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u/EldritchCarver · 2 pointsr/BrandNewSentence

I don't know about a graphic novel, but this book is a great place to start.

u/lluckya · 2 pointsr/BrandNewSentence

Honestly, the title reminds me of this:

It’s a phenomenal book and if you’re at all interested in biology I recommend it.

u/Bobcatluv · 1 pointr/BrandNewSentence

The funny thing is, there is an actual sea sponge as tampon product.

u/ArrivesWithaBeverage · 1 pointr/BrandNewSentence

A brand new way of describing maggots from the book Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers that I’m reading on my kindle app

u/KevinCarbonara · -46 pointsr/BrandNewSentence

That is not what "seasoning a cutting board" means or has ever meant. Seasoning a cutting board is when you take mineral oil and brush it onto your board to help seal it and prevent moisture from the meat you're cutting (or any bacteria it carries) from soaking into the wood.

u/alours · 7 pointsr/BrandNewSentence Here ya go, this fork has a knife built on the side, and a spoon on the other end.

u/Lytre_Yarn · 43 pointsr/BrandNewSentence
Here ya go, this fork has a knife built on the side, and a spoon on the other end.

u/LGEllie · 2 pointsr/BrandNewSentence

They already did make a butter fleshlight per se.
Fox Run 5416 Butter Spreader with Built-In Cover, Plastic

u/SimonLaFox · 2 pointsr/BrandNewSentence

There was literal terrorism going on the the 70s, like actual bombings by extremist groups being a daily occurrence, yet for some reason everyone forgets that.

Check out Days of Rage, a book that goes into detail about this:

u/rap_and_drugs · 8 pointsr/BrandNewSentence

Alright, this ended up being way longer than I thought. If anyone thinks this is hailcorporate material go fuck yourself. I didn't spend half an hour collecting drug prices to be accused of advertising (on that note if the links are breaking any rules mods pls let me know and I'll remove them).

650mg paracetamol
30mg dextromethorphan hbr
12.5mg doxylamine succinate

X48 Amazon - $16.62/$0.35 per dose

325mg paracetamol
10mg dextromethorphan hbr
5mg phenylephrine hcl

X48 Amazon - $14.91/$0.31 per dose

Paracetamol: 500mg X600 (Amazon) - $11.91
Dextromethorphan hbr: 15mg X60 (Amazon) - $9.99
Doxylamine succinate: 25mg X192 (Amazon)* - $9.49

Phenylephrine hcl: 10mg X36 ("Blowout Medical") - $2.10
10mg X72 (Rite Aid) - $10.99/$7.69 if you're a "member"


  • 650mg paracetamol is $0.02576 (and 325mg is $0.01288)
  • 30mg dextromethorphan hbr is $0.255**
  • 12.5mg doxylamine succinate is $0.02471
  • 5mg phenylephrine is $0.02917 with the questionable site, or $0.07632 with rite aid.

    You can also find other mixes of the ingredients (eg paracetamol/phenylephrine was one I saw) which may be cheaper than buying the ingredients individually.

    * I wrote this post out of order and got tired of transcribing links on my phone. Sorry. I didn't have to search very hard to find any of these, so you probably can too.
    ** Dextromethorphan is mildly problematic as an ingredient because for some reason you can only get it by itself in Robitussin or similarly expensive medications - so no cheap generics. But if you're willing to take it with something else like guafinisen (an expectorant that causes serious nausea at high doses to prevent abuse of dextromethorphan, but typically no ill, effects when taking therapeutic doses) then you will end up paying much less for that as well. Example:
    400mg guaifenesin, 20mg dextromethorphan hbr X30 Dollar General - $4.50
    And if you're willing to order it in bulk from a foreign chemical supplier, then therapeutic doses become laughably cheap. Alibaba, e.g., has 1kg available for $480 (Xi'an Salus Nutra Bio-Tech Inc.), which puts 30mg at $0.01440. For a less insane example, I also see 1g for $1 (Changzhou Confucius Biotechnology Co., LTD.), which puts 30mg at $0.03000.

    So we can "homebrew" a dayquil dose for
    $0.01288 (325mg paracetamol) +
    $0.01 (10mg dextromethorphan hbr) +
    $0.02917 (5mg phenylephrine hcl)

    And a nyquil dose for
    $0.02576 (650mg paracetamol) +
    $0.03 (30mg dextromethorphan hbr) +
    $0.02471 (12.5mg doxylamine succinate)

    and excepting dextromethorphan we have only used generics/different brands of the medicines that are in NyQuil and DayQuil.

    That's a big part of why I think those products are scams. Another slightly more subjective reason is that I think paracetamol and phenylephrine are both useless in most circumstances. I have found that pseudoephedrine is the most effective nasal decongestant by far (though definitely more expensive), and that phenylephrine has little or no effect on symptoms of relevant illnesses.

    I would recommend Chloraseptic and menthol for coughs instead of dextromethorphan as well.

    It still boggles my mind that people buy shit like NyQuil, Excedrin (literally just caffeine and paracetamol, and we already know how cheap paracetamol is), etc. when the active ingredients can often be bought off the very same shelves