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u/WhyAName · 9 pointsr/BobsBurgers

Made this one for my (vegan) mom, she caught onto the project and said she'd love to try one, even if it had meat in! She loved it!

This one was super easy to make and SUPER tasty! Definitely one to try out yourself ;) You can order the book here if you want;

Next week we'll be going "Totally Radish"!

u/Its_all_good_in_DC · 14 pointsr/BobsBurgers

It was the best hamburger I think I've ever made. The fried pickles are great with a beer.

I got the recipe from The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

u/podagis · 44 pointsr/BobsBurgers

The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

Best 14 dollars I’ve spent in a long time

u/mickredditsnow · 2 pointsr/BobsBurgers

Bought this here in Aus, but someone shared an Amazon link for you guys outside of Aus (cheaper too):

u/har4537 · 1 pointr/BobsBurgers

haha right. If you're really into kuchi kopi you can just buy the doll on amazonthough. With the costume it's a small plush version.

u/ticklesmyfancy · 2 pointsr/BobsBurgers

I just made a simple dress for my costume out of a mustard-green colored fabric. I've seen others pull it off well enough by finding (or altering) oversized plain green shirts, or buying a green dress.

I would assume for plain shirts, you can find them at your local craft store, wal-mart, target, old navy, etc. Amazon would have it also. Actually, here's a link to a dress that I remember floating around back when I was googling hat tutorials.

u/cruzweb · 3 pointsr/BobsBurgers

Something that gets lost in the translation from quebec french to english is the concept of "gravy" for poutine. While I haven't seen the recipe card, this looks like thanksgiving style turkey gravy.

While I'm sure your burger is delicious, I would in the future recommend buying this:

. It is somewhat expensive in the US but in Quebec people either buy this, another powdered poutine packet from the store (generic store brand) or in a can. It's a "gravy" but really more of a sauce made from beef or chicken stock that doesn't taste anything like what we would associate with gravy in the US. Big difference in flavor, texture, etc.

u/stemipinaka · 4 pointsr/BobsBurgers

He stumbled upon it at 2nd & Charles! Here’s the link on Amazon
All of the pictures are uhhhhhh-mazing!

u/duke442games · 2 pointsr/BobsBurgers

I got the cd from Amazon for $15 when it was released 2 months ago...

Is this different?

u/richierescue · 3 pointsr/BobsBurgers

Search for "white aprons" out Amazon. You can wade through the different ones until you find the one with the breast pocket. If you have Prime, then you can get it delivered in 2-3 days depending on your location.

Fukkit. I did the work for you.

u/PlumpCh1cken · 5 pointsr/BobsBurgers

This is it. Currently on sale on Amazon for 13 dollars

u/tripped144 · 9 pointsr/BobsBurgers

Tell me about it.

Denon AH-D5000 Reference Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

u/mrphilipjoel · 3 pointsr/BobsBurgers

Sorry. Trying to make a joke.

Quick search for h Jon Benjamin on amazon.

Here it is.

Failure Is An Option: An Attempted Memoir

u/AyJayH · 3 pointsr/BobsBurgers

I got this for my boyfriend last year either for Christmas or Anniversary...I forget. It's definitely from Amazon. Went back into my order history. Here's the link but it looks like it's currently sold out :/

Edit: I lied, apparently it was Valentines Day

u/islandthyme · 14 pointsr/BobsBurgers

Bob's Burgers Louise Belcher Cosplay Hood fits Laptops up to 17in Backpack, Multi, One Size

I thought the same thing then I found this on Amazon. Shits expensive in Australia

u/darkcape · 2 pointsr/BobsBurgers

and $0.50 cheaper on amazon.
(I really hate the iTunes interface)