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u/PresidentWhitmore · 2 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

Of the books I've read:

  • A Season on the Brink - John Feinstein Feinstein's chronicling of Bob Knight the 1985-1986 Indiana Hoosiers. The book was very successful and Feinstein followed it up with a number of inside looks at college basketball. 10/10
  • The Last Amateurs It's about the Patriot League which, at the time of publication, was one of two conferences that didn't award athletic scholarships (Ivy was the other). 7/10
  • Basketball on Paper - Dean Oliver Oliver is the granddaddy of basketball analytics. His examples are primarily focused on the NBA, but it's an interesting read that might change your perspective on how you watch basketball. 8/10
  • Don't Put Me In Coach - Mark Titus Maybe it's just because I was a big fan of Club Trillion back in the day, but I think it's a really funny and interesting read about what big time college basketball is like today. Like A Season on the Brink, it helps you realize that, regardless of the era, these guys are just college kids. 7/10
  • Playing for Knight - Steve Alford There are some interesting Indiana stories in here. But whereas A Season the Brink is enjoyable and a must read for any college basketball fan, this one is probably just worth reading if you're an Indiana fan. 5/10
  • Last Dance: Behind the Scenes at the Final Four - John Feinstein Eh. Not as good as some of the other ones I've read by him. 4/10.

    On my bookshelf but I haven't read them yet:

  • Underdawgs - David Woods The story of Butler's first trip to the Final Four. This is the one I'm most excited to pick up next.
  • Rising from the Ashes - Terry Hutchins It's about Indiana's dumpster fire leading up through it's return to the Top 25 in 2011-2012. Honestly, I only bought it because Hutchins and Woods were selling them side by side at a Butler Indiana game and I felt weird buying just the Butler book while wearing Indiana gear. It's a story that I already know by heart because I lived through it so I might never get around to reading it.
  • The Last Great Game - Gene Wojciechowski About 1992 Kentucky - Duke. Haven't read it yet. Although I certainly plan to.
u/DaoDeDickinson · 8 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

I think Walton got his teepee from "Chief" Bromden after they flew over the cuckoo's nest together one time back in the 1960s. Somehow he got left out of that book but not Ghostbusters...

EDIT: I fucking knew it. I searched "ken kesey" "bill walton":

>"We have all come to the Knight Library to be blessed, to be blessed by the spirit, by the essence, and by the dreams and thought of one of our great and dear friends, Ken Kesey." --Bill Walton

YouTube video of Bill Walton's Tour of Ken Kesey Collection @ U of Oregon

YouTube video of Bill Walton on Ken Kesey's Bus

Ken Kesey had a self-published literary magazine and after his death a final issue was made in his tribute. Forward by Gus Van Sant. More pieces by Electronic Frontier Foundation founder John Perry Barlow, Ken Kesey himself, and, you guessed it, Bill Walton.

I'm probably low-balling it by saying there's a 30% chance Bill Walton was directly caused by Project MKUltra. Since Kesey was in MKUltra, Walton can only be one step removed.

u/VacationAwayFromWork · 1 pointr/CollegeBasketball

> Ed Martin was not necessarily a wealthy man.


>He gave the recruits hundred of thousands of dollars

Well then...

>and had previously been investigated by the FBI for running illegal gambling rings.

Right, like I said: made money doing shady shit on the side.

> Ed Martin was a booster with recruit contact long before Fisher was head coach at Michigan.


>Do not watch the Fab Five 30 for 30 documentary. ESPN allowed it to be put together by Jalen Rose, who was one of the Fab Five and has an axe to grind with Chris Webber. It is biased in the extreme.

Jalen Rose's side of the story is a fairly accurate side of the story. The only axe to grind against Webber is that Webber wrote off the rest of his teammates and the University of Michigan after the Ed Martin incident. Webber threw Martin under the bus...

"This case is about a man who befriended kids like myself, preying on our naïveté, our innocence, claiming that he loved us and that he wanted to support us, but later wanting to cash in on that love and support that we thought was free," Webber said at the time.

...and turned his back on his teammates. He refused to sit with them at the Natty and refused to participate or comment on their history.

FWIW the Fab Five are the reason I got into college basketball. First games I remember watching as a kid with my dad, a Michigan man. When I moved to Ann Arbor as a teenager, the first gift I received from my new friends at school was a book "The Fab Five: Basketball, Trash Talk, the American Dream."

u/bengalsix · 16 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

Even Andy Blagwell, who wrote this, admitted that his research revealed Coach K's black hair as natural.

>N&O: So does Coach K dye his hair?

>AB: Honestly – you know what? I don’t think he does. And that was one of the most stunning things that came out of writing the book for me. I was convinced that a man that’s over 60 years old could not have jet-black hair. But the person that we talked to, who had written a book on hair coloring, looked at hundreds of photos of him. And his verdict was, you know, I don’t think he does. Also – the other big thing that kind of lends into it is his Polish descent – so apparently that’s a hereditary trait within people of Polish descent, that some of them don’t go gray at all. And there was some other evidence in there. But that was honestly stunning to me. And we reluctantly admitted in the book that we are now convinced he does not dye his hair.


u/babbagack · 2 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

I can't vouch for documentary but there is a book on the topic, Indentured, and it touches upon issues as they relate the 95% of college athletes that don't make it to the NBA or NFL, so there is a whole lot more to the issue - and a whole group of athletes beyond one and dones - that perhaps this documentary doesn't explore:

they seem to be trying to work out a solution for one and done last I read/heard. Still doesn't deal with the fact that people are literally becoming millionaires off these kids and like some of them say, they are not there to study at all and that's not the focus of their lives. Perhaps people don't have to become millionaires while the one who is actually providing and generating said millions might not even have enough money to get food when hungry. That's also an idea. I know someone who played in the Rose Bowl, he put it simply: You are a product and they are trying to extract as much as they can out of you.

You are a product.

It's plain and simple.

u/wbw03 · 3 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

It's pretty well established that home teams and teams that are trailing receive the benefit of the doubt when it comes to foul calls. What I'm saying is it doesn't surprise me that there was a massive disparity based on Nova being the home team and the fact that they were trailing (along with each team's FTR tendencies on off and defense) . That doesn't mean I don't think Nova probably should have been called for some more fouls if the refs were being objective.

If games were always called evenly then HCA would basically not exist However, we know that homecourt advantage does exist based on historical point differentials for home/away teams. The vast majority of HCA can be explained by officials giving more foul calls in favor of the home team according to the book Scorecasting. So stop complaining about a phenomenon that has existed in sports forever.

u/Shemptacular · 7 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

Also about the relationship between statistical analyses and building narratives.

There's a super good book that breaks a lot of this down in detail:

u/holymodal · 3 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

Nice, thanks for doing the math.

I've seen at least one study (I think in Scorecasting) that showed that there wasn't any identifiable performance hit to individual players' FT% on the road, at least in the NBA.

There is a difference in what fouls are called, though. So I'm wondering now if that ties in with /u/JonShoes' point that who got fouled matters -- maybe the borderline calls that Virginia would be expected to get away with more frequently at home are more likely to come against guards, and the clear-cut fouls are against bigs.

u/UNC_Samurai · 2 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

Has Peter Fucking Golenbock ever apologized for this worthless hit job?

The fact that he's still alive instead of Valvano is my personal proof there is no God.

u/jayhawk1988 · 1 pointr/CollegeBasketball

Just occured to me, Duke players always look like the fuckwit fraternity from Animal House.

That being said, firmly believe coach K is a good guy. (see

u/LerimAnon · 3 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

The book Floor Burns written by Jerod Haase and Mark Horvath. Great read.

u/mcatrage · -12 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

Um so what college are you both going to?

Also who says belly laughs? Are you pregnant?

u/Niro5 · 11 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

The real question is, how did Boeheim convince his son to become a Syracuse fan?

I think we know the answer.

u/kr0kodil · 68 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

Haha I just realized that she wrote a book called [Sports Ethics] (, with a foreward from Dean Smith.

u/OutlawsHeels · 2 pointsr/CollegeBasketball


u/VirtuosicElevator · 2 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

One of them even said to read Golenbock's (complete bullshit) book.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/CollegeBasketball

Non-mobile: book

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/315MhmmFruitBarrels · 44 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

If you haven't read it, grab "How to Grow an Orange" By Sean Keeley

Proper way to brainwash your child into becoming a Syracuse fan.

"Being a parent is hard. Make the wrong decisions and your child can grow up to do something terrible, like root for Georgetown."

u/zaikanekochan · 4 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

No, he's pretty much an asshole once you get outside of the media's narrative.

Deadspin from 2014

Other noteable things: Yelling at student reporters for not grading his team better.

When he quit on his team in 1995 for being bad, and not wanting to stain his own record.

When William Avery decided he was going to leave a year early, K yelling at his mother, "Your son is going to fuck my program."

There's a bunch in the book, Duke Sucks if you're interested.

u/In_Liberty · 3 pointsr/CollegeBasketball


u/Gerwalkmode · 0 pointsr/CollegeBasketball

I'm sure I'll get downvoted, but knowing the history of Duke the way I do.. it's kind of stupid to say it's undeserved.

Maybe from an outsider who hasn't watched much college basketball I could see your perspective, but if you know the last 100 years of the sport - there is a reason people dislike Duke.

I mean, they wouldn't be making a documentary about Laettner called "I Hate Christian Laettner" for a reason. He stepped on people for fucks sake.

And when their own players say they get special treatment - it's not just a pie in the sky.

Winslow kicked one of our players in the gut and then tried to trip another one. It's documented on tape. He also tried to trip a Virgina player. He's a dirty player.

I won't go into Rasheed's legal troubles, but he also used to steal the ball in the last 30 seconds of a game and dunk on people. That happened a couple times this year.

Duke fans have to accept that they are Duke fans and people don't like them. Ignoring their arrogance is just ignorant of basketball history. Hell, their are popular [selling books on the subject] ( You couldn't just make a bunch of salty shit up and put it in a book and have people buy it.

Having said all that there are some nice Duke fans. My car Mechanic is a Duke fan and I tell him, "I'll give you my money anyway I guess." And we laugh. Not all the fans are little shits, but some are.