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u/DaemonVBlackfyre · 1 pointr/Bluray

somewhere in settings. not all players/tvs have it, generally the better ones do.


On my surround sound, it's in settings, but you can google it. Or, I highly recommend getting a calibration disc, goes a long way. A lot of THX movies like Indiana jones has basic one on the dvd, but this has been worth it's weight in gold for me.


u/GingerTurtle43 · 1 pointr/Bluray

The unit is linked below, it was incredibly easy to assemble and I'm very pleased with it. If I had the space I would definitely get another for VHS and video games.

Prepac BMA-0960 Triple Width Wall Storage, Black

u/ThomasFMaher · 1 pointr/Bluray

I order them from here, however it seems like they send a different brand every time I order, the first batch I got were OKER brand and those are the best ones with resealable tape on the edge of the flap, the other ones they send require you to tape them closed yourself since the resealable flap is more towards the middle of the flap and doesn’t work well with Blu-rays.

u/plasma1147 · 1 pointr/Bluray

can you take a look a this? BOOGIE NIGHTS

The multi format is cheaper and here are the stats

Format: Multiple Formats, Blu-ray, Color, Dolby, Subtitled, Widescreen

There's not even a dvd (I only care for Bluray) So is this equal or better than just bluray?

u/mysticportal · 2 pointsr/Bluray

"For each movie they have 5 discs (2 movie blu ray discs, 2 extra feature DVDs and 1 behind the scene DVD)."

Yeah, looks like those 2 movie BDs are the theatrical & extended.

It seems like that's the only option (I'm only looking in Amazon) which contains the extended blu ray versions.

Cheapest option ($54):

u/FF0000it · 1 pointr/Bluray

The "regular" US version of The Shining is 144 minutes.

If you're looking for the cut with the extra 2 minutes at the end (146 total), to the best of my knowledge I don't think that's been released.

When released theatrically in the United States, the film ran approx. 146 minutes. Three days after the release of the film, Stanley Kubrick and Warner Bros. ordered all projectionists to cut about 2 minutes from the end of the film, and send the footage back to the studio. Starting after the closeup of frozen Jack, the camera goes to a pullback shot with part of a state trooper's car and the legs of troopers walking around in the foreground. We then cut to the hotel manager Stuart Ullman (Barry Nelson) walking down a hospital hallway to the nurse's station to inquire about Danny and Wendy. He's told they're both doing well and proceeds to Wendy's room. After some gentle conversation, he tells Wendy that searchers have been unable to locate any evidence of the apparitions she saw. Additionally, Jack's body cannot be located. We then cut to the camera silently roaming the halls of the Overlook Hotel for about a minute until it comes up to the wall with the photographs, where it [back to the ending as it is now known] fades in on the photo of Jack in the 1921 picture.

u/WaffleMonster42 · 1 pointr/Bluray

I don't really want to buy stuff from ebay. And I don't really know what PAL/SECAM refresh rates are. Would it be better to spend a little more and get this or something like this...

u/Black_beast01x · 1 pointr/Bluray

but do burners save a movie in a file ? and if a internal burner is made for windos7,8 does it work on windows 10 ? im looking at this:

u/dvdchris · 2 pointsr/Bluray

The four major brands are Sony, LG, Panasonic, Samsung. Any model from those four will probably be fine. I have never had a problem with any Sony, and have always bought used/refurbs. I currently have the BDP-S1100, currently $52.99 at Amazon
Walmart has the LGBP145 for $48. I would choose the Sony refurb.
Odd, but you had the model Wirecutter recommends as a basic disc player.

u/MattVanPommel · 1 pointr/Bluray

Rome: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] (Sous-titres franais)

35 bucks on Amazon now.

u/SlightFilmOtaku · 1 pointr/Bluray

There are a bunch of different photos for different sets but there are some that are for this particular release and they look black.

Here’s an unboxing for that set

u/redisforever · 1 pointr/Bluray

Check out the used copies here:

There are several for ~$24

u/Cal-wing29 · 2 pointsr/Bluray

Why not just get the box set which should be around $50? It might be cheaper than getting all of them individually

u/dorritos29 · 1 pointr/Bluray

Bridesmaids [Region B] [Blu-ray]

$4.66 shipped. The movie itself isnt very good but should work to test out the player

u/dougiebgood · 3 pointsr/Bluray

The Terminator: Hunters and Killers. This company put out a bunch of motion comics on DVD in the mid-2000's, but they never caught on.