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u/DRUMS11 · 2 pointsr/Columbus

Go read Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne. It's an excellent book that answers every single one of your objections, with plenty of citations that you can actually go look up for yourself.

edit: See also, the Nova special on the Dover Intelligent Design trial in which, more or less, proponents of creationism put up their best defense and are crushed.

u/ApfelFarFromTree · 3 pointsr/Columbus

If you're having trouble finding a person, two books may help you start the process: Do What You Are and What Color is Your Parachute. I know how frustrating it is to be "stuck" and then find a dream job. Unfortunately, I don't have much advice to share as I fell backwards into the profession by just taking every job opportunity that came my way that sounded remotely interesting. Best of luck to you!!!

u/Bluedevil88 · 3 pointsr/Columbus

Great book on the topic: about how/why some cities thrive yet others don't.

The book compares Ytown to Pittsburgh and cites a study that in Ytown all the old money/people with power/elites were in one specific civic group: The Garden Club. Hard to build trust with other groups when everyone is siloed.

In Pittsburgh the elites were spread out, sprinkled among many.

When it came time to build a consensus and pressure local civic and political leaders to do so, it was easy to build one and coalesce as everyone knew everyone. Trust was already established.

u/oliverh153 · 0 pointsr/Columbus

Let's just start with one claim: If I am wrong on this one, stop reading, that means I'm a liar, or I'm mistaken.

'ALL scholars, believing or unbelieving, agree that Rome is the 4th empire.' See the 2010 series. Dan 11/12 The Unfinished Business of History (time 7:37--context is 6:00-7:57). Also see 2010 Dan 7-8 pt 2 at 2:38.

Anyone who has read even a handful of scholars on this point knows this is not true. Go to Amazon. Find a book 'Complete Guide to Biblical Prophecy' by Miller (conservative, bible believing scholar.) He discusses how there are two competing theories about the identities of the empires. On page 150 there is a chart describing this. (Amazon has a 'look inside' feature when you click in the upper right corner of the book.)

Here's another--Boice, Expositional Commentary on Daniel, p 126. Daniel, Boice (conservative) p 126 (notes ch 9)
--in order to avoid predictive prophecy, liberals date the book in 165 BC, and make the Greek empire the 4th. All of the empires would therefore have come on the stage by the time of the book's writing. This is a conservative scholar, who discusses this issue in the 2nd paragraph.

Unfortunately doing a web search for 'Daniel 4 empires' may not yield results...people who make websites about Daniel typically hold to the conservative Christian position. But, you probably will be able to find proof. Look at Wikipedia for example, Four Kingdoms of Daniel, in 'Schools of Thought.' (right above 'Roman Empire schema')

If you go to any decent sized library, they will have one volume bible commentaries, guides, handbooks...if you look at the sections on Daniel 2 and 7, they will all tell you the same thing. Some scholars see Rome as the 4th empire, some see Greece as the 4th empire. This is impossible to miss.

I am not arguing that Greece is the 4th empire. All I am saying is that there is a disagreement among scholars, and there are two main views. That's it. Some Xenos teachers somehow have missed this. I can't imagine how. They NEVER mention that many (actually I think most) scholars disagree with the 'Rome as #4' view. (If they did, they would provide only the weakest arguments, like they have done for the late-date, such as the '3 Greek words' argument.)

Why is this important? The answer to this is in the quote in the quote from Boice above. Mainline scholars date Daniel (not the book in its entirety, but its final form) at about 165 BC. No one dates it later, even as much as a decade later. Therefore if everyone, including mainline scholars, actually agreed with the 4-empire schema of Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, and Rome, then Rome is one of Daniel's 4 dominant empires. Daniel thus would have clearly predicted the ascendancy of the Roman empire. Rome was not the dominant power in the 160s; Greece was. I think Rome became the dominant power about a century later. (To further verify this point, see the 2006 Daniel 2 teaching at 1:03:40. He argues the same exact point I make here.)

Now, are there good arguments to be made that Daniel predicted the future? Yes. But, none of them are as good as 'It is 100% certain that Rome is the fourth Empire'...which is clearly not true. Now, if everyone, even late-dating scholars who don't believe in prophecy, agree that Rome is the final empire...what other conclusion could be made? Daniel predicted the Roman empire.

u/atbPy · 1 pointr/Columbus

I have had the Anker Roav A1 for about a month now, Anker Roav DashCam A1, Dash Cam... The video quality is good. I will have to see how it holds up over time. The suction cup did fall often when it was super hot but seems to be stable now. It uses 1GB of disk for every 10 minutes so I’d recommend at least a 64 GB SD card. I got the Sandisk High Endurance Video one.

u/StewieGriffin26 · 5 pointsr/Columbus

I like it. Price range is right and it records in 1080p resolution. Amazon reviews can describe it better than I can.

u/awaaayyy · 1 pointr/Columbus

Its ok if the Koch Bros do it though!

Dark Money

Dark Money

Dark Money

Regardless of leanings, these are things to consider while willingly accepting status quo and ignoring agendas of cold corporate America. Is that “box store” vase Really necessary?? Shoppers’ therapy is the cure for the apathetical comfortably numb American populace that seemingly believe Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell are on opposing sides while the Prez garners too much press. The local politicians are wussies, and if they weren’t, there’d money for education and Veterans, tax reform, and campaign overhauls. Jus keep voting incumbents in because nothing changes if nothing changes.

And FahQ Heartland Bank too!!

u/cbusdavid · 5 pointsr/Columbus

Almost all of them do, Iv got mine in my cigarette lighter and roles the moment the car turns on.

If your cigarette lighter will still pull from the battery after the car turns off you may need to hardware it.

Iv been pleased with this model

u/meddle511 · 3 pointsr/Columbus

I think the Crawford expedition and everything leading up to it is an incredible piece of history that rarely gets told. I first read about it in Allan Eckert's book ["That Dark and Bloody River"] ( and always felt it would make a great film if the events around it weren't so brutal.

u/Feelsgood767 · 1 pointr/Columbus

Your knowledge of history seems limited. I am not equating the current left with Nazis, I was pointing out that Nazi's started as a socialist party.


u/haironburr · 0 pointsr/Columbus

C'mon now friend, I'm not being lazy by pointing you to a source like the Drug Policy Alliance that is dense with info about the failed drug war and the racism that's woven into it.

Personally, I think pointing someone towards a source that supports a point is a great way to discuss issues broad enough that they don't fit easily into a paragraph or two on reddit.

If you're interested, here's a book that discusses some of the diverse cultural and historical currents that come into play trying to understand how we ended up with a drug war.

Here's the inadequate wiki:

And I hope you're interested because I believe that drug hysteria and the endless, unwinnable drug war it rationalizes is so corrosive to our freedoms and identity as citizens, so complicit in a host of cultural divides, so clearly another peculiar institution that mangles and degrades our interactions with each other, that a hundred years from now we'll be baffled that so many smart capable people went along with this craziness.

u/SlaughterhouseIce9 · 1 pointr/Columbus

I use a TP-Link Archer C1200, I just plugged the network cable from the modem into the Internet port and away I went.

u/liaseraph · -1 pointsr/Columbus

you should get her this book for christmas

u/absinthminded64 · 2 pointsr/Columbus

this one. It was absolutely terrible before I upgraded the firmware and now it's a piece of cake. i forget it's there.

u/stephentszuter · 2 pointsr/Columbus

Hah! Damned if you do, damned if you don't; we're all going to get priced out regardless. But that's another issue entirely. Good book on that topic.

u/p00pyf4ce · 1 pointr/Columbus

My parents owned Chinese buffets. I was an indentured servant. Can confirm.

No, in all seriousness, it's super simplistic to think of them as indentured servant. They're just heavily in debt(by choice) and need to work their asses off to pay off their debt pronto. It ain't cheap to come to America. You can't be dumb and lazy to be here. Life ain't easy for Chinese restaurant workers with limited English skill.

You are serious about learning more, pick up this book from library. But with the amount of ignorance I saw on daily basis on this sub, I'm not optimistic people would even bother.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Columbus

>And of course casual gun violence which claims the lives of more people than mass shootings do, needs to be addressed at the root cause level (education, poverty, etc.).

Fair point. Mass shootings are still rare events when compared to Suicide.

I finished reading a book that alludes to a possible solution. The lack of a community. Through a variety of means in the name of better/faster/cheaper services+products have disconnected large amounts of Americans from their community. There are large parts of this nation where the American Dream is dead and no local institutions exist to provide an outlet or serve particular needs (like a VFW hall). This creates isolation and leads to deaths:

It is no wonder the decline of Veterans organizations like the VFW has also occurred at the same time vets are offing themselves in large numbers and the decline of Rural America happens at the same time farmers are killing themselves more than ever.