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u/Qlanger · 2 pointsr/CarFix

If you use silicone make sure to use a good one.

An ultra grey automotive silicone should work fine and be a color close to original car color.

You can find it at any parts store but that is what I would use.

u/spike_africa · 2 pointsr/CarFix

That one is kind of weird. It looks like you need to install that whole thing and then pull the power cord out of the car and plug it into a wall? That is weird.

I would use this instead.

It's a smart charger, from a USA company made in USA, and when you don't need it you put it away. I have three of them. One for my classic car, and one for each of my motorcycles.

Add in this

You connect this part to the battery terminals and leave them there. When you want to plug it in, you just connect the cords from the tender to this. Plug and play. I also use this on my motorcycles. My car I just use the standard connection clamps that come with the tender.

Cheap, USA made, and works. Read the reviews.

u/MrCPoole · 3 pointsr/CarFix Upper radiator hose, I did the research that's the cheapest one, I believe it has a sensor as well. You may just be able to replace the hose instead of the whole sensor unit w/ hose. Make sure if you do just new hose do a new hose clamp. ALSO if you want hose with sensor, I have a jetta same year as a parts vehicle with 20k on it, ill sell you the sensor for 40 bucks. But there ya go, man.