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u/d0tn3t1 · 1 pointr/Blackops4

I use off brand headphones that's pretty good, but it's plugged into my microphone.

So my MICROPHONE is connected to my PS4, and my HEADPHONES are connected to it the microphone.

Everything sounds great, but I just wanna get a wireless standalone gaming headset.

u/Reef22 · 1 pointr/Blackops4

Before you invest in one, you should try a Strike Pack adapter. Converts your regular controller to a "Scuf". This is only $40. My friends who own it love it.

u/omnomanom · 3 pointsr/Blackops4

Nah that is correct. Amazon also provides a $10 credit for pre-ordering, making it $50 effectively.

u/hajjir2 · 1 pointr/Blackops4

This is the one I’m planning on getting soon for my console

BenQ EL2870U 28 inch 4K HDR Gaming Monitor, 1ms 3840x2160 , Free-Sync Eye-Care, Anti-glare, Brightness Intelligence Plus, HDMI, DP, Built-in Speakers

u/gojiraYo · 1 pointr/Blackops4

Been messing around with how I want to play since I made the mistake on buying the game not on PC. So far it's made a big difference in overall control.

Using the Collective Minds FPS paddle accessory thing and bought this pack of aluminum joystick replacements off Amazon. The base is magnetic and it comes with a couple different lengths with concave/convex tops.

Link for joystick:

The quality of the rubber is a little meh, but once you wear it in it's much better. The concave ones are almost identical to Xbox One's joysticks.

Link for Collective Minds FPS thing:

Apparently there's a bunch of options for configurations but I'm too lazy to try and figure it out so I just mapped some face buttons to the paddles.

u/TimeTravelerGuy · 2 pointsr/Blackops4

Playing Call of Duty on a controller without aim assist on PC is damn near impossible. And there are arguments to justify both having it and not having it, but I present the MAIN ONE: XIM Apex Keyboard and Mouse Adapter. Google it.

This third party adapter allows Console players to use Keyboard and Mouse on their consoles, while still being able to utilize aim assist. So the same exploit that KBM users on PC feared Controller users would use, the same one that got Treyarch to remove Aim Assist on PC, is fully doable on Console.

Yet they continue to have Aim Assist, because without it, playing with a controller is damn near impossible. The same goes for PC, yet since majority of users tend to use KBM, those of us who rather use our PCs as a High End Console and play with Controller are left without Aim Assist.

It makes 0 sense why it's not included in the PC version, when console users have the ability to use KBM on console WITH AIM ASSIST. Treyarch cannot patch the entire console and stop supporting the third party adapter, because it doesn't fool the game it fools the entire system, and they have no control over PS4 or XBOX ONE Updates. But they can bring Aim Assist to PC, and allow us "from-the-couch" gamers to be able to play and actually enjoy a game we paid full price for. Bottom line is, the exploit is still out there, its still on consoles, but if aim assist is allowed on there & so is KBM, then the same should go for the same exact game on PC.

u/Gilboa · 1 pointr/Blackops4

I keep picturing you living in a closet under the stairs haha. Sorry. Would a track ball or w/e work instead of a mouse? something like this.

u/Hugashe · 2 pointsr/Blackops4

after much help from the guys/gals here it looks like this may be the winner

u/Jonnyb193 · 1 pointr/Blackops4

Yep, Amazon included these links too which I should probably have put up:

Xbox One:

u/lewilewi411 · 0 pointsr/Blackops4

The link kinda says everything that you need to know, reviews are good though.

u/jadrien1 · 3 pointsr/Blackops4

Heres the adapater that I have

Although depending on how old the xbox one controller is it might have bluetooth support I know the newer ones do and depending if your pc has bluetooth built in you might not even need to buy an adapter.

u/GenericSoundClouder · 1 pointr/Blackops4

you should use the strike pack from collective minds i use it and i feel its buttons are way better than the scuf ones, only down side is that the controller must be plugged in when you use it (PS4 XB1 )

u/FaTaL1h · 1 pointr/Blackops4

If you order from this link you can get the deluxe edition code instantly from Amazon.


u/Haineserino · 1 pointr/Blackops4

Dunno, theres 2 standard versions listed the "standard edition" and "standard plus" edition. It might be the standard plus edition is the preorder one and after the game releases only the standard will be available?

u/doxology7 · 2 pointsr/Blackops4

Here is the digital code available now

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Digital Deluxe Enhanced Edition (Pre-Order) - PS4 [Digital Code]

u/OR3OTHUG · 1 pointr/Blackops4

This appears to be the only version available for preload Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Digital Deluxe Enhanced Edition (Pre-Order) - PS4 [Digital Code]

u/_caseywa · 1 pointr/Blackops4

Time for a 100ft+ ethernet cord, or powerline

u/iRawrz · 1 pointr/Blackops4

This would probably work. I use this at work all the time to tap into networks to run Wireshark on.

u/x_scion_x · 1 pointr/Blackops4

I've had the digital version pre-ordered since some time in July IIRC

Multiple versions of it being sold are digital, the only one that's not is the "Mystery Box Edition" so I'm not quite sure where you got the idea that you can't buy a digital copy. 

u/mwsmith02 · 1 pointr/Blackops4

Whoops must've replied to the wrong comment. I have this one

BenQ Zowie 24 inch Full HD Gaming...

u/RawMessiah · 1 pointr/Blackops4

What advantage?
It's not like only some people get sound. Everyone does. Just turn off whatever music you're blasting in the background and plug in a $30 set of cans

As for the camping; I've played a lot of BO3 for the past months. Even w/o Awareness equipped enemy players running sound like dumptrucks. Only snipers stick to one position, and no one sits in a corner surrounded by mines.
WWII on the other hand is one big camp fest, where people barricade themselves behind s-mines, because they have no way of knowing if an enemy is approaching. No footsteps remove a big part of the situational awareness, and up the randomness of deaths

u/Blast_OGK · 2 pointsr/Blackops4

This is a bo4 modded controller Bo4 xbox controller

There is also accessories that can basically mod the controller for prices as low as 27 on Amazon. (I’ve seen them at walmart for 30. Xbox strikepack
The strikerpack can use rapid fire and jitter and I’m pretty sure it has Autorun.

Ps4 options are also the strike pack. Ps4 strikepack

Or another modded controller. Ps4

If you want a modded elite/scuf they are also possible to get. Elite Controller

this one isn’t exactly a scuf but it has paddles

Ps don’t hate cuz I have a modded controller, I only use mine for the paddles and in custom games to mess with buddies.