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u/squire_louseII · 1 pointr/Career

I program in Python, and used
to get going. CodeAcademy is also a good resource. I should say that I am not a software developer or anything similar, and my current position is not primarily about programming (though I'm trying to push it that way). I work as a 'Project Scientist' and use programming for data analysis, a little web-dev, and making various useful tools (programs). I would not have gotten the job though, despite it not being a 'Programmer' position, without programming. I guess I'm just trying to say that it is a super useful (and for some enjoyable) skill that can open doors for you.

u/acroporaguardian · 0 pointsr/Career

Nope, theres a book about it, "Average is Over." Basically the middle is disappearing.