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u/off_day · 1 pointr/Beretta

OWB- Comptac International: great holster for competition. This was my first competition holster for my M9A3 and worked perfectly. If you are interested, I would let it go for a decent price :)


OWB/light bearing- TRex Arms Ragnarok P320/x300 combo: I have this for my X5/x300 and it works perfectly fine withe the M9/x300. .125 kydex, great fit and finish, worth every penny

u/RogueSqdn · 2 pointsr/Beretta

Safariland 3280 Military Low-Ride

I don’t have the 92A1, but I do have an M9 and two M9A3s, and this will fit all of them, and also when the M9A3 have a TLR-8 mounted.

OneTigris Minimalist Holster

If you want to go a little cheaper, this one by OneTigris is pretty good as well. Uses MOLLE straps, but functions well on a normal belt if you arrange it so your belt loop is in the middle of the two MOLLE straps.

u/rimfired · 2 pointsr/Beretta

I'm not sure about kits, I used a sight paint like this but red:

I would assume unless these kits involve gunsmithing, they're probably just paint as well. The red definitely helps the front sight stand out against dark targets, and I'm sure the glowing ones would too.

u/joey52685 · 1 pointr/Beretta

This is one I was looking at on Amazon. I'm open to suggestions though.

It looks like it will clear the safety since the pusher is set in front of the slide clamps.

u/SanctionedRevengerer · -1 pointsr/Beretta

I bought this Blackhawk Serpa a month ago. Really love the thing. I was really surprised with how low the price was.

u/daeedorian · 1 pointr/Beretta

I picked up the Beretta branded leather holster a while back from amazon of all places.

It was $75 at the time, not sure why it went up in price.

Nice leather thumbreak OTWB holster. I'd recommend it.

u/Theron_Jon · 1 pointr/Beretta

Yes, I ended up getting one from amazon. Through Muddy River Tactical. It seemed like most of the big brands I see mentioned don’t have the APX. This holster feels sturdy and keeps my APX secure but not too hard to take it out either. Muddy River Tactical Beretta APX...

u/dopo · 1 pointr/Beretta

The Safariland holster finder is kind of unhelpful, but I can confirm this specific ALS holster fits and retains M9A3 just fine

u/sirLUL · 1 pointr/Beretta

Here’s a nice one for IWB. This is one I’m getting but just look up “Infused Kydex USA”

Slanted Flag IWB Hybrid Concealed Carry Holster (Left-Hand, Beretta 92fs)

u/borka3000 · -4 pointsr/Beretta

The cheapo $13 universal type holsters
from amazon fits just fine with a TLR-1 attached. I don't know how much wear and tear it will endure, but it works well for range time. You can wear it drop leg or mid/low ride style.

u/Cucumber52 · 3 pointsr/Beretta

Safariland GLS 578.

Their sizing is slightly confusing, as I think the 92 variants fit into their LongSlide/StandardFrame using an included shim, but the size chart on their website shows this (LongSlide/WideFrame) as the appropriate size for the Beretta.

u/TLWiz · 2 pointsr/Beretta

here you go: Mod 81 uses the same as model 84 grips.