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u/harley98765 · 1 pointr/BostonBruins

Honored to have played against HOFers Bobby Orr and Ray Bourque.
Free to Kindle Unlimited members.
Makes a great Father's Day gift.

u/Remoock · 1 pointr/BostonBruins


Greatest Moments and Players is a pretty safe choice, easy to read and you learn something about the big names out there, even some recent ones as well.

u/Goat_666 · 4 pointsr/BostonBruins

Check this out, great book written by Boston Globe reporter Fluto Shinzawa: The Big 50: The Men and the Moments that Made the Boston Bruins

It'll get you started. Wikipedia is also good source, and of course this subreddit is good place to ask. I'm relatively new to reddit, but I've found out that people in this subreddit are very nice and friendly! So don't be afraid to ask around if you want to know something.

u/HamSolo12 · 1 pointr/BostonBruins

If you can get your hands on [Gerry Cheever's autobiography] (, it's a great read.
I've also heard good things about Jeremy Roenick's book.

u/Wheezin_Ed · 4 pointsr/BostonBruins

Not a book that you would read, but I like photography so I enjoy this one.

u/bennybruin77 · 1 pointr/BostonBruins

There's a book literally called the history of the boston bruins. I believe there is one for every original six team.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/BostonBruins

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