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u/dicarlobrotha2 · 3 pointsr/COROLLA

(Reposting from a different thread I replied to previously, plus some modifications with better details)

I have done this on a 2017, which should use a similar system and can be swapped out in the same fashion. There are a few caveats that may sway your decision however.

The radio I bought for my Corolla is the Kenwood DMX-905S, but you can get any radio that has the iDatalink Serial port on the back (should be mentioned specifically in the description on whatever site you buy it from) which brings me to the next point...

I used the iDatalink Maestro RR with the TO2 harness that allowed a very straight-forward installation with no modification to the factory wiring. This module allows your radio to interface with all the OEM functionality that is normally configured with the radio and prevents having to deal with a metric ton of ridiculous wiring. This is not where this story ends, however.

The Maestro and harness kits do not come with the adapters required for factory USB, Aux (sort of), AM/FM radio, GPS, Satellite Radio, or any integration for the factory microphone. This last part is what has pained me the most in this whole thing, as I've yet to install the aftermarket microphone or make the attempts necessary to try to get the factory one working. I've got lots of wiring diagrams, but no free time. There have supposedly been some successful attempts online, but naturally only by someone who was planning to sell adapters for it and essentially abandoned the forum and project entirely without ever releasing ANY details.

I used this Axxess adapter for the factory USB. Fits perfectly, just plug into the radio and the factory connector. Wrap the radio USB end with TESA tape so it doesn't disconnect.

The antenna adapters for GPS and Satellite Radio are available from iDatalink as the ACC-SAT-TO2 kit. They should connect directly to the factory harnesses and then to the new radio, but if they don't work for you this is not required to be a specific iDatalink replacement so you may be able to find another brand that works. I own this kit, but have yet to install it in my Corolla so I can't officially vouch for it.

I ordered the Metra 40-LX11 for the AM/FM radio antenna (I have yet to actually install it so I can't vouch for it 100% but it should be fine). I did do some research after someone else mentioned this in the previous thread and despite the strange image on the Amazon page it does indeed have the radio connector and the blue power wire which is required for it to function.

For auxiliary input, you do get the aux connection as RCAs, but you may need to invest in a female RCA to male 3.5mm adapter depending on what your radio expects for the aux connection. Most likely, you will need the adapter. Don't bother with the one that has red white AND yellow because it's only wired for red and white (audio). Something like this should work fine.

Last but not least, you'll need a dash kit. I'm not certain which one you'll need on the 2015, but don't buy the Metra ones. Hot. Garbage. Just go to and put in your model/year/etc.

As some general advice, I recommend getting some TESA tape and wrapping all your connections. Please for the love of Cthulhu do not wrap your wires in electrical tape if you value your sanity. TESA tape is fabric tape and is absolutely delightful to use, plus it looks good. Also, invest in plastic panel pry tools so you don't ruin your dash trying to get the radio out. You will likely need a 10mm socket to remove the factory radio.

I hope this is probably more than enough information to get you on the right track. Feel free to PM me if you have questions!

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u/cciulla · 8 pointsr/COROLLA

I've tried:

  • Window Suction Cup Mount Thingy
    • Pro: great visibility
    • Con: Sucks in hot weather
    • Disposition: was eventually thrown with great force into the back seat

  • Sticky/Vent Mount Thingy
    • Pro: excellent idea
    • Pro: great visibility
    • Pro: very stable
    • Con: sticky thingy fell off after first use
    • Con: couldn't get quite right angle for the vent mount
    • Disposition: Junk drawer

  • CD Mount Thingy
    • Pro: very stable
    • Con: Covers up touchscreen/rear view cam
    • Con: No CD access
    • Disposition: Glove box -- just in case

  • Tray Mount Thingy
    • Pro: stays put
    • Pro: excellent visibility
    • Con: ??? -- maybe limited in where you can put it?
    • Disposition: currently in use; seems to be the best solution so far
u/lilaznsifu · 3 pointsr/COROLLA

I have a 2015 LE as well! Got into modding last year. I started with cosmetic modifications and slowly into performance on a budget.

- Rubber Front Lip and Sideskirts $12 each side
- Window Visors $42
- Headlight Eyelids $20
- Rear Window Spoiler : $40
- Trunk Spoiler Rubber$15

- LED Foglights $32
- LED Strip Sequential Turn Signals $18
- LED Turn signal switchbacks, requires a resistor and tapping into turn signal wires
- LED Interior Bulbs $6

- TRD Exhaust $400 used. Made my car a joy to drive! Other great cheaper options are Borla $350, and J2 $250. I got the TRD for the balanced deep tones and didnt want to be pulled over for 3rd party exhaust ( I live in Cali).
Super budget ebay exhaust is available too! $85 : Sounds decent, join the 11th gen corolla group on facebook to see and hear videos
- Spectre Short Ram Intake $150: Great sound from engine and increased torque
- Megan Racing Rearsway bar $110: If you like hugging corners while turning this does wonders for reducing bodyroll. I have way more confidence on tight turns!

u/J_Swazzle · 5 pointsr/COROLLA

Hella Supertones are pretty popular in the Subaru scene. They’re fairly easy to mount behind the grille in most cars. Personally, I like the sound of the new Sharptones a little bit more. But there’s endless options out there. Just find some tone that you like. Most electronic horns are gonna wire up the same

u/toycoa · 4 pointsr/COROLLA

Well you have a few options,

Free: join a forum like toyotanation and see what they have for repair guides and also be able to ask questions

$15 + a few hours of time: get a 2 day subscription to Toyota’s TechStream and download each page of the factory service manual individually.

$25-ish: you can get one of those Haynes repair manuals

u/risfun · 1 pointr/COROLLA

I've been using Aero beam wipers from Amazon for my '13 Corolla. Just bought a set. They've served me well.

Also helps to wash the windshield thoroughly now and then. Here's a link

u/bringbackthepuffin · 2 pointsr/COROLLA

I have this one. It has adhesive that's held for over a year now. The magnetic attachment makes it easy to grab my phone off.

SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Magnetic Phone/GPS Mount for the Car, Home or Office in Frustration Free Packaging

u/notabot53 · 3 pointsr/COROLLA

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder with Fast Swift-Snap Technology for Smartphones and Mini Tablets, Black

Works great for me.

u/Probably_Incompetent · 2 pointsr/COROLLA

You might want to check your local laws before you put in extra lighting on your corolla. A lot of light bars are considered off road lights and are illegal to have on while on public roads in many states (US).

If they're illegal, i would say invest on brighter bulbs for your low/high beams and fog lights. I run silvana silverstars and they're pretty great in the rural areas of upstate NY.

Edit: link to bulbs

u/CatsLifeForMe · 1 pointr/COROLLA

2014 S+ here, One of the first things I did was upgrade the horn. I didn't find it too difficult to do myself.

Hella Supertone


If I remember right, connected the power straight to the battery positive and grounded out to the body. When mounting them I used two existing threaded holes with only having to add a second bolt.

Makes a big difference with other cars being able to hear me. I've even seen a couple in cars jump a little when I use it.

u/Cryogenic_Monster · 2 pointsr/COROLLA

It's like this one only I painted it to match the car. Here is how it looked when I bought the car.

u/ratabary · 1 pointr/COROLLA

This SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Magnetic Phone/GPS Mount for the Car, Home or Office in Frustration Free Packaging

u/pmMeUrTatasPorFavor · 2 pointsr/COROLLA

I use this. Car Mount TechMatte MagGrip CD Slot Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder for Smartphones including iPhone 7, 6, 6S, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge - Black

u/iotwiz · 3 pointsr/COROLLA

Dealer wants $500 for it which I think is a bit too steep for me. I found some replacements on amazon, but they have a turn signal. Would these work with my car if I don't have a turn signal currently?


Mine is a heated mirror that is powered, but no turn signal.




Also found these from Rockauto


u/waitn2drive · 1 pointr/COROLLA

Yeah, all Corolla's regardless of model are wired for cruise. The trims without it are just missing the stock, and if you have a standard the clutch depress sensor. So all you have to do is buy the stock, drill a small hole in the steering wheel cover plastic, screw in the stock, and plug it in. The car handles the rest as if it came equipped with it!