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u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/CalPoly

That is fantastic, and I applaud you for independently expanding your knowledge base!

All electronic sensors and instruments utilize analog, digital, or mixed signal (which basically means analog AND digital within the same system) theories. My recommendation for that book stands. I think it's an excellent starting point, but it won't explain how you apply those theories in a useful manner.

As a Cal Poly grad, you know the whole "learn by doing" mantra and how effective it is. I recommend picking up this book. It has a lot of electronic sensor projects, as well as explanations behind the theory of operation.

Also, visit the MIT Free Online Course Material Website for some free lessons in EE.

Those should be good places to start. Lemme know if this information is at all helpful, or if you need further reading.

u/CaliMel · 7 pointsr/CalPoly

Ugh. Definitely be careful then. Like seriously, I would suggest ordering those lock things off of Amazon ASAP. It's ballsy to go through someones wallet while they are sleeping right there, so obviously the person has no shame. Make sure you do not keep ANYTHING out that has passwords in it. No diaries. Sleep with your wallet in the bed with you. I would not say a word about it, just install the locks on stuff, and protect your stuff nonchalantly. Also I realize this sounds insane, but if you have credit cards, put a fraud alert on your account. Do not underestimate people. Does your part where your stuff is have a lock on it? you might even talk to the RA about switching rooms just to be safe. I know it'll flame your relationship with your roomies, but you can make new ones and that's some real serious Klepto stuff that will just add way more stress to your life than necessary. If you cannot switch rooms, figure out a way to lock your door. Also, from reading how the locks work in those doors, it looks like you can just open them with the credit card trick, which is REALLY not good. I would for sure figure out a way to lock the door while you are sleeping with one of those bar things that attaches to the door and the floor so that they can't do that and sneak in. It won't help while you are out, but if you lock everything down, they'll move on to your other roommates who presumably have not protected their stuff. Something like this might be good: this thing while you are IN the room:


If you have a laptop, get something like this for when you aren't taking it with you. It's good to have anyways for when you are using it on campus and need to get up and go to the bathroom or get a coffee.

u/warriorbob · 2 pointsr/CalPoly

If you are quite comfortable with the various techniques of integration, I don't think you should have too much trouble, as I recall that's the basic focus of calc 2, or at least it was when I went through it (ca. 2001). I wouldn't recommend skipping it if you're shaky on it, as getting behind can be quite hard to recover from, but I don't know where you are. To be fair calc 3 doesn't build directly on calc 2 as much as 1, but if you're going into engineering I imagine they'll be quite a boon to have down solidly.

You might consider asking your advisor to connect you with some faculty who can give you a reasonable idea what's expected. The Math department faculty are by and large quite realistic and down-to-earth people and should be quite up front with you about whether it'd work for you.

At the time (and this may have changed) they were using some version of Stewart Calculus so if you can find a copy of that somewhere, you can go through some problems and see if you're comfortable with the material that class covers. Any faculty teaching the class can tell you what chapters are covered and in which edition.

Best of luck and welcome to Cal Poly!

u/jasonhalo0 · 1 pointr/CalPoly

I use this keyboard, and a wrist pad have had it for like, 6-7 years now, still going strong. Just to promote something that isn't a mechanical keyboard. I can still type plenty fast, and I never really liked how clicky mechanicals are.

u/Ironhandtiger · 2 pointsr/CalPoly

I’m a big fan of the UNI alpha gel. They feel good, can be shaken to get more lead out, and look pretty good. Even come in a bunch of colors. If you want a pencil to use throughout your entire college career, this’ll do it. Also, I highly recommend getting lead refills in a B or 2B hardness as it’s a bit darker and imo writes more smoothly, but that’s very much personal preference.

I mean... I use a clay tablet and cuneiform. All other methods are for scrubs.

u/ChronicElectronic · 1 pointr/CalPoly

This book. Its pretty much the standard C book written by the language's developers. You'll need it later anyway.

u/SLO_Chemist · 1 pointr/CalPoly

Yes, this will work for you. Older editions will also work and be much cheaper:

u/JustLoveLivingInSLO · 1 pointr/CalPoly

You're absolutely right. A non-Catholic wrote an entire book about this very phenomenon. It's a worthwhile read:

u/cmeng · 2 pointsr/CalPoly

You don't need to send the APC ones in. You just take out the battery, recycle it (lol), and put the new one that you ordered from APC in (or amazon... like here:

Source: Worked as a linux server admin for a couple years and had to replace a ton of them.

u/hummusisyummus · 1 pointr/CalPoly

Dr. Keesey has everything. He's even written a number of books, one of which is titled Contemporary Erotic Cinema.

u/Keavon · 4 pointsr/CalPoly

Zebra M-301 (0.5mm) is the pencil. You will never use another pencil in your life. Here's a twelve-pack which will last you a lifetime.

u/theaveragetwin · 2 pointsr/CalPoly

I just took Calc 3 this past quarter, and the new textbook is Thomas' Calculus 12th Edition.

u/Lunchboxzez1229 · 0 pointsr/CalPoly

Not necessarily. I'm from Jersey, and lived right near a huge superfund site. The town was the largest studied cancer cluster of all time, IIRC.

Edit: It's also worth watching A Civil Action starring Travolta. It's about a case involving a superfund site in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Also, there's a book about the superfund site by me.



Reich Farm

u/mouseteeth · 0 pointsr/CalPoly

I've said it somewhere on the cal poly reddit before but of course the search is useless so it will never be found... Turkey attacks are actually not that uncommon and they happen because people are nice and friendly to the wildlife. I'm not saying to ever hurt an animal, but always clap and shoo them away if you come close to them. Turkeys are one thing, but there are mountain lions and even bears around, one of which was shot last summer for stealing chickens. If you want to read a really good story about a town eerily similar to SLO where people died from mountain lion attacks check out Beast in the Garden.