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u/Lianad311 · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

Your post may be deleted for violating Rule 2 just FYI.

Here are my recommendations though:

  • Mount the surge protector under your desk using heavy duty double stick tape or screws if it has keyholes
  • For your keyboard/mouse cables. If you're willing, the best way is to drill a hole just large enough that they can fit through. Drill it underneath where your large mousemat is. Then cut a tiny slit in the mousemat for them to come through. You can then feed them under down through and under the desk.
  • Mount your USB hub under the desk on the front off to the left or right side from where you sit using command strips or double stick tape. Easy access to plugin items when needed and just unplug devices when not using. If you're using the ports 100% of the time, it may be better to mount it under the desk towards the back out of the way. I use mine only for short term things like pluging in a headset, SD card reader, etc. So when I'm done I just unplug them and it's clean.
  • Under the desk you're going to want to buy some cable clamp type things. Depending on your types of wires you may need a few different sizes. I've bought tiny ones for single thin cables, medium ones for a usb or two, and xlarge ones for power cords/hdmi/multiple cables
  • Depending on your situation, you could also pick up the IKEA Signum rack for under the desk to help with things, or a J Channel cableracewaytype sitution
  • With all of the management and running things under the desk, I personally found I needed to buy a few extenders for different things. So I had to pick up a couple of USB 3 extension cables, as well as a couple of power extension cables so I could get things all cleanly routed then down/up at one single point to the outlet or computer.

    Any other questions just ask. I could always take pictures of my setup and under the desk if it would help, just PM me for those.
u/xSnoooze · 1 pointr/CableManagement

Little bit late, but I used this on this inner bottom of my desk, right against the bottom of the desktop. It's awesome and super easy. Just peel and stick adhesive on the back and it holds a bunch of cables. It would work the same along the backside of a desk as well.

Cable Raceway

u/Leebyn · 1 pointr/CableManagement

Alright. Having a modular PSU is definitely helpful.

My motherboard is the Asus Z87-A. It looks like your CPU power is slightly closer to the top of the motherboard than on mine, so you should have better luck routing it through the lower rubber grommet, around the back and through the hole on the top right (when you look on the back side).

Front side / Back side (sorry, ugly pictures)

I bought this extension from amazon and you'll see in the back I have plenty of "slack length". I guess it's ~550mm + 250mm extension total length.

If not, you'll have to run the cable across the front over your GPU, which should also reach fine. I had it that way for a while, and your CPU power isn't more than 100mm away.

u/JustCallMeBen · 9 pointsr/CableManagement

bundle them together in one thick sleeve. Having a fabric sleeve lie on your desk is imo better tham a lot of different wires :)

I have this one:

It's white or black (turn it inside out) and it's better than other sleeves imo because of the holes it has: you can let wires run in or out at any point you want, so it would be perfect for the cables from your mouse&kb, and you can let the sleeve run all the way to the top of your desktop, so the wires only exit the sleeve at the exact height they neet to be plugged in. Tuck away all the loose wire you have into the sleeve, and I think it'll be much tidier.

u/Codaii · 13 pointsr/CableManagement

On break at work so i’ll make this quick. Most motherboards come standard with these but there are outliers. Looked these up quick just to give you an idea. The right angle side of the cable would plug into your drives and should help you keep away from bending your cables with the back panel. Hope this helped.

Data cables

Power cables

Edit: These are also good to use.

u/YucA305 · 1 pointr/CableManagement

20mm is close to 3/4". Techflex sells their sleeving closed, or opened like this. This stuff looks super clean and still allows you add/remove cables easily. If this will be a one time permanent install you can get their solid stuff and heat shrink the ends.

u/THE_CENTURION · 1 pointr/CableManagement

I'm quite partial to stuff like this

Haven't used that particular brand, the stuff I have is from Best Buy and has a velcro closure along the split, but I can't find in on their site.

As Unisenon pointed out, Velcro straps are much better than zip ties, as you can add and remove cables easily. The only time I would use zip ties is when you know the two cables won't be separated. (The data and power cables for my USB hub for instance, they both go to the same spot, and I'm not going to be using one without the other.)

u/TheCafeRacer · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

You can get a basket to hand under the back of your desk like this or used a sleeve like this to make it a single group of wires like this.

u/brandontherrien98 · 5 pointsr/CableManagement

This \^ and you can also buy some cable clips/anchors like these and just stick them wherever works best in the case :)

u/Sycobob · 4 pointsr/CableManagement

Here's a short album of my recent 650D build. There are 3 shots from the back from various points in the process. It's a pretty tight fit back there (giggity) and the most difficult part for me was the flat SATA cables. These little suckers made my life so much easier, and I'd highly recommend them. Some round SATA cables would probably help as well.

u/Aquilo_ · 4 pointsr/CableManagement
  • Try to get modular, or semi-modular PSU.

  • First decide on what goes where and what is more likely to get removed. Example, I have routed my 6pin gpu cables last in case I need to change them to 8 pin if when I get that gtx 980 :P

  • Don't bundle/zip-tie too many independent things together. I did that with my fan cables and the SATA cables. Never again.

  • Get some of these and these

  • Try to experiment with different cable routes to maximize the run of longer cables.

  • Don't be afraid to play a bit with the PSU cables to make them more flexible.

  • Hide some stuff in the 5.25" bays. I bought a 5.25 to 3.5 adapter and put my SSD and HDD there and then drilled out the HD bay (took like 5 minutes) to make it look cleaner and improve airflow of front fans.

    Here is my rig before I moved the drives and added a second gpu.
u/Fornicatinzebra · 3 pointsr/CableManagement

Here's the link. Its super thick glass, works great for keeping the desktop away from the dusty carpet.

u/daddylongleg21 · 1 pointr/CableManagement

I use the smaller command hooks to let the cables rest underneath my desk pretty neatly and I just invested in some of these to help with the cables coming from the back of the pc adhesive cable ties

u/Cyrax89721 · 6 pointsr/CableManagement

Easy enough!

Beyond that, I use velcro straps, clear tape, double sided tape, cable sleeves, and zip ties depending on the circumstance. Doing an Amazon search for Cable Management will also help get you some ideas.

u/Omg3311 · 5 pointsr/CableManagement

You can buy an 8 pin extension like this to help it reach. Also you can tie the fan cables in a loop so they don't have a lot of slack.

u/EMoneySC2 · 3 pointsr/CableManagement

A fair amount of zip ties, indeed. I feel like there are a billion in my PC, as I used them with things like this for ultimate cable management potential.

u/Angrypolska · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

This is the 5.25" adapter I used from Amazon....

Even if you're running an optical drive, you should still be able to fit this in there too. Definitely makes for a cleaner build with removing drive cages.

u/Great1122 · 1 pointr/CableManagement

Your 24 pin does seem too short, I highly suggest something like this to help, you can try looking for a cheaper non sleeved one if you want. I also highly suggest you get sleeved gpu cable extensions if you decide to get that sleeved cable extension.

u/mithikx · 1 pointr/CableManagement

Hmm, I use something like this on a Corsair 750D but the cables on mine have smaller spaces than the product page on Amazon so they're a better fit for drive caddies. (the one I used I got from a local computer store)

Could you use this which comes in a 2 pack:

u/RallyWRX17 · 1 pointr/CableManagement

Zip Tie Mounts are also handy. You can get these that screw in:

Zip Tie Adhesive-Backed Mounts 100 Pack by Nova Supply. Professional-Grade, UV Black Cable Tie Bases: 1.1 x 1.1. Screw-Hole Anchor Point Provides Optimal Strength for Long-Term Durability & Use

u/glucoseboy · 3 pointsr/CableManagement

group the cables logically by destination (i.e. monitor cable, keyboard, mouse cable all go the the PC) and use velcro ties to secure them. Gather power cords that can plug into the same power strip. Again, use velcro ties to secure them together. Wind up any excess slack (again velcro ties)

You want velcro ties

u/UristMcHolland · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

You could use one of these to move that HDD up to your 5.25 bays and then remove all the HDD bays on the bottom. You would probably get increased air flow too. You could probably do without the fan you have on the HDD cage now or you could move it to the bottom of the case afterwards.

Looks good!

u/xhollowpointx · 1 pointr/CableManagement

I usually drop the mobo/cpu/cooler/ram in, then the power supply and run everything through the back. Once I have everything hooked up neatly, I start working on my HDDs and their cable management. Finally any lights, fans etc. Also these are fantastic.

u/dreakon · 5 pointsr/CableManagement

Zip ties. Various sizes.

Once everything is connected, try to find places where you can anchor a zip tie to tidy things up. It's usually pretty easy around unused drive bays. If there's no place at all to put one, you can use these.

u/ruindd · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

I got 2 of these. You can see good customer submitted pictures of how they mount. I don't love them, but they worked out ok. If you want I can take a closer picture of how they look in my optical bays tonight.

u/koalapear · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

The power strip is attached with this tape. I used cable clips similar to these but replaced the crappy tape that comes on them with the same stuff I used for the power strip. The ones I actually used I found at Ace Hardware. All of the power bricks are attached with Velcro so that they can be easily removed. I also used these cable ties so, again, everything can be easily removed. I was able to pick it all up at Ace Hardware but if you're not near one of those I'm sure Homedepot or any hardware store should carry most of this stuff. Hope this helps!

u/shhyguuy · 1 pointr/CableManagement

what i did: get a 3 or 4 ft power strip, like so:

Screw into the rear underside of the desk, or in your desk's case, maybe onto the back near the top.

That would keep all your power cables up off the ground. Liberal application of velcro straps could remedy the rest.

u/TeraBaap365 · 1 pointr/CableManagement

This looks the best looking from the reviews, but most of it comes down to how you want to use it and how much you need it. I haven't bought so yeah lol.

u/Michaelthebe · 3 pointsr/CableManagement

You could use something like this buy as many as you want since I don't know how long your desk is.

u/nailz1000 · 16 pointsr/CableManagement

People keep recommending zipties and I'm just like ya'll should be using velcro.

u/cooperred · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

Like this. There's other options of course.

u/Rergo0 · 1 pointr/CableManagement

Not sure, new to building and cable management myself. Google "zip tie mounts", those seemed to help me. Only $8 for 100.

EDIT: [Here they are.] (

u/moejazi · 1 pointr/CableManagement

These are the ones i used. I used some 3m tape as well to stick down the ends so they dont stick out.

u/scottweiss · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

i bought these a month or two ago

more cable ties than i'll ever need

those should be fine too. mostly 5 stars.

you dont really need anything fancy, either the ties work or they dont

u/link97381 · 3 pointsr/CableManagement

Use a combination of velcro cable ties and adhesive backed cable raceway. You might be able to mount your modem and router to the wall and might be able to find shorter power and and cat 6e cables if needed.

u/Spearitgun · 4 pointsr/CableManagement

Damn, I thought that's what they were called I guess the actual term is self adhesive zip tie mounts, here you go fam. Cheers.

u/Hamood1337 · 1 pointr/CableManagement

Newegg doesn't ship to Bahrain so...and that slaved cable looks too short for the case I'm getting next month NZXT Source 210

u/toe2thaknee · 8 pointsr/CableManagement

I use these. then cut the velcro into smaller strips. it works well.

u/Acknown3 · 1 pointr/CableManagement

How did you move the drives to the 5.25 bays? I bought this a while ago, but they wouldn't work with the tool-less bay system.

u/OffinEWN · 1 pointr/CableManagement

I got you, I mounted a heavy af power brick under my desk with this Viaky 30 Pcs Black Clips Self... and this Scotch Indoor Mounting Tape,...

Has not come off since putting it on around 2 months ago, not even a little sag. I used the 2 clips to hold each cable on each end and used 2x scotch to hold it up, can use more if you need.

u/Dundonik · 1 pointr/CableManagement

So I don't have nearly as much stuff as you do but here's what I did with my wires.

You can see my management here

I bought these cable clips

And these Velcro ties

You could try something similar!

u/thebeasterino · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

ummmm... I'm guessing the description on is bogus?

It seems to be talking about a cable..

u/TofuTacos · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

My setup looked very similar to this, I used this on the back of the table to route the wires to the side and use cable ties. I had to get longer power cables for my monitors and some longer hdmi cables.

u/R1CHARDCRANIUM · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

Get one of these

This is what it did for me.

u/heroin1994 · 1 pointr/CableManagement

You can use something like this if you dont have where to strap the zip ties on, but it only works for smaller amount of cables as the adhesive is not that strong

u/coraldayton · 1 pointr/CableManagement

Any of the Carbide cases, the 600T fuck it, all the Corsair cases. Antec P280.... I think your condition of having well-placed cable tie-downs is made moot by the ability to use stuff like this and these.

Just because it doesn't come with them built into the motherboard platen (o_O) doesn't mean that case should be excluded just because of that. You're putting a lot of lesser quality cases on that list and missing out the champs that have been used multiple times over by people on this subreddit and others.

u/jwigum · 1 pointr/CableManagement

You might look into adhesive plates for the pictured velcro wraps (like these).

Failing that, I'd use one of the following:

an adhesive wrap:

Or an adhesive clip:

u/Nodrod · 2 pointsr/CableManagement

I would recommend velcro. I've done the zip ties before and it's a pain in the ass to cut them all when you want to move stuff around. Something like these.