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u/3karma9 · 3 pointsr/Blink182

I picked up an Audio Technica similar to this one (maybe a model or two higer) as a part of a special at a local record store. Turn table, amplifier, and speakers for $275. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. As a novice vinyl collector/listener it has offered everything I need.

I would recommend going into your local record store and asking them for a good recommendation for a starter turntable. Also see what kind of bundles they may offer. In my experience, most record store employees are more than happy to offer advice and excited to have another collector of vinyl. Of course I may just have had some great people. So if you have more than one local store, don't be afraid to shop around to find the best price. Hope this helps!

u/Tomes14 · 1 pointr/Blink182

/r/vinyl realy helped me out. I've grown my collection to about 70 lp's look at an audio tecnica turntable on amazon. Plays great. Not to fancy just something to start with.

Sound isn't hugely better. It's more of owning a physical copy of the record and checking out the awesome gatefolds that got me in to owning them. My favorites I'll frame around the house because it's somthing I love.

Edit: this is what I have. No need to drop a shit ton of money unless you're an audiophile. Save it to buy more awesome records!

u/s4n · 1 pointr/Blink182

Hey, for anyone still wondering, here's the link and a pic of the order confirmation:

I went straight through Amazon, so I must've gotten lucky as it seems they've raised the price. I really hope the third party sellers are actually selling vinyls, not CDs, as I researched here before buying too and saw that a few months ago it was a mistaken listing. Good luck to everyone, I hope it works out

u/AllRadioisDead · 2 pointsr/Blink182

I googled 'fictional book about vietnamese soldiers coming to america'

and it came back with this:

Could be it?

>The Sympathizer is a sweeping epic of love and betrayal. The narrator, a communist double agent, is a “man of two minds,” a half-French, half-Vietnamese army captain who arranges to come to America after the Fall of Saigon, and while building a new life with other Vietnamese refugees in Los Angeles is secretly reporting back to his communist superiors in Vietnam. The Sympathizer is a blistering exploration of identity and America, a gripping espionage novel, and a powerful story of love and friendship.

u/plopbellie · 1 pointr/Blink182

Why do you want the early edition so bad, just curious? You can wait just 3 or so more weeks and get it for $20 bucks from Amazon. Content wise the books are identical, its just the format, it being in that special binding and stuff.

u/RecklessZurabandon · 2 pointsr/Blink182

You can order it from Amazon Japan, CDJapan, or pretty much any other major Japanese online retailer.

Some sites have both the Japanese release and an imported western release of the CD, the latter of which wouldn't have the bonus track, so be mindful of that. Amazon Japan is probably the easiest way to order it. Here's a link:

u/notdarren · 1 pointr/Blink182

Two things, I'm not sure if it would be against the rules to maybe post to a torrent of all their songs, but encourage people to purchase the albums.

Second, their book isn't on here. Tales From Beneath Your Mom.

Edit Also, thanks for making it look pretty. Mine was sort of a mess.

u/OutoflurkintoLight · 16 pointsr/Blink182

I don't know if Amazon has it wrong or OP does but on Amazon JP they list the bonus track being "Remember To Forget Me" but that track is included on other releases.

u/StimulisRK · 4 pointsr/Blink182

4th grade for me too - Enema had just come out and was blowing up. My friend got it for his birthday and we'd all go over his house to listen to it. I LOVED it and wanted any blink CD so bad. I got my mom to take me to a local music store - but the only had the explicit version and she wouldn't let me get it and I had to settle for Will Smith's Willenium instead... So my next plan of attack was my Grandma. My whole family and her went out to dinner one night, then we stopped in Media Play (remember them?) after to check out movies and what not. My Grandma said yes to most anything, so I convinced her to get me a Blink CD - the only one they had without the parental advisory sticker was this WMAA single promotional CD. My dad reluctantly agreed (because Grandma). We get back in the car (with my younger brother and sister), he pops that bad boy in the CD player and WMAA comes on. Wasn't too happy about the "making out, took off my pants" line so he skipped to the next song - Pathetic Live in LA. As soon as Mark's booming live voice christened our minivan, I knew it was all over - "It's like a fuckin ride!!" he exclaimed! Seconds later, Tom chimes in "I think I wanna get laid!". Before Mark could finish saying "amen brother!", my dad had already begun ejecting the CD.

He turned the car around, drove right back to Media Play where my Grandma returned the CD.

That's my story.

u/UncleBojangle · 1 pointr/Blink182

There's this

Box Set [10 LP]

It has everything except California.

Make sure you check the other sellers for the best price. Shoot for around $30-45.

u/iamcringle · 2 pointsr/Blink182

There is an Amazon CD version - It's not done by blink themselves, but it's nice to have if you're really wanting a "physical version".

u/torbar203 · 3 pointsr/Blink182

Order canceled

Email they sent below(translated with google translate)


Good day,

we have important information about your current order #####.

They had ordered from us following:

'Box Set (7 CD)' (ASIN: B01M984V1H)

Unfortunately we had to cancel it because it was wrong listed in the catalog. It is this product is a CD box set. Of course, will not be charged for the item.

Alternatively, we would like to offer you this product:

If you are interested in our proposal, we ask you, the items to re-order.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

(This is an automatically sent e-mail. Please do not reply to this letter, because the e-mail address is only set up to send but not to receive e-mails.)



u/MeatBrick64 · 9 pointsr/Blink182

There actually is technically an official Dogs Eating Dogs CD. Amazon makes it themselves on a CDr and there's probably some sort of licensing or something to make it a legal bootleg


u/scuba_comet · 1 pointr/Blink182

I think any vinyl purchased on that day got signed. At first it was the first 50 but later I think they said the whole day. Not sure tho!

And I'm thinking about buying one or two of these off amazon

u/Mossy808 · 1 pointr/Blink182

i recently got Buddha off amazon for about £15 (black vinyl)

u/DevinDTA · 7 pointsr/Blink182

Seriously. You can't post this without a link. All I see is a $171 set.

Edit: I found the original post linking to this, but it's over $80 now.

u/BCRplus44 · 2 pointsr/Blink182

People, it's not that hard to just buy the CD.

It's only $11 and change on Amazon

u/immski · 1 pointr/Blink182

$5.54 Used shipped. Rip it to your iTunes then you'll have a physical disc and digital copies for way less. Either that or find it online. It's all over the place.

u/fremenist · 4 pointsr/Blink182

It might not be about hiding confirmed alien life. I was very skeptical of UFO theorists and stuff for a long time. Then I read this book and it really opened my eyes. It's very rational and very evidence based. No outlandish claims are made and the first person accounts come from reliable (Air Force, high ranking government, police, commercial pilots) witnesses. I would hope whatever he's working on is a rational, evidence based account of all that we know about UFOs (which objectively exist). Basically at this point if you do the research you can't deny UFOs exist and the extraterrestrial hypothesis, while unlikely, can not be ruled out yet.

u/Husky_Dude · 3 pointsr/Blink182



They removed it from US version of Spotify years ago, I have no idea why. I believe it still exists on some other countries Spotify.

u/batd00d · 1 pointr/Blink182

DeLongest one 😂...

But honestly if you're looking for UFO information I wouldn't trust him he's a disinformation agent. Go look in the doctors Steven Greer and check out his new documentary coming out this week. Greer actually called out Tom Delong in an interview a few days ago saying is it agent of disinformation. He thinks he knows what he's talking about but he's in with the wrong people. This is that interview

If you want to real book on UFOs check this one out