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u/redditisadrug · 8 pointsr/Birmingham

The first thing you should ask yourself is do you want to learn to code for personal reasons? Or are you looking to change careers? If you are looking to change careers then the bootcamps are useful as you can point to the experience on your resume in order to show employers your skills. However, I think you will find it difficult to identify a bootcamp that fits your schedule, as the "bootcamp" aspect of these programs means they are a few months of intense learning with the intent of turning a student into a developer in a short period of time.

If instead you just want to learn on your own time, I think the best option would be to either A) buy a textbook and learn from that, reading all of it and doing the exercises until you master your understanding. If you are looking for more structure and/or a mentor with whom you can ask questions, you could enroll in a non-degree program at UAB and take an introductory programming class. It will probably fall within your job schedule but it would only be 3 hours per week.

Lastly, I am assuming that you have little to no background in software development, so if I am mistaken in this assumption don't worry about this point too much. For your first language, you are going to want to learn a robust language that is going to be able to expose you to a great deal of computer science topics. Because of this, I would recommend either Python or Java as a first language. If you are feeling very brave then consider C++. These languages are abstracted enough that you won't be bogged down by syntax and more internal computer operations when trying to learn the basics. Your first language will be the hardest to learn, then they all become pretty easy. If you want a textbook recommendation I would say this one.

If you want to learn to be a programmer, I think this is one of the best ways to do it. I learned by taking a non-degree course at UAB while waiting to begin business school, and with a little extra work I was able to become a competent coder in about 5 months.

u/derpderpdonkeypunch · 6 pointsr/Birmingham

I was just reading about Avondale Mills, among other mills and Alabama's workforce in the mid 1800's-1900's, this weekend!

If anyone want's to know more, I'd recommend Poor but Proud: Alabama's Poor Whites. It's not light reading, by any means, but gives a great deal of insight into why Alabama was like it was, and on why it is, in very many respects, similar to that to this day.

u/Bhamwiki · 0 pointsr/Birmingham

That's far to flippant. He was a very good mayor and has a lot of legacies, in which corruption was present, but played a minor role.

If you're at all interested, I found his memoir pretty compelling:

There's another biography out, which I've only skimmed, but if you're afraid of autobiographies, you can try it:

u/datraceman · 2 pointsr/Birmingham

Both. He was an astronaut who had a heart problem so they took him off the roster and he became director of Flight Ops. He made the schedule of who and when they went to space during the Apollo missions. He later got his heart fixed and finally flew in space one time before moving on from NASA.

Fascinating book and a great read.

u/Bobarhino · 1 pointr/Birmingham

Given that social security is constantly threatened, and given that most Americans have less than $500 in savings and are not saving nearly enough for retirement, creating passive income is a great way to both hedge against uncertainties and build actual wealth.

You've really got something to think about here. If you rent your house out, someone else is paying your mortgage for you. And if you're renting it out for twice to three times the note (hell of an investment), that one property can pay for your next property as well. Keep going and in a decade you could have several properties that have paid for themselves. When you are ready to retire, which could be a lot sooner than you currently believe is possible, you could be sitting on ten to twenty properties or more that you own, that you owe nothing for, that are making you thousands of dollars each month. And if you get tired of dealing with it all, you can always sell.

I recommend starting by looking into sources such as bigger pockets and start reading books like [The Millionaire Real Estate Investor] ( by Gary Keller. Those sources will lead to learning about your current options and your future as an investor. And you need to learn about it, because whether you realize it or not, you're already a real estate investor.

u/IamApoo · 3 pointsr/Birmingham

Basically, they want to have their own turf. They walk around constantly rubbing their scent on everything cat-height. Indoors, this means 2+ cats will be in an eternal cold war over your house, which is stressful. Their food and litterbox are especially personal. If they're siblings from the same litter, they can stay together and be happy with it, but any other time they just want their own space. We humans tend to project our own feelings/wants/etc onto them (as we do so many things.) Even if it appears, to our eyes, like they're playing with each other or getting along, they usually don't see it that way. Cat Sense takes a scientific look at cats, but it can get pretty dense at parts.

u/HARRYCHESTICLES · 3 pointsr/Birmingham

I recommend the book Downtown: Its Rise and Fall if you are still interested in urban history and planning. As we revitalize our cities we can learn a lot from the past.

u/Carlajeanwhitley · 1 pointr/Birmingham

I keep Combat Wipesat my desk, and they've been great. However, I have a short commute; they may not satisfy your need.

u/winsletts · 2 pointsr/Birmingham

I encourage you to read a book called “
Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age”:

u/MrPupTent · 4 pointsr/Birmingham

You should find out which version and/or edition he is using. Then get him a player's handbook in that format. Player's Handbook 5e

There are other RPG formats:


Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook

We found this place very handy.

Bud's Place Games
8033 Parkway Dr, Leeds, AL 35094
(205) 699-1066