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u/BongosOnFire · 1 pointr/COMPLETEANARCHY

The only context outside of SEP and Deathpigeonx where people who seem to know their shit have taken Stirner seriously is Skye Cleary in her book Existentialism and Romantic Love. Your average man on the street, if convinced that subscribing to egoism as self-government (since the narrower view of egoism as an ought to maximize our own welfare would be another spook to Stirner) doesn't render us murdery and rapey lot, would perhaps be quick to question whether our normal relations of friendship and romantic and familial love could survive under egoism and whether their egoistic replacements. I mean, just think about how people admire Hachikō and not because the dog was in hindsight successful at procuring many tasty treats from strangers.

After reading the book I did saw some appeal in Stirner's views. There are indeed many musts and shoulds about romantic love that our culture conditions in us that are better left unfulfilled; there's a reason why psychotherapists talk about musturbation. But then I also feel like the good parts could be appropriated by some quite a bit less radical view that spares some awkwardness and avoids the connection with the persona of Stirner, since he didn't seem exactly like a great lover based on biography.

u/neoliberal_vegan · 1 pointr/COMPLETEANARCHY

Those are two very important points and the main reason, why neoliberals think that inclusive institutions are so important. Inclusive institutions are rules in a society that make shure that everyone can participate in societal developments both economically and politically.

> So you just hope that your government can do that without getting corrupt like literally every government in the history of the world?

Freedom of corruption (and democracy of course) is really important to keep politics inclusive and to achieve that political power is spread among the population, so I think it is a good idea to take countries with very low corruption like Denmark as a role model in that regard.

> Also how is that government's job different than democratic socialism?

The right that everybody can own property, is another important inclusive institution: You want to make shure that every person, no matter what her background is, has an incentive to contribute her abilities to society. In a socialist society you are not allowed to own things like patents, so that is how it would be different from democratic socialism.

You might want to read Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoğlu if you want to learn more about inclusive institutions.

u/Beaus-and-Eros · 4 pointsr/COMPLETEANARCHY

The theory about there being no direct historical figure behind Jesus is a pretty interesting one but is much more of a fringe idea in historical circles. If you're interested in reading up on it at all, here's a pretty good book on the subject

u/yourideas-suck · 3 pointsr/COMPLETEANARCHY

It would take too long. Try reading a book. Here's one for people like you. And that's the most charitable evaluation of the Democratic Party.

u/NoTimeForInfinity · 1 pointr/COMPLETEANARCHY

Is cash-ism a word? It is now.

There are droves now making flags like this in "support" of security guards and every other thing you can imagine:


u/Thing124ok · 9 pointsr/COMPLETEANARCHY

They where also being satirical, that's not the real bread book.

This is, the title of course referring to what Kroptokin would often shout at the rich

u/djquigglewiggle · 2 pointsr/COMPLETEANARCHY

Thanks, I managed to find it a little bit cheaper on Amazon

u/wolfen24 · 5 pointsr/COMPLETEANARCHY

There is, Monsieur/Madame Yankee! The translated title is in the title of this post but I guess I can point to you where to get it ->


I don’t know brother. We think the same way.

I’m looking at Scanlon’s contractualism and this

u/ILikeMonitorLizards · 7 pointsr/COMPLETEANARCHY

Ugh, don't remind me of that book by that conservative guy I read back when I was a """""libertarian""""".

u/bin_it_to_win_it · 30 pointsr/COMPLETEANARCHY

Don't tell me I don't support a thing that I support so that you can criticize me for not supporting it, lmao.

You lot aren't too bright, eh? I guess it's easier to argue against us when you just make shit up on the spot. Here's a book for you, since you like reading so much.

u/AnnaUndefind · 8 pointsr/COMPLETEANARCHY

Some history I found for y'all.

This song, Which side are you on?, Performed here by Woody Guthrie, was written by Florence Reece in 1931. Florence Reece was the wife of Sam Reece, a union organizer for the United Mine Workers of Harlan county, Kentucky.

Sheriff J.H. Blair and his men entered the Reece residence illegally, while under the employ of the mining company, searching for Sam Reece. Sam had already left the residence. The sheriff proceeded to terrify the family.

This song was written the same night, after the sheriff left, on the calendar that hung in the family kitchen. It has been performed by a variety of artists in a variety of versions.

The Harlan county war, were a series of conflicts running from 1931 to 1939, between the United Mine Workers and the mine company, who employed both private guards and the sheriff of the county.

After the company cut wages 10%, some organizers from the United Mine Workers began working with miners to form a union.

The company came down hard, firing, and evicting (the company owned the homes, because Capitalism is sorta feudalistic) any known Union members. Soon unaffiliated workers began striking in a show of solidarity.

Thugs proceeded to terrify and attempt to break the strikers, while under the protection of the sheriff. It didn't take long before the people of Harlan county were disabused of their notion of the impartiality of law enforcement.

A quote from the sheriff: "I did all in my power to aid the operators… there was no compromise when labor troubles swept the county and the 'Reds' came to Harlan County."

A quote from Florence Reece: "Sheriff J.H. Blair and his men came to our house in search of Sam – that's my husband – he was one of the union leaders. I was home alone with our seven children. They ransacked the whole house and then kept watch outside, waiting to shoot Sam down when he came back. But he didn't come home that night. Afterward I tore a sheet from a calendar on the wall and wrote the words to 'Which Side Are You On?' to an old Baptist hymn, 'Lay the Lily Low'. My songs always goes to the underdog – to the worker. I'm one of them and I feel like I've got to be with them. There's no such thing as neutral. You have to be on one side or the other. Some people say, 'I don't take sides – I'm neutral.' There's no such thing. In your mind you're on one side or the other. In Harlan County there wasn't no neutral. If you wasn't a gun thug, you was a union man. You had to be."

Eventually the Kentucky national guard was called in. While initially the miners thought the guard would protect them, this also turned out to be wrong. The guardsmen broke up picket lines.

There is a lot more to the history after this as well.

Here are some resources:

Wiki page for the song.

Wiki page for the conflict

Which Side are You On?, A book detailing the war.

u/SirBrendantheBold · 22 pointsr/COMPLETEANARCHY

Oh boy, I like that you just found out the word for dismissing evidence that disagrees with you but don't actually have even the pretence of knowing what it means. 'Cherry picking' is cropping a portion of a fuller dataset to support a view unsubstantiated or contradicted by the actual statistic. There has never been a single year in which PoC were less likely to be the victim of police violence than their white counterparts in the entirety of American history. I chose modern ones because modern is more reflective of modern society... Drug charges are useful because you can get an accurate reporting on uncharged possession rates. More critically, drug charges are the cause of the majority of incarceration for PoC. Apparently citing units of analysis which are the most pertinent to the discussion is cherry picking now...

You want fuller data on the subject, here ya go:

[After controlling for numerous state-level factors and for the underlying rate of fatal shootings of black victims in each state, the state racism index was a significant predictor of the Black-White disparity in police shooting rates of victims not known to be armed (incidence rate ratio: 1.24; 95% confidence interval, 1.02-1.50). For every 10-point increase in the state racism index, the Black-White disparity ratio of police shooting rates of people not known to be armed increased by 24%.](After controlling for numerous state-level factors and for the underlying rate of fatal shootings of black victims in each state, the state racism index was a significant predictor of the Black-White disparity in police shooting rates of victims not known to be armed](

Frank R. Baumgartner, Derek A. Epp and Kelsey Shoub reviewed 20 million traffic stops. Blacks are almost twice as likely to be pulled over as whites — even though whites drive more on average...