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u/born_lever_puller · 2 pointsr/Benchjewelers

What tools and techniques are you using to make rings now? Do use a torch to cast or solder rings? Do you do wire wrapping? Have you ever tried making a ring from a silver coin?

The basic metalworking and jewelry making techniques in Mcreight's books apply to ring making, even if you didn't find anything specific to ring making. What specific types of designs are you looking for?

I found this book very interesting and useful:

You can find used copies cheap online, and since it's in the public domain you can probably find a digital version for free that you can load onto a phone, tablet, or laptop. Here's a link to one:

Since it was originally published over 100 years ago it has really old fashioned designs, many of which are quite beautiful, and it shows how to make them.

I've also seen this book around, but don't own a copy:

Please give us more specifics so we can help you.

Thanks, and good luck!

u/Squeeums · 3 pointsr/Benchjewelers

The Complete Metalsmith is a great resource and was used in nearly all of the metalworking classes I took in college. It has a lot of information about a wide variety of metalworking topics.

Before CAD, to design a ring to be cast you would hand carve wax. carving tools and a source of heat to modify the wax is helpful but not completely necessary, you can do some impressive work with carving wax and a decent exacto knife.

You may also want to look into fabricating jewelry. In this case your saw skills and filing skills are paramount. Beth Millner is an artist that I admire, most of her work and designs are based on clean fabrication work.

u/Structure_Number_3 · 2 pointsr/Benchjewelers

I use this torch. I use it for silver but I do rather large pieces and have never had trouble getting it hot enough. The opposite actually lol I have to be careful not to melt the whole thing!

Heavy Duty Micro Blow Torch- Torch for Soldering- Plumbing- Big Refillable Butane Torch- Jewelry-Torch for Home and Kitchen-Adjustable Flame-Security Lock (Black)

u/Hitokkohitori · 3 pointsr/Benchjewelers

First sources:
If you are able to get your hands on this book: Take it!! The German bible for gold and silver smiths.

My experience with niello making was fun. I am a chemistry laboratory worker so I am kinda attracted to this kind of work ;)
The sulfur burning was the main problem I had, but since I made it outside it wasn't that dangerous. I used the Brepohl recipe with 2 parts silver and one part copper, wich is the lowest melting alloy of these two. Than I added 1 part lead for the flexibility oft the finished Niello. Than the fun part starts an you throw sulfur in the crucible and shit gets real. Blue flames, white smoke, burning eyes and worried neighbors. But with the right wind direction or an decent air ventilation that isn't that big problem. I tried first pouring the niello in sulfur, but my porcelain bürstend :/ after that i simply poured it into water Wich worked fine. The dried niello was grinded down to desperate it from I reacted metal parts. Here is a important part I think. Niello is brittle, metal not. But grinding it I have reached a very homogen Pulver that has no Metal impurity left. I will tweak around here and there over the next weeks and post then and now an update :)

u/ch0pp3r · 3 pointsr/Benchjewelers

Jewelry Making and Design is an old book but full of time-tested basic fabrication techniques. You might not be interested in the Arts and Crafts style of the jewelry but the design principles are sound and working through the projects will give you skills that you'll need for fabricating in any style.

u/thruthefireart · 1 pointr/Benchjewelers

I'm hesitant to buy anything other than a brand I've heard of, and a couple of people I've seen use this Dremel one (, which is a reasonable $30. But if I could get a reliable one for less, I will! What brand/model do you use?