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u/mplsbikewrath · 2 pointsr/BikeCammers

That's Labelle - It Took a Long Time! I love 'em - they're better known for doing the original best cover of Lady Marmalade (the original was by Eleventh Hour) - way better than that atrocious supergroup bullshit from Moulin Rouge.

I use a Boombotix Rex for the tunes. It's a great little speaker.

Edit: Also, re: the Boombotix - it's got super easy to use controls, so you can dial the volume up and down quickly from the speaker, which is handy in the city - I don't like riding behind another cyclist with my tunes blaring. Also, the speaker itself is very directional, which means if you wear it on your chest like I do, when you turn your head to the left just a couple of inches you can hear traffic noise pretty darn clearly.

Edit #2: I don't know music history and corrected my ignorance.

u/iynque · 1 pointr/BikeCammers

I have two of these: Fuhu nabi® Look HD 1080p Camera—which I bought for $30 each.

The picture quality is acceptable-to-good. Good enough that you can clearly see what happened and with digital stabilization after the fact, it gets a lot better (especially the rolling shutter distortion on harsh bumps). Here's some test footage someone else made, and there's more on YouTube if you care to look. Couldn't find any bike-mounted or cycling tests on YouTube though… 🤷🏼‍♂️

But for the price, it seems like they must be absolute shit, right? Nope. They're actually good, and a majority of reviews I've seen around the internet seem to agree. Cheap enough to to get two and mount a front-facing and rear-facing camera!

When I bought mine, someone said I could plug them in for ostensibly infinite recording time, but that turned out to be wrong; they won't operate while plugged in and charging. They do have replaceable batteries, so you can stop and switch them for "endless" recording, but you can't plug them into a USB battery on your bike, as I planned to do. The batteries last something like two-to-four hours in my experience, depending on settings (you can pull the screen off entirely for better battery life, and lighter weight!).

And speaking of endless recording, they have an endless mode where they record in chunks (15 minutes, if I recall correctly) and when the memory card is full, the oldest recording is deleted to make room for more. Great for a road cam where you don't necessarily want to save every minute of video, just the clips when something exciting happens. If something does happen, you just mark it as protected and keep going; it won't be deleted.

u/Nefro8 · 1 pointr/BikeCammers

I think it's one of the latest GoPros. He's a "big" Romanian bike Youtuber ("big" for his country and his "target") so he can afford to purchase and use a lot the latests GoPros cameras which he seems to be using with a chest mount...

But in the case of a regular commuter who doesn't produce videos for YouTube, you can find good cameras under $100 now that will do just fine, not as good but it will be perfect as a commuter camera and you won't fear as much to break it, etc....

For example recently this one is good for the price as a simple sport camera under $50 : and if you go to the under $100 you can find even better ones.... And a chest mount is only going to cost few bucks, and you can add some little accessories to give a better angle to the camera while riding...

u/ThickTrunk · 3 pointsr/BikeCammers

Sounds awesome, then. I also just looked into concert earplugs on amazon that reduce noise just a few decibels link. Could be good to pair low-power earplugs with this for someone like myself who's paranoid about hearing loss.

Also, cheers - great video. The editing on this is top notch!

u/5-4-3-2-1-bang · 6 pointsr/BikeCammers

That's an airzound. (Or a knockoff... Does anyone make a knockoff?) I have one but the can is starting to rust out, and I'm genuinely unsure if I'm going to replace it or not. (Don't like the idea of a rusty pressure vessel!)

Here's the thing... when you need one, it's great to have. But the problem I have is that the actual trigger mechanism is so fucking huge that there's nowhere to place it on my bike that's within easy reach. As a result it's wayyy off-line for my thumbs so that I have to deliberately take my hand off my bars, search for the mech, and then push it. The upshot is that I'm only able to do that when I have a few seconds warning that I'm going to need to use it (this video would be a good example); it's definitely not something that you can place to reflexively hit in an emergency.

I guess if you had a cruiser with a coaster brake or a fixie that wouldn't be a problem. But I have a gear shifters and brake levers on both sides; there's absolutely no place to fit this giant butt fucking monstrosity on my bars within easy reach.

u/CyclingFlux · 2 pointsr/BikeCammers

I like my Orp horn.

ORP SmartHorn and Bike Light - BLUE

I got it directly from the manufacturer's website along with the remorp (remote) at a discount. It's got two sounds, and I find in situations like that pedestrians respond pretty well to the loud sound because it sounds vaguely like it might be coming from a car.

u/estimatetime · 1 pointr/BikeCammers

Thanks guys.

I too have have Kryptonite NY, Pinhead skewers and other anti-theft measures (Hexlox, Bordo 6500, Kryptonite Evolution chain). I've managed to get my lights themselves secure (see my post above) so was hoping I'd find something similar for the cameras.

I like the Cycliq in general, but it's the antithesis of the effort I've put into finding and securing lights I don't have to think twice about. Using the Cycliq as my lights also means I need to remember them each time, whereas I've addressed that already with my current lights+lock setup.

For now, I'll buy the cameras and play along with removing them each time (although 90%+ of my journeys are home<->work) and if I come across my ideal solution, I'll post it here. The best idea I've had since is an ugly encasement of plastic to deter bolt cutters.

My front-light is a Sinewave Cycles Beacon which I just got, and intended to leave on the whole time. Ye have reminded me how quick a snip it would be for anyone to steal, although it isn't overtly expensive ($350).

There was a murder on my commuting route this past Friday, so I'm more eager to get cameras now.

u/elzibet · 3 pointsr/BikeCammers

I need to get one for my bike because this was the last day I was riding my buddy's. But this is the horn

It got the driver's attention really well :) I wish the video showed the shocked look on her face.

u/scrubadub · 3 pointsr/BikeCammers

an air zound, though it didn't seem as effective as I would hope in this situation

u/NB329 · 2 pointsr/BikeCammers

Sony AS20 (already discontinued I think)

u/gwannn · 3 pointsr/BikeCammers

I've been using the polaroid xs100 it's waterproof right out of the box and includes helmet and bar mounts. Better battery life rating than the cheaper model gopros. some gripes though: only 32gb limit on the SD card, no loop recording and no way to know how much battery is left. I just plug it into my PC every other day to charge and delete files.

u/RangerPretzel · 1 pointr/BikeCammers

The Drift Stealth 2 gets recommended here a lot.

As does the Contour Roam3 as well.

Unfortunately, I can't give you a recommendation as I'm still shopping for one myself...

u/Smaskifa · 2 pointsr/BikeCammers

I use a Sony HDR AS15. It's ok, not great. Video quality is alright. I don't like the shape of the camera, especially for helmet mounting as it's tall. The GoPro Session is much less silly looking and smaller.

I also don't like that the Sony is not waterproof on its own, so you have to use the weatherproof case, which muffles audio recording. The case also fogs up in cool weather. I fixed this by drilling two holes in the bottom of the case, which of course ruins the waterproofing, but since they're on the bottom, rain still doesn't get in. I also don't like that footage doesn't automatically get recorded over. Instead I have to manually delete old files every couple of days. Battery lasts about 2.5 hours in my experience, which is enough for me to record a trip to work and back on one charge, with a little to spare. So I charge it up at my desk while I work.

u/mayowarlord · 3 pointsr/BikeCammers

I am seconding what u/scrubadub said about using a helmet mount.

For a non-BERN style helmet i.e. one with lots of holes, you will need one that has straps to go through the holes on your helmet.

Keep in mind that you can get a whole box of knock off accessories for 15$ Also keep in mind that they might be cheap and shitty. My mount is a knock off and it works, but I have a piece of paper jammed in the fitting so it doesn't rattle.