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u/genevamotion · 148 pointsr/Chinesium

I thought this had to be a child’s toy, but nope

> The sweeper adopts electrostatic cotton friction adsorption mode, which mainly adsorbs hair, dust and clothing fluff.
Easy to use, cleaning every cornor in your house.
Doing chore is such a easy thing.
Mute design does not disturb you.

u/iamtherealdylan · 21 pointsr/Chinesium

Yeah, some things just aren't worth it haha


I would highly recommend these ones:


If you cut anything really strong or oddly shaped you can dull them pretty easily, but otherwise they cut really clean and easily and they're super sharp. I have pick up a bunch of these, mine are almost too dull to use now :(

u/jvcrump · 5 pointsr/Chinesium

Most of these biometric safes are crap. I have this one and it's actually pretty amazing. The fingerprint sensor is the same one used in US government fingerprint peripherals for PC logon.

u/86M1031 · 2 pointsr/Chinesium

Naw. More like this (basically, the new bearing was like 1/3 the cost of the scooter).

u/Jataka · 3 pointsr/Chinesium

It was an M12 drill, not an M18, which apparently behave differently in this respect according to other people commenting, but this is my favorite chuck.

u/JesusInTheButt · 11 pointsr/Chinesium

Do yourself a favor and buy something by wiha, or knipex. This ratchet set is so so good

u/Rbk_3 · 15 pointsr/Chinesium

They also sell 3 prong to 2 prong adapters here. We had to use them at my parents house growing up.