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u/ajdellinger · 3 pointsr/ConnectedCareers

Audacity works well and is free. Audio Hijack Pro is what I've used in the past if you feel like getting fancy. Pick up a cheap desktop mic or a slightly nicer mic and get to recording.

u/danchan22 · 2 pointsr/ConnectedCareers

I know several of us have the Elgato:

It's very easy to set up and comes with the software to record/edit/stream your games.

u/ColtsFanZach · 1 pointr/ConnectedCareers

I recently reread the entire Harry Potter series, because I was being nostalgic that day (it's been over 10 years since Order of the Phoenix came out). I finished Inferno by Dan Brown yesterday, and I'm waiting on The Fall of Arthur to arrive so I can read it.