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There are a bunch of cool budget instruments out there you might want to look into.

A melodica can go for as little as 30 bucks on amazon. It's the instrument that plays The Office theme -- it plays like a keyboard, that you blow into, works like a harmonica and sounds sort of like an accordion. It's really awesome.

You could also just get a harmonica. Choose between a blues harmonica an a chromatic -- blues can only play the notes in a blues scale (for jazz), while chromatic is a little more versatile but harder to play.

For 70 bucks or so you could get a pocket sax. It's a little mini saxophone that sounds like a soprano sax mixed with a clarinet, and plays like a recorder.

If you want to get a brass instrument you could get a pocket trumpet to start. 150 dollars or more, basically a little trumpet with keys and everything.

Of course, if you're not afraid to spend somewhere more in the hundreds, you could get a secondhand version of almost any instrument. Check local garage sales or craigslist for used brass, woodwind, percussion, etc. instruments.

Online you can also find cool instruments for cheap. A cheap sax might cost only a few hundred dollars.

A general rule of thumb is "the bigger it is, the more expensive." So a baritone saxophone or a tuba will be super-expensive, while a pocket sax is cheap as dirt.