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u/golfpinotnut · 1 pointr/Charleston

Don't be discouraged by /u/Daxos157. S/he clearly doesn't understand what the word "literally" means, but there are quite a lot of posts here that feature someone like you who is coming to visit who is looking for some advice on things to do and places to go. The reason you didn't see them when you scrolled down, is they ALWAYS get down-voted into oblivion (just like your post).

But don't be discouraged. The auto moderator generated an auto-post with lots of good information. I suggest you scroll through seven or eight pages on this sub, and you'll see lots of cool stuff. And I'm sure you would find that /u/Daxos157 is friendly and pleasant like pretty much all Charlestonians if you meet them in person. People like to make fun of tourists, but most Charlestonians understand that tourism is very important to the economy. There's lots of great stuff to see and do in Cjarleston, and you won't have any trouble finding it.

The Yorktown is cool, but unless you're really into Naval history, I think it is too much of a time vampire if you're only coming for a weekend. A good starting point is an organized tour. I'd suggest a walking tour (try They usually cost around $25, and are well-worth that. I'd prefer that over one of the carriage tours, but those are also very good (the tour guides have to pass a test to qualify) and roughly the same price. If that's too pricey for you, start your trip with a visit to the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau for some ideas within your budget.

If you're looking for a headstart, you might pick up Fodor's Guide Book on Amazon. $1.99 Kindle edition.

u/Limiate · 6 pointsr/Charleston

The Pitt Street Bridge is pretty cool to see the old bridge to Sullivan's Island. It's a park now.

Reading A Short History of Charleston made walking downtown really cool to me - seeing all the sites and checking everything out.

I also think walking the Ravenel bridge is really cool and recommend it to just get to the top and identify everything on the Peninsula.

u/scottymtp · 1 pointr/Charleston

I went through a similar effort trying to get my home office setup. Ordered Aeron off ebay but seller backed out after he realized free shipping killed him.

I settled on something from Amazon and I love it. The arm rests could be softer, but it's great!

Also check out the following retailers. I never dealt with them, but was close when I searching for used furniture.

u/pirate_starbridge · 2 pointsr/Charleston

As the Admiral of the San Diego LPS fleet, I highly discourage the use of water balloons. Not only are they probably against the Park and Rec laws for most bodies of water, but they LOOK like litter even if they are technically "biodegradable" after some period of time. Additionally they will end up rubber-cementing to your boat decks in the sun, which will NOT make the rental companies or boat owners happy.

Instead I suggest arming yourself with these: Water Blaster brand, Stream Machine brand.

Use boogieboard for shields - at least one per boat. They have proven themselves invaluable repeatedly.

Regarding custom built cannons, one of our Captains has actually designed and built a few cannon prototypes, but so far it's been more effort and cost effective to order the ones linked above. Note: The Waterblaster cannons are more reliable, more accurate, more serviceable, and considerably harder to break than the Stream Machine brand, although they have a slightly smaller capacity.

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u/Chucktowner · 2 pointsr/Charleston

I saw this one somewhere and thought is was a pretty good coffee table book. It looks really good just sitting there which is apparently necessary for all good coffee table books, but it also has some really neat photographs and stories about some of the off the beaten path plantations around the area.

The Preservation Society always has a nice selection too. They have a store on King Street.

u/exposur3 · 6 pointsr/Charleston

Shameless plug:

A friend and I worked on a book together and had so much content afterwards that we decided to turn it into a website. Craft beer is definitely booming in Charleston, from our #1 rated CBX, to the four breweries (two more in the startup phase), and beer events galore (don't miss Brewvival this Feb, best beer festival in the southeast imo...)

Welcome to town!

u/bdboles · 1 pointr/Charleston

I got my friend one for Christmas on amazon! It was only ~$15 and came in great condition!
Amazon bonsai tree

u/avacash · 1 pointr/Charleston

I mean, the easy solution costs about $15:

Let me ask this, though- how much are you willing to pay for a space to practice? Your budget for that will really be what dictates your options. For instance, if you're willing to pay $1,200 every year, you can technically, as I said, join an ensemble at the College of Charleston (1 credit hour per semester) and you'll be allowed to use their practice rooms. You would have to actually be willing to sign up for a college class and attend it, though. If you're willing to pay somebody $50 under the table every week, then you could probably find a friend with a garage that's willing to loan it to you whenever to practice in. If you have no money, there are woods.

u/absolutpalm · 1 pointr/Charleston

Amazed this hasn't been suggested yet - Carolina Gold Rice, a bottle of Firefly if you can transport it or a copy of Charleston Receipts if you wanna go real old school CHS.

u/SakaguchiQuackers · 2 pointsr/Charleston

You're going to need an antenna or a small decoder the box from Comcast to continue getting local channels. I recommend a Mohu Leaf. The quality of picture you get over the air is going to blow your mind after what you've been watching.

u/patriche · 3 pointsr/Charleston

I didn’t have a single issue. You just set them up, and they do their thing. The only maintenance I did was occasionally checking the video to make sure it was still recording.

u/mikeodont · 2 pointsr/Charleston

Check out 'Charleston Then and Now' . I got mine from Costco but it's on Amazon

Charleston: Then and Now®

u/not_charles_grodin · 1 pointr/Charleston

We bomb our house thrice a year with these and spray the foundation and around the windows and doors with this. Between the two treatments, we never see them inside.