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u/typesinaesthetic · -4 pointsr/ComedyCemetery

I have family of my own in medicine and forensics and they will confide that race is a reality, though the Zeitgeist of our age wishes much that it wasn't so.

Perhaps this admittedly-spammy trove of evidence will convince you...


Genetic analysis “supports the traditional racial groups classification.” Source:
“Human genetic variation is geographically structured” and corresponds with race. Source:
Race can be determined via genetics with certainty for >99.8% of individuals. Source:
Oral bacteria can be used to determine race. Source:
Race can be determined via brain scans. Source:
96-97% of Whites have no African ancestry. Source:
97% of Whites have no Black ancestry whatsoever. Source:
There was minimal gene flow between archaic Europeans and Asians. Source:
Common-sense racial categories have biological meaning. Source:
A substantial amount of the human genome has been subjected to natural selection since the races diverged. Source:
With 160 short gene sequences, race can be determined with 100% accuracy for Whites, Asians, and Africans. Source:
Principal continent of origin (race) can be determined with 87% accuracy even for highly mixed populations. Source:
“It is inaccurate to state that race is biologically meaningless.” Source:
Race is biologically real and represents “genetic clusters” of variation. Source:
“Empirical structure within human genetic variation … resembles continentally based racial classifications”. Source:
“Recent research in genetics demonstrates that certain racial, and also ethnic, categories have a biological basis in statistically discernible clusters of alleles.” Source:
“Numerous human population genetic studies have come to the identical conclusion that genetic differentiation is greatest when defined on a continental basis.” Source:
Genetic analysis of race corresponds with self-identification more than 99% of the time. Source:
Races are human subspecies. Source:
The “social constructionist account of race lacks biological reality”. Source:
Race can be determined from fingerprints. Source:
For 99.86% of individuals, genetic analysis of race matches self-identification. Source:
Predefined ethnic/racial labels are “highly informative” about genetic identity. Source:
Over 2000 genes have been subject to recent (post out-of-Africa) evolution. Source:
The concept of race existed in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, India, and Arabia. Source:
Racial classification has genetic significance. Source:
Racial identity is real and is hidden in correlations between different traits. Source:
With enough data points, an individual will never be closer related to someone of another race than someone of their own race. Source:
An individual’s geographic origin can be determined from their genes “with remarkable accuracy”. Source:

u/eatsleepmemesrepeat · 1 pointr/ComedyCemetery

Dude, you literally said

> Such a disgrace and such an insult to common logic and reason. There is a book called how to win an argument, it has passages from the great roman senator Cicero. Here's a link to it: Hopefully you can find it useful.

You are like Douche Prime walking into a serious discussion and calling everyone fags for having respect for life. You have no idea how dumb you look right now telling everyone to read a book, and you will cringe so hard in a few years that I hope you never see these comments you made ever again, for the sake of your sanity. You say that someone can't not enjoy a joke if they don't personally raid North Korea and take away their nukes by hand?

> If you care so much about a petty little picture taking aim at "atrocities" do something about it instead of voicing your opinion at something that is in r/ComedyCementarty It's really mundane and pathetic to come to a place that clearly states this is the junkyard of comedy and give your worthless opinion about countless lives lost.

What do you want them to do? Sign a petition? Call their governor? We're all equally helpless in this mess. There's nothing we can do short of marching on Washington and demanding the Republicans give up their offices. And how well do you think that'll work?

Then you said that somehow this guy is a stand-in for all liberals? Blatant generalization, bud. It's that kind of sophistry that is making people dismiss you here and likely in many other places. Nothing you've said has had any meaning, it's just the kind of surface-level whinging you hear a lot from high schoolers who've just read 1984 and think they're woke. "War is war", "don't get triggered", "I'm just being logical", yawn. Everyone's heard your non-arguments a hundred times and we're done entertaining them. I'm having flashbacks to my freshman year of college and I've only read like three of your comments. Learn to accept that sometimes grown-ups will be too tired to debate every one of your nonsensical points and that that doesn't make you special.

u/lord_of_flies_18 · -1 pointsr/ComedyCemetery

So, you are a prime example of a person who cannot defend your statement and resorts to insults instead. Such a disgrace and such an insult to common logic and reason. There is a book called how to win an argument, it has passages from the great roman senator Cicero. Here's a link to it:
Hopefully you can find it useful.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/ComedyCemetery

It's supposed to be ironic; I got the idea from this album, whose title pokes fun of people saying "[80's-early 90's] ska is dead (when ska in general it was the most popular/mainstream)", when in reality it's grown into the third/fourth wave and has been better than ever for the past 15 years.

u/3dPrintedOG · 5 pointsr/ComedyCemetery

he makes money off selling merch comprising mainly of text saying "PHRASE Daddy" or "PHRASE Qween".

Oh and he published a couple of books

u/Practicalaviationcat · 3 pointsr/ComedyCemetery

Seriously the most forgettable state. Only notable thing I can remember about it was that Nebraska was one of the main characters in the kids book The Scrambled States of America.

u/minecraft_fnaf_2008 · 7 pointsr/ComedyCemetery

Well then. I guess I mistook these terrible jokes for other terrible jokes. I'm sorry, I was thinking this was Jokes for Minecrafters: Booby Traps, Bombs, Boo-Boos, and More

u/video_descriptionbot · 0 pointsr/ComedyCemetery

Title | Why Rape Is Sincerely Hilarious
Description | Content Warning: The video has its title for a reason but, if you watch, please watch the whole thing before passing judgment. Written and Performed by Andrew Bailey Camera: Justin Carter This is the recording of a monologue originally performed at the Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret in June of 2012. Another thing I wrote:
Length | 0:02:17


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u/bombow · 6 pointsr/ComedyCemetery

In the 80s my Uncle used to have books of disturbing cartoons like this and he always used to buy them for me. They were always about things like traffic wardens being raped and run over or racist jokes about ethnic people.

Edit , this is one he had

u/Badgerz92 · 1 pointr/ComedyCemetery

Source on Warren Farrell creating a database of rape victims for his followers to harass? He did publish a book thoroughly debunking the wage gap myth however.