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u/Lcatg · 2 pointsr/CatsInSinks

This brokered the peace in my house (I ended up getting two). They have a larger one that I have too that the rival cats now occasionally share. It was hard to watch the one cat purposely steal the older cats fav spot. Now they have one. Good luck!

u/englishamerican · 10 pointsr/CatsInSinks

I bought these wipes from amazon, and they are so great. My cat is allll white and she was stressed out all day every day at the shelter and slept in the litter box :( but when I brought her home, I got those wipes and it helped both of us get her clean again. Over time he will also get white again as cats always clean themselves so I wouldn't worry too much about bathing him :)

u/luemasify · 1 pointr/CatsInSinks

Oh that's neat. Unfortunately I'm in Canada, but that link I sent you has a warehouse not far from where I live so one day maybe. This one looks like a good starter too.

u/Dakaramor · 2 pointsr/CatsInSinks

We have this for our cat and he loves it:

It is easy to maintain and the filters are not expensive. I would recommend buying the brush set for cleaning as plastic will grow some bacteria on it and the pump and tubing will need to be properly cleaned.

u/Tunasaladboatcaptain · 5 pointsr/CatsInSinks

I got this one.

One of them loves the water stream and bops at it and will drink straight from the stream. It beats the boring metal bowl. You can also wash it in the dishwasher. I highly recommend it.

u/beebeelion · 2 pointsr/CatsInSinks

I see some of those types for sale in the US. You might really enjoy this one... "Honey, have you seen the bidet remote???"

u/Pandaloon · 2 pointsr/CatsInSinks

My cat likes to drink from the bathtub faucet. But she also drinks from this fountain

u/bl4ckc4l1c0 · 3 pointsr/CatsInSinks

Bruce didnt drink water really at all until we got this drinking fountain for him. 4 years, We felt so bad once we saw how much he was using it! Please note this was My Wife’s idea after Bruce was drinking from the bathtub faucet before our showers. Found this cheaper at my local pet store.

u/johnmarkfoley · 3 pointsr/CatsInSinks

i got my cat one of these and he still waits by the sink expectantly. give em an inch...