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u/Murrdox · 5 pointsr/Chihuahua

I'll ask my wife later. I don't known where specifically she got them, but it was pretty funny when she got the hat, because instead of 1 they sent her a multicolored pack of 5!


Here's the link...

Daddy just found out this cost a little more than he thought... but that's okay cause we got great pictures and we don't "dress up" Penny except when she needs a sweater. This was a special occasion.

u/anonyME42 · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

She is adorable!

We have 3 Chi's, so we invested in a soft cone (similar to Great purchase; SO much better than the hard plastic ones.

Zelda will thank you.

u/bathori · 1 pointr/Chihuahua

There's a couple of spray/foam products available on Amazon that seem to work pretty well if you use them daily. You can also buy a doggie toothbrush that fits on your finger which is often easier than trying to shove a handled tooth brush in your dogs mouth.

If you're very confident, and careful, you can buy a tartar scraper to try and chip off any thick tartar built up.

u/cynman · 1 pointr/Chihuahua

I purchased a sling on Amazon and my chis love it. I initially bought it for my little old man who has bad knees. He loves to go for "walks" and by walks I mean he rides in the sling while I walk. The 2 year chi old loves it too! You simply have to put it on and hold it open and she will jump in and take a nap like a little joey.

This is the one I have....
Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture - Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier - Color: Grey

u/missus-bean · 4 pointsr/Chihuahua


My chi’s LOVE food puzzle games. We got our teacup an IQ ball on amazon and she rolls that thing around - it gets her some activity, feeds her, and she uses her brain. My bigger chi likes this one

Maybe that will help?

u/pentaghasp · 3 pointsr/Chihuahua

I've been using this one with my chihuahua, and it works great!
You can choose the size of the opening, which is great for small kibble and my chi just has a blast pouncing on it and batting it around.

u/whuckfistle · 8 pointsr/Chihuahua

My vet recommended Taste of the Wild with salmon for both my 9 year old and my puppy. It has great reviews on Amazon and my dogs (although they aren't picky) love it. If you PM me a mailing address I'd be happy to send a cup or two for your pup to sample. And it's all the same color and shape.

u/mistermajik2000 · 5 pointsr/Chihuahua

Ordered it in Amazon.

Searched for "chihuahua decal"


Btw if you use Amazon Smile, a portion of your purchases could go to support an animal shelter.

u/stars_do_not_shine · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

My guy used to have small episodes and it really just came down to his blood sugar and how much he had eaten. I always have food out and supply some healthy treats. He's currently on Purina and doing great albeit the ridiculously high temperatures.

u/tjasko · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

Worth a shot! It's a lot safer too as you can visually see when you're coming close to the quick.

u/CitizenIV · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

You're welcome! I also bought this K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pad Medium Mocha 21" x 31"

u/drewdemo · 1 pointr/Chihuahua

Hello ckim19,

I recently used Angel Eyes on our Chi, and it produced some great results in time they went away completely. I wouldn't recommend a pet being on this full time, but using it every once in a while works for our dog. Every time her tear stains end up being a little lighter (although while on the supplement, they almost vanish completely).

Link to the product:

u/hainowai · 2 pointsr/Chihuahua

I bought a hoodie with a "cat" pouch as well as a little sling. I call them my dog sacks and my chi gets crazy-excited when she sees them.

This one:

u/cream_blumkin · 1 pointr/Chihuahua

Oh man, I know that pain. My poor chi was spayed and had a tumor removed at the same time. Obviously, she's spoiled and overdramatic, but she would freak out because she couldn't back her head out of the cone. So, we bought her an inflatable cone and she had a much easier time coping with the restriction.

It's not this exact one, but very similar.