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u/oxin8 · 1 pointr/CODZombies

Mouse movement can be erratic with zombies on the screen due to aim assist. Up to 180 degree(or more?) spin when just moving to target a zombie next to another zombie(not that 2 zombies next to each other causes it, just illustrating how little I'm intending to move the mouse when it happen). The last straw was when I was running away from a train and I ended up doing a 180 and running back into them. Been using a controller since because the mouse screw me over without fail. Never had an issue with the mouse prior and it still works for normal computer use.

Here a video of me trying to replicate it in spawn. You can kinda see it throughout but the part when I aim straight up in the air is due the bug. video link

This is the mouse I'm using. I have it set to 2050 DPI. Polling rate is set at 500HZ. I haven't tried adjusting those to see if the issue goes away. mouse link

I created a post to see if anyone else had the issue and so far one person said their friend is experiencing it. post link

u/moon0750 · 2 pointsr/CODZombies
This is the official page (i think) but their is some other pages that have the same book but for a cheeper price you may want to look around abit for a better price. :)

u/1N54N3M0D3 · 2 pointsr/CODZombies

Interact with my first side mouse button, knife by pushing my mouse wheel to the left, and reload by pushing to the right.... And pretty much anything else on my massive amount of side buttons. XD

Logitech g600

u/dethsaber · 2 pointsr/CODZombies

Recently bought these three. Reading through them, super good. Would recommend to anyone wanting to read LoveCrafts works.

Edit: forgot the link H. P. Lovecraft Omnibus 1: At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels of Terror

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/CODZombies

Oh I just bought 6 of these 3 packs to go behind my perks i can't wait

u/TheBrexican · 1 pointr/CODZombies

I'd vote Exodus or Nightfall. Mayday and Awakening are too tedious and not too fun on a regular basis.

The correct answer is buy all of them.

If you have a slightly larger amount to spend, snag this. It's the cheapest way to get SP now.

u/RdJokr1993 · 19 pointsr/CODZombies

Unlikely. Those images were uncovered to be from an actual copyrighted book a while ago. So the change was most likely done to avoid potential lawsuits.

EDIT: For those asking a source, I cannot remember the Reddit post as it's been some time. However, this should be the closest thing to it:

u/TheTowelBoy · 0 pointsr/CODZombies

No, sadly you remember wrong. Fascism is far-right on the political spectrum. Here's some material if you want to read up:

u/Jimmerdaman · 1 pointr/CODZombies

Same haha, I've been looking into it but lots of conflicting arguments, it's hard to tell what the least expensive but still reliable option is. And as a casual on computers/ primarily console player all my life, looking through all these specs to see the minimum of what i need to get medium setting running well is confusing, and figuring out which parts to order, where to get them, the price of each, waiting for each to arrive and figuring out how to put them together.. its possible but a premade may be the way to go to avoid a lot of frustration if you're someone like me, and idk if it's even cheaper anymore.

This is the one im looking at, has an hdmi and comes with keyboard and mouse. Idk how the specs would hold up but it'd definitely be playable at low settings at least.