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u/tallginger89 · 1 pointr/Bioshock

Hey OP, for an awesome back story, Play bioshock 1 first, then get a hold of the book Bioshock: Rapture by John Shirley

its an amazing 430 page book I just finished yesterday. It gives you an awesome back story to bioshock 1, and makes some references to Bioshock 2. But it has spoilers in it so play 1 first! Welcome to Rapture!

u/Plainjays · 2 pointsr/Bioshock

Definitely, after playing the whole series its nice to see it all come together as a whole! Don't worry I got you on the book info! Here's a actual link and what not : [Rapture the book] ( ) its fantastic book during the creation of rapture with all your favourite characters. You get to see alot of the universe in the book, also it uses alot of the dialogue that was used audio diaries within it. All of it is in written from Bill McDonagh's pov from the creation of rapture as a city to the fall of rapture as a city.

u/dinosauriac · 4 pointsr/Bioshock

Tried reading the book?
It's pretty good if you're super into the lore, even if the writing isn't top notch. Ken Levine gave it his blessing...

u/ck-pasta · 13 pointsr/Bioshock
  1. The Freedom key from the Limited Edition Guide
  2. The Art of Bioshock Infinite
  3. Any Bioshock Infinite themed shirt

    >Constants and Variables

    >Constants and Vairables 2

    >The Infinite Loop (Infinite/Portal crossover)

  4. ????

    That's all I can think of. Have fun deciding OP!
u/toxicsnicker · 9 pointsr/Bioshock

In case anyone is interested, this is the cover to "Bioshock: Rapture" by John Shirley. Great book. Link:

u/emthepiemaker · 1 pointr/Bioshock

If you get a chance to read the rapture book they sort of talk about rapture when it was running. I would absolutely love to explore it

u/DEVOTK · 1 pointr/Bioshock

Giving a link to where to find it might help dude!

Also, can anyone recommend these two?

u/teawithmarch · 2 pointsr/Bioshock

This one. It's only 30 pages.

Edit: Just wanted to add that it's still buyable but it was also a pre-order bonus for people who ordered the game through Amazon.

u/sudomv · 7 pointsr/Bioshock

The book Bioshock : Rapture explains how Fontaine had established a good foundation in Rapture. His curt business tactics impressed Andrew (though A.R. didn't trust him very much) to which he gave Frank extended access throughout Rapture.

u/UCLAKoolman · 11 pointsr/Bioshock

Just ordered it for $5.72 on Amazon with 2-day prime shipping! My wife absolutely loves both reading and bioshock, so I can't wait to see the look on her face when this arrives.

u/untildeath · 1 pointr/Bioshock

Woo! It's much cheaper than when I purchased it. I recommend it.

u/Bill_the_Pony · 1 pointr/Bioshock

I recommend for anyone who hasn't and is interesting in the early days of Rapture, to read the book. Here's the link.

I just read it about a month ago, and it was really good.

u/Krystm · 2 pointsr/Bioshock

that homemade one is pretty old now. Was a necca Bioshock 2 doll. I think its like 300 now I paid 20 I think back then.

u/AstralOrange64 · 1 pointr/Bioshock

I was looking for more BioShock-related material to read myself and besides the books you mentioned I came across these:

[Beyond the Sea] (

[BioShock and Philosophy] (

[From Rapture to Columbia] (

[Rapture Big Daddy Volume 1] (

[Rapture Welcome to Genesis] (

[Rapture Santuary Volume 2] (

u/fragmaster3000 · 3 pointsr/Bioshock

That's the "sample" booklet that came with the Collector's Edition of the game. It's a lot smaller and indeed has only 64 pages, with art that's taken from the bigger version.

That version is for sale at amazon for a reasonable price (I payed a lot more for mine :') )

u/Roxymoron · 8 pointsr/Bioshock

Bioshock Infinite Songbird Poster and 3D Wood Model Kit - Build, Paint and Collect Your Own Wooden Model - Great for Teens and Adults,17+ - 9 3/4"

u/aodsifb · 4 pointsr/Bioshock

It is explained. In the novella Mind In Revolt, Daisy mentions that some were convicts who had their sentences waived to work for Fink. Some had families to feed, and Fink promised a fair wage and housing for their families. Daisy also mentions how she's heard stories of minorities who were passed out drunk on the streets who were kidnapped to work for Fink. They weren't brought to Columbia like other citizens and were taken to Finkton in the middle of the night.

u/gms212 · 2 pointsr/Bioshock

If you're looking for a prequel, I'd suggest the recently published book Rapture. The action jumps around a bit beginning in the second third, but I found myself engrossed in the rise and fall of Andrew Ryan's world. Highly recommended.

u/Nofacemanifesto · 7 pointsr/Bioshock

Actually if you're interested there is a book that is suppose to pertain to leading up to rapture. How it was built and what not.

Check it out

u/fleebnork · 2 pointsr/Bioshock

For some steampunk/alt history fun, try the Clockwork Century books by Cherie Priest.

Start with Boneshaker

Edit: formatting

u/Sprinkles169 · 1 pointr/Bioshock

I bought the 'limited edition' hard back game guide just for this. Though, the book still does look nice and has some cool art in it.

In case you haven't bought anything yet, it's probably the cheapest way to get the key chain. Link!

u/dnlg · 1 pointr/Bioshock

You can get a similar poster cheaper at amazon You can even get it with an Ez hang frame.

u/BioshockedNinja · 5 pointsr/Bioshock
  • Black and White tiles like the medical pavilion.

  • Ads/Propaganda from Rapture

  • Maybe some NECA Bioshock Figures + Bunny mask hanging somewhere

    Otherwise i'd just got for a general Art Deco look. Black with bronze/gold highlights.

u/SurrealEstate · 1 pointr/Bioshock

It's very well done, and follows the novelization very closely.

u/hollowdays · 3 pointsr/Bioshock

Yep. Most people consider it canon too. Here's a link to it on Amazon

u/avsurround · 2 pointsr/Bioshock

If you're talking about this offer on Amazon don't worry. It is not region locked. I myself have bought it from Lithuania and redeemed it on Steam easily without any VPNs.

I just realized it's not about region but a censorship. That one I cannot guarantee that it will work... But if you never try you'll never know. The price is also very small I guess.

u/Combicon · 1 pointr/Bioshock

Unfortunatly, it's a published book, so posting here would be breaking laws an' stuff.
Link to amazon though:

u/edubx · 3 pointsr/Bioshock

The only other bit of official fiction is a tie-in to Infinite, called BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt, by Joe Fielder. You can get it as an ebook at Amazon.


u/OGBrownboy · 3 pointsr/Bioshock

There is a book that talks about sort of the beginning of Rapture from my understanding. Here it is available on Amazon

u/evan1123 · 2 pointsr/Bioshock

The BioShock Dual Pack (BioShock and BioShock 2) is also available for only $5!

u/bagelchips · 2 pointsr/Bioshock

There is this for Infinite:

BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt

Only 30 pages

u/Machinax · 1 pointr/Bioshock

There's a book for that. It's not a great read, but it's got its moments.

u/Bluethulhu · 15 pointsr/Bioshock

I got mine for ~$15. Link because apparently OP died in a plane crash. It's $10 including shipping at the moment.