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u/WorkPlayDrive · 3 pointsr/Challenger

Great timing on the question I'm looking to treat my Demonic Red leather seats and love the matte finish. My seats generally stay clean, so a dry soft microfiber is what I have been using. I'm looking to protect and treat the leather to keep it from cracking over time, while NOT adding shine.


I didn't do such a good job treating my scat pack seats and after 4 years noticed the beginning of wear and creases. Not really noticeable to the normal person, but my OCD was triggered... I had been using Turtle wax blue Ice which is great 1 step for cleaning and protecting normal leather or fake leather, but not really a good regimen for protecting soft leathers.


I've been researching for a while and found my 2 go to brands have products that "allegedly" work really well at cleaning and conditioning without adding shine. It's really tough to find good true reviews with all the sponsored content out there. These are the 2 products I plan to order and test.


  • Chemical guys cleaner and conditioner $19.00
  • Adam's cleaner and conditioner $28.89


    The basic process is to clean the leather with a proper leather cleaner first to remove any dirt and oils from your skin that build up over time, this can create issues with the leather even though you condition regularly. Once you have a clean surface you can then treat with conditioner, let soak in, then buff off. I'll be using my favorite microfiber towels 1 for cleaning 1 for conditioning and 1 for buffing off.
u/facade98 · 2 pointsr/Challenger

We bought the K&N for ours and love love love it! We definitely saw an uptick in responsiveness and mpg (almost 2mpg). It adds a little bit of aggressive sound to accelerating as well.

u/perplex1 · 2 pointsr/Challenger

bro im just going to tell you this. Do yourself a favor and get the dealership to install. This thing is a mother fucking BEAST to install. It took me and three of my buddies 6 hours to install this thing with the part list the other guy posted.

I would have paid the dealership TWICE to install it. Its doable with the right tools, but man, it was 9.5 on a scale of 1-10 in difficulty.


And just a heads up, the rivets and push pins he posted didn't work well. I bought other rivets and push pins later, and went back and replaced the ones he posted.

These are the ones that worked for me


and these push pins



good luck man. Like i said its doable. But devote an entire day to do it



u/slytherin1205 · 6 pointsr/Challenger

Eastfly Car Door LED Logo for Dodge Challenger Projector Ghost Shadow Lights, Entry Welcome Lamp Logo Light, LED Courtesy Step Lights Ground Lamp Kit Replacement (1. Scat Pack Emblem for Challenger)

I just changed it with a flat head screwdriver and tweezers, super easy

u/Drewbo_ · 1 pointr/Challenger

Yeah it has a bit of a raspy sound, I think I'm going to go with the Dynomax Race Bullet Mini's, they have great reviews and I saw another thread saying that they sound good.

u/dwaters11 · 2 pointsr/Challenger

i have the corsa cat-back xtreme for my 2014, i love it. not sure if it will fit on a 2015 though.

when i picked it up from my mechanic he commented on how nice of a system it was, i value his opinion very highly so it was nice to hear a professional thought it was a good system.

edit: not my video but here's a sound clip of it:

u/Jeeper1234 · 5 pointsr/Challenger

> My only real complaint is the plasticky feel of the shifter (automatic). I wonder if there's a nicer one out there for the automatic?

Yes, Hurst makes a nice pistol grip I have that on mine. Very solid.

u/John_Hannibal · 2 pointsr/Challenger

Flowmaster Super 10s I got from Amazon, just had them installed at a local muffler shop. Also, had the resonators cut out.

u/mandopix · 2 pointsr/Challenger

Ordering my Mopar pins from amazon through Steve White Motors.

u/PsychoTheKid28 · 3 pointsr/Challenger

I bought these off amazon based on comments.

DPAccessories LCB3D8HEOBK04020 20...

I haven’t yet put them on. Should i not put them on?

u/juicy_g · 2 pointsr/Challenger

awesome. get these or youll be sorry.
I know they work because everytime i get lazy, thinking, "oh i parked all the way in the back theres plenty of parking for these A holes.." I come back to a nice new ding from some dipshit that couldnt resist parking next to me with their junkyard on wheels.

u/vinch_24 · 1 pointr/Challenger

Hurst 5380402 Black Comp Stick Kit for Dodge Challenger RT

i dont know if this is similar to what you want?

u/LifeIsSerious · 2 pointsr/Challenger

I went with the Mopar molded splash guards, ordered mine from Amazon. They significantly reduce the amount of debris my tires kick up on the sides of my car.

There are plenty of options out there though. Mopar, JLT, ZL1, etc.

u/Pillowfight422 · 1 pointr/Challenger

I got a proclip mount, added a plate with a mounting ball to it then attached a wireless charger phone mount to the ball. I did have to drill out the holes in the proclip in order to attach the mounting ball and I do sometimes bump into it when I shift into reverse (6 speed).

Mounting Ball:
Wireless charging Phone Mount :
They also make a version of this mount that doesn't have a charger built in

u/hawkxp71 · 4 pointsr/Challenger

Found these on reddit a month or so ago.

DPAccessories LCB3D8HEOBK04020 20...

u/Slinger56 · 2 pointsr/Challenger

There’s a module available that can be used with the OEM hardware. (AutoLoc WC1000 One Touch Up And Down Window Unit

I might give it a try since it’s not too expensive.

u/redaftrp · 2 pointsr/Challenger

Get a pair of these:
They will mellow out the rasp normally experienced with a muffler delete.

u/ZelWon · 2 pointsr/Challenger

I don’t own this beautiful car yet, but from what I gathered they are using this they suctioned it to the windshield, don’t think it would scratch anything.