he got too old and started having joint issues from being hit by a car before I adopted him.

u/craftygirl797 · 2 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

There’s a harness called an “Easywalk” that attaches on the chest. When you pull back on the leash it causes the pupper to sit back and sometimes sit down

u/joshclay · 2 pointsr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

My rescued pittie had the same problem. We got her this bowl and it helped teach her to eat slower.

Outward Hound Kyjen 2875 Slo-Bowl Slow Feeder Slow Feed Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl, Large, Grey

u/xooxanthellae · 1 pointr/BeforeNAfterAdoption

Sorry to be judgey... I just can't fathom getting rid of my cats. To me that's like saying "My son messed up the furniture so I'm putting him up for adoption."

Here are some options for [kitty caps] (

Also, you have a [scratching post] ( for them, right? Cats need to scratch, so if they don't have a scratching post they will scratch the furniture.

Another option is to put this [double-sided tape stuff] ( on the furniture where they scratch. They hate sticky stuff so they'll avoid it. After a while they learn and I think you can take it off.