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u/English_American · 3 pointsr/Charger

Day one -- get some ZL1 rock & mud guards, hellcat spoiler swap, luxe taillight/sidemarker tints, and inside/door LED light swap. Pretty much the most affordable and easy mods you can do. The spoiler may be a bit pricey.

The rock & mud guards will run you about $95 after shipping.

The luxe taillight and the luxe sidemarker tints will run you about $35 and $25 respectively.

The LED swap can run you anywhere between $10-$30 depending on what you find. This was one of the first links I found. If you want to swap the map bulb (these lights that are above you that comes on automatically) you need to get another kit but it's pretty cheap at around $8.

The hellcat spoiler swap will run you a little over $100 with shipping. The one I linked fits in the holes already drilled for the stock spoiler (if you have one). If you don't have one, you'll need some drilling done. If you have one, you may need to fill a hole or two on either side of the trunk.

Overall these quick and easy mods will run you about $300 or so but will drastically change the look of your car.

Further mods that I recommend are exhausts (catback exhausts are your best bang for your buck, though they'll run you upwards of $1,000+). If you're interested in changing out the exhaust, look up American Thunder by Flowmaster or Borla S-Type/ATAK. If you want to hear what an S-Type sounds like, I posted a video not too long ago. Also, for the exhausts, it doesn't matter if they're made for RWD or AWD. The Chargers aren't different from the cat back when it comes to transmission/drive-train so RWD exhaust systems will fit the AWD vehicles.

A cold air intake can also be a slight improvement. Though there's negligible hp/mpg gains, it deepens the exhaust of the car a bit. I found that after I put mine on, my exhaust had a deeper and more rumbling tone. And, it makes a cool noise too.

u/antonioo37 · 1 pointr/Charger

So the red accent is just pinstriping tape, I got reflective red tape for it but they have yellow as well, just look up “yellow pinstriping tape” on amazon and it should pop up. It’s super easy to install since all you have to do is just put the tape on the edge of whatever it is that you want to outline. I’ll go ahead and drop a link to the tape that I used here Good luck man!!

u/bossman757 · 1 pointr/Charger

Thanks! I got it a couple years back from a user I found on ChargerForums called Twenty4Designs. From a quick Google, their site is no longer up, but it looks like they have an Amazon store:

It's flat, not puffy like the SRT8 badges, but it still looks great and it's great quality.

u/longislandtoolshed · 2 pointsr/Charger

It's a 340 Daytona in Octane Red which I ordered from the factory at the end of January. I'm upgrading from a Hyundai Sonata and it's a huge difference! I love the car already. I'm so impressed by the acceleration, the comfort of the interior, the ride quality, and the beautiful NOISE!

Yes, I did take off the curb guards and the dealership stickers.

Need to buy lug nut locks, any suggestions? I'm looking at the Gorilla system on Amazon:

u/DexRogue · 8 pointsr/Charger

Buy a catch can ASAP. If you're 100% set on buying the SP, order a Billet Technology one now (if you want that brand, fantastic quality) as the delivery time is insane. I ordered mine the day before I took delivery of my SP and it took over ten weeks to get it.

Buy a replacement air filter, I'd suggest the K&N (only because I have it, there are plenty of dry ones you can get as well) just a piece of mind thing. It has a rebate right now so you can pick it up for $34 which is awesome.

I would also suggest to swap out the brake pads if you know how. The stock brembos are great but they are noisy (they squeal before they are heated up) and create a TON of dust. I'd suggest PowerStop Z23/Z26. I personally went with the Z23s, seems silly as your pads will be new but you'll thank me later. The lack of dust is incredible and they stay super touchy.

Are you planning to order your SP? I'd highly suggest the Plus Group and I'd even consider the adaptive suspension. (though I've never used it or experienced it I think it would be neat) The dynamics package isn't really that important unless you're planning to track the car (the 4 piston brembos stop the car on a dime) and you can stick a 275 on the stock rims.

u/0verstim · 1 pointr/Charger

Tell me about it! This is the best stuff ive ever used. spray on and walk away. And it does make my tires brown like some other sprays.

u/AAron2158 · 1 pointr/Charger

I know people have mixed feelings on these but I installed one of these into mine and it definitely makes it louder and gives it a deeper growl when accelerating.

u/customcarposters · 1 pointr/Charger

Just a FYI, I'm having a Black Friday SALE on Amazon Right Now for this print - up to 40% OFF. It's available in 9 colors.

u/Xerokine · 5 pointsr/Charger

Here's also a list of the mods, how much, and where I got them.


Black rims $192.25x4 = $769
Window tint $180
Spoiler $100
Side Stripes $30

Tail light blackout $20

Sidemarker $15

Rear Decal: $50

345/Hemi Emblems black $34

Plasti-dip for Decals $6.00

Rock Guard $60


Air Filter+Recharge $63

Oil Catch Can $150


Tazer+Bypass $300
Atturo Az850 275/40R20 $127.55x4 = $510

Mid-Muffler Delete $163

u/DaveLDog · 1 pointr/Charger

Mine was one of the others that's far easier to get to. There are videos on youtube on how to remove the dash bezel and cluster, not that hard but takes some time. There are reviews of the one I bought failing in 3 months but mines been going since last July with no issues.