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u/adam_f_1984 · 1 pointr/Cosmos

A telescope is not out of your range if you know what you really want and can save for it. I have a "smaller" one, but having a larger diameter opening allows you to capture more light and peer deeper in to space. You should get what you want and strive to save for it. I want to go bigger, maybe an XT10 computerized.

My telescope is good, in fact it over-preformed every time I went out. The one gripe I have about almost almost every inexpensive telescope is that it is not motorized. We live on a spinning rock in the galaxy so the telescope needs to be constantly adjusted. All you do with the motorized is find 3 stars and it can take you on a tour of the universe. It does a lot of the work for you so you wont accidentally lose what you were looking at.

I'd also recommend buying some filters, It helps when you look at the moon or nebulae.

Also, instead of swapping eyepieces for closing in on objects, this zoom lens is extremely helpful. With just a twist you can go from 8mm to 24mm. I own that exact model and it's great, plus you cant lose

It seems expensive, but if you really want it, you'll find ways to save and get it. I hope this helps and when you DO make a final decision I'd like to know what its is.

Billions and Billions

u/Donavenn · 11 pointsr/Cosmos

I'm a huge fan of Cosmos, and wanted to make something to celebrate that. So I made this. Sort of a Jesus fish for scientists, or fans of the show. Hope you guys like it. If you want one, you can get them here;

u/whowhatwhere11109 · 1 pointr/Cosmos

Link to purchase your own sticker from Amazon:

It seems to be high quality, and was offered at a great price. I'm glad I purchased one. Thanks, /u/Donavenn!

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u/PirateShiplol · 2 pointsr/Cosmos

Have you watched The Universe series? My teacher in high school played these for us and I became obsessed. I bought the first season recently for like $20 on Amazon and intend to get the rest of the seasons when I have the money. I've seen the season 2 nebulae episode like 50 times.

edit: Added Amazon link in case you are interested.

u/spaceturtle1 · 1 pointr/Cosmos

The subreddits about the individual fields of science have usually a lot of helpful links in the sidebar.

Best and most universal example is /r/math

I bought myself the Feynman Lectures off Amazon. It touches almost all the fields of science and is famous for being an "easy" read.

this edition is huge in size, is relatively cheap if you consider the size and leaves room for your own notes at the outside border (can also be seen as a negative, but well). Or just read them online for free in HTML

u/port53 · 4 pointsr/Cosmos

Buy the show when it comes out on BD. Seriously, that'll make them more money than they'd make on advertising to you, and you'll get the benefit of watching it in a format you like now and supporting future shows in the same vein. Plus, you'll get to rewatch the whole thing over again without TV station over-branding on the screen.

You can pre-Order it on Amazon now for US$54.

u/devianaut · 1 pointr/Cosmos

apparently amazon has a 2015 version as well :)

u/taintertots · 9 pointsr/Cosmos

I started looking to get a telescope a while back and a lot of what i read is for beginners to start with some high powered binoculars rather than a telescope.

They are normally quite a bit cheaper, easier to use, and do a great job for a beginner to get the hang and feel for things. Then if you really like star gazing and want to get a bit more serious about it, start looking into a more expensive option.

What I ended up getting was the following:

Might not be the same model, but they were this brand and looked almost identical to those (I am at work and can not check to be sure).

u/Mikesapien · 4 pointsr/Cosmos

Bill Nye

u/remake7 · 1 pointr/Cosmos its not too far away April 2020, so four months into 2020. It may even be earlier as this is an audiobook which I imagine would come out after possible world's release.

I'm just happy its not late 2020.

u/unafraidrabbit · 1 pointr/Cosmos

Sunny Delight.

Rocket Pop.

Rocket Popsicle Molds


Corona. I know it's spanish for crown but this is Murica.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Cosmos

Chek out Prof. Brian Cox. He's basically the British equivalent of NdT. Here's a video of him testing out the gravity on different plants at a NASA centrifuge so you can get an idea on his style.

He has a very good three part series called Wonders of the Universe, Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of Life. All with a tying in Bluray box set for only £13 but I don't think it's available in the US, there are cough other *cough ways to get it though.

u/roque72 · 5 pointsr/Cosmos

You can pre-order it on Amazon now if you like

u/tvw · 3 pointsr/Cosmos

So it is the telescope mount that will handle the tracking and auto-locate capabilities.

You can get a telescope with a mount that just has "tracking" capabilities. That means it will follow stars and things across the sky as the Earth rotates. You can also get one with a computer guide that will do tracking as well as give you the option to type in the object you want to see and it will move the telescope right there.

For example, this one has computer tracking and guiding, but it's quite a bit more expensive.

u/vujadejunkie · 1 pointr/Cosmos

The Amazon link for Druyan's book lists the published date as January 2, 2080. So maybe it'll be awhile...

Cosmos: Possible Worlds book on Amazon

u/ccdudek4 · 6 pointsr/Cosmos

the amazon website for her audiobook says it will be released on April 7th, 2020. Just hypothesizing with scant evidence, but it could be released then.

u/hmasing · 1 pointr/Cosmos

Here's the link without the affiliate marketing reference:

u/rohinraj · 3 pointsr/Cosmos

It's most likely to air next year in March. Ann's cosmos possible worlds audioCD is scheduled to release in April 2020.

u/civy76 · 3 pointsr/Cosmos

No, but there is this

"This title will be released on April 7, 2020"