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u/shtoots · 2 pointsr/Concordia

Talking about it definitely helps. It's free so why not try, you have nothing to lose.

I also read [this book] ( in between sessions. It's about cognitive behavioural therapy, the author has some good points.

u/TheBode7702Vocoder · 11 pointsr/Concordia

✓ 8th gen i7

✓ Can handle SolidWorks.

✓ GTX 1060 6GB, plenty good for those games and can play AAA titles at decent settings.

✓ 1 TB SSD NVMe + 1 TB HDD, plenty of space and speed.

✓ 16 GB memory, plenty for a laptop.

✓ 1080p IPS screen @ 144Hz (probably the best part). In my opinion, 1080p IPS @ 144Hz is way better than 4K TN @ 60Hz. Resolution isn't everything.

✓ $25 over budget, BUT, it's on sale at 30% off, free shipping and only 5% tax.




4/5 (1772 user reviews)

Note: Some of the reviews have slightly different configurations, but it's otherwise the same model, i.e. Predator Helios 300.

u/laronde20 · 1 pointr/Concordia

Have the older version of this printer. Does the job well, fast, efficient. Couldn't ask for better and if you buy third-party cartridges, very cheap to fill.