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u/Filmmaking_Bacon · 45 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

You're close!

The "stutter" of the image actually has very little to do with 24fps being the standard. It's actually because 24fps is about as low a frame rate possible at which you can still synchronize sound (edit: I should say dialogue). Prior to the talking-era, films were routinely shot at variable frame rates (roughly 16fps is believed to have been the standard for silent films, although some movies, such as The Passion of Joan of Arc, were likely shot closer to 30fps). It's important to remember that prior to sound pictures, cameras were hand-cranked. The advent of sound meant that the speed of the photography had to be normalized, hence motors were introduced. This meant that standardization had to occur across the board (not just cameras, but projectors, too!). 24fps was deemed a reasonable speed at which the cost of film to sync quality was found to be satisfactory.

I always try to recommend this book whenever I see someone talking about this subject, so I'm gonna do it again. Seductive Cinema: The Art of Silent Films by James Card is the best book on silent films (he prefers the term "pre-dialogue") you'll ever read, and it'll answer a lot of questions about the movies that you never knew you had. It's also just a heck of a great book. It's like a memoir of the silent film.

u/killahgrag · 5 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

Yep, same here. He was generally OK on walks when we adopted him, but god dammit if he wants to sniff something, he's gonna fucking sniff it it. The harness made it harder for me to handle him and his out of control sniffing.

No matter how hard we worked with him, he just would not stop with the pulling so we put something like this on him at the advice of our vet, and as soon as we clasped it on him it was like night and day. A few walks with some light corrective tugs and he's gold.

The collar is great and I've put it on my arm and had my wife give it a pretty hard pull and it was not painful in the least; it's supposed to mimic a mother's teeth when she picks up the puppy by the scruff of the neck.

He can still drag me if he really wants to, but it's much more rare that he tries.

Dog tax: Teddy

u/rebeckys · 3 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

The could be a version of Incredibubbles that we use with our dogs. They are super sticky, but that makes them hard to pop. That way they land on the ground and the dog has a chance to pop them. However, they are usually pretty small bubbles, so I am not sure these are the same ones, since the ones above seem pretty big.

u/SaintsTaints · 2 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

Haha, I mean, I guess. Though, I'm pretty sure the line is "Dianetics cure ya"

u/SmashinFascionable · 4 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

Found the book they refer to in the video too! Just ordered one thanks! Amazon Link

u/PM_ME_YOUR_BREWS · 1 pointr/BetterEveryLoop

Haven't used these yet, but they're the recommended entry level priced electronic ear pro.

I just use non-electronic ear pro, but want to get these.

u/Fast_Biscotti · 5 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

It's this stuff. Attach one end to yourself (in my day, I used a fake pager that contained a spool of the thread), and the other end to some object using magician's wax. Looks to me like he might have two lines going for the napkin to be so steady. Probably has one end fed through a shirt button hole, and the other stuck on a chair at the other end of the table. Some really fun wizardry can happen if you're wearing black, or if the background is black. People can get right up close to the effect, and never see the thread. It's really that thin.

u/caltheon · 1 pointr/BetterEveryLoop

> Droll Yankee

I can't find the exact model I have, mine looks a bit nicer, but it's the same general idea as this one

u/Dwarfdeaths · 2 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

> actually just doing it 100% for the social points

Then you realize that we are evolved to deceive ourselves about our own motives as well. I recommend The Moral Animal by Robert Wright if this kind of thing interests you.

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u/Bobalobatobamos · 2 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

I'd say they should read this book, but you'd have to get them to actually read.

u/alcamar · 21 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

Rubie's Costume Co Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume, Multi, One Size