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u/Emergencygeek · 1 pointr/BloodAngels

I’m not in the UK but I bought this off amazon and it’s great.

Pin Vise Hand Drill with Twist Drill Bits 31 Pack

Also these are what I use for script and you can use them for pupils if you don’t want to darken the eyes down.

Sakura Pigma Micron 005 - Pigment Fineliners - 0.2mm - Black [Pack of 3]

u/GDNerd · 3 pointsr/BloodAngels

Get a brush you don't care about, do 2-3 layers on the parts where its super obvious. Between that and judicious filing you can get areas like the legs looking a lot more natural.

u/MJWitski · 1 pointr/BloodAngels

Just yesterday I ordered this drill bit set.

I comes a 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm drill bit. Perfect for all your barrel drilling and smaller (think infantry) magnetization needs.

I also picked up one of these to drive them.

u/napsalot19 · 2 pointsr/BloodAngels

The LED i used are these


No tutorial, the helmet is a 3d printed in clear pla. Then you just have to use a pen drill. Go though the torso and down a leg before you glue everything together.


The current plan is a custom base to fit a battery/switch in the base. It's gonna have to be a bit taller to accommodate it all.

u/morganfnf · 1 pointr/BloodAngels




These are all that I use and have been nothing but happy with them. I'm one of those with the mindset that if I'm going to invest, I'm going to invest - and the Iwata Eclipse is praised far and wide as one of, if not the, best airbrush out there.