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u/offstage4 · 1 pointr/CHICubs

I believe the more you know about a sport the more you can enjoy it. Once you understand the very basics I want to suggest the book Watching baseball Smarter.

It's a real easy read, but will inform you of some of the more nuanced aspects of the game.

Also the Cubs should be a good follow for the next 5-10 years. Our front office has done a good job of finding future talent.

u/welcometoraisins · 1 pointr/CHICubs

If you're in the Chicago area, this book is currently clearanced for $9 at Walmart. It's by the Trib and has a lot of great info about last year's team and fantastic photos. I'd also watch the various documentaries about Cubs fans that ran last year on Fox Sports and MLB network (Confessions of a Cubs fan is a good one and is on YouTube, I think).

u/OttoNeu · 3 pointsr/CHICubs

The sidebar of the desktop site here has a good variety of Cubs related blogs/podcasts in the News/Analysis/Podcasts area.

As far as books go, I recommend reading Ron Santo's biography. He is a very important figure in Cubs lore. Ernie Banks and Billy Williams as well. Ernie lived a very interesting live.

The Cubs of 69 is another good read. Apparently you can get it for $1 on amazon right now.

I'd also watch the ESPN 30 for 30 film Catching Hell. It details a lot of important information in Cubs history.

On top of that there is a TON of history with the Chicago NL franchise. I could go on forever.

u/Brodo-Swaggins · 2 pointsr/CHICubs

Not about this past season, but I read Crazy '08 a while back and really enjoyed it. It's about the road to the WS that took place in 1908 (Tinkers to Evers to Chance, Mordecai Brown, etc.)

u/rotallytad · 1 pointr/CHICubs

Book wise "how we are hungry" is a great set of short stories. Author is from Chicago.

u/Exatraz · 1 pointr/CHICubs

Seriously.. he doesn't know what he is missing. I mean just look at the lovely lady I spent my last weekend with. Still makes you drugging him all the more impressive if he wasn't inebriated. You must have made the ol Bob Saget special.

u/Drexl_ · 1 pointr/CHICubs

AND all this came about because someone here alterted me to the fact the complete set is deeply discounted on Amazon right now...

THEN I went down the rabbit hole and found the Game 7 release.


u/DBBU · 17 pointsr/CHICubs

For those who are not familiar, Mark Titus wrote this article. Frequenters of Grantland (RIP) and the college basketball subreddit know him well. He is a very funny writer who wrote this book about his time as a walk-on for Ohio State. He also writes about college basketball in the same style as this article. Don't take everything he says seriously, he doesn't even take everything he says seriously.

u/thosewholeft · 6 pointsr/CHICubs

Buy the Bluray set and use this audio option.

Edit: It's only $37 now. And like the other person said, I assume you mean radio call. Bluray has TV, home/away radio and Spanish broadcast all as audio options that you can switch between.

u/Gewehr98 · 5 pointsr/CHICubs

Apparently you can buy reproduction Babe Ruth fielding gloves, if I played anymore I might get one

u/thirdfounder · 1 pointr/CHICubs

nor have you looked for any. so here -- despite the fact that this is a baseball sub -- take this and read it.

as Shudson well notes, newspapers have never been objective and never will be -- in part because there's no such thing as an objective view of the facts outside of some sciences. every paper has a self-serving bias and uses that bias to protect itself from its enemies real and perceived.

now you can proceed to tell me why my choice of source is trash LOL.

u/WaterStoryMark · 3 pointsr/CHICubs

I bought this, instead. It was $80 when I ordered, so I'm happy about the price reduction.

u/DontUDareTouchMe · 3 pointsr/CHICubs

I already got the BluRay preordered.

u/brgiant · 3 pointsr/CHICubs

This is the documentary:

This is the entire world series + NLCS with multiple audio files (home/away radio, spanish, Fox's horribleness):

u/jacksonvstheworld · 3 pointsr/CHICubs

This one?

I got the 8 disc one but the one you described is way more up my alley.