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u/Chrushev · 6 pointsr/CricketWireless

Id say ATT and Verizon networks are pretty on par. Ive been to places where ATT has no service but Verizon does, and Ive also been to places where Verizon has no service but ATT does (I live in Southern California).

Now, that being said, you could be in one of those areas where Verizon works well but ATT doesnt. Wont know without testing it out.

I would recommend signing up for a $30 2GB plan (when you use up 2GB you just get slowed down, you still can use it). 2GB should be plenty for testing.

Pop out your Verizon sim, and pop in Cricket sim. Use it for the month as you would normally use your phone, if you are satisfied move over all lines. If not then all it takes is for you to pop the old Verizon sim back in and you are back to how it was before you did anything.

Currently you can get Cricket sim from Amazon for $5, or BestBuy for $10.

yes this would cost you $35-$40 for the month. But if its a success then you will be saving a lot more than that per month.

PS - I dont know anything about Red Pocket Mobile, but I would test it out with actual Cricket since that is what you are considering changing over to.

Also if you do sign up, visit stickied thread and use one of the promo links, it will give you $25 after 60 days and the person who's link you used $25 as well. That will cancel out the cost of sim cards for you ($5 a piece from Amazon).

u/Jaymoon · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

I just switched a few months ago from AT&T, on my own, because of the same reasons. I went to the store, and they said it would be $15 per line activation fee. I was looking to switch over 4 lines with 4 unlocked & fully owned phones.

I said thank you, and headed home to price Cricket SIM cards on Amazon. I bought 4 of these guys, at the time, for $5 each. When they arrived, I simply went through the activation process through the website for each one. I didn't do anything with my AT&T account, although I did have to provide my AT&T account number, password, and PIN during the setup.

Once I ported over the first (main) line, I verified everything worked, and it was instant. Calling/texting/data all worked great on Cricket as it did before. Then I went through the add a line process, and repeated for each of the next 3 phones. I was careful to do just one at a time and verify it worked before attempting the next. Also, they ended up charging me 4 different times, each time I added a line, which in the end, ended up to be the expected $100 total. That wasn't clear that's how it was going to be done, but no strange charges at all, it was pretty straight forward looking back. The entire porting process on my own through the website was maybe an hour.

A couple things to keep in mind though. If purchasing random SIM cards online, there is a slight chance they could be expired/used. Keep that in mind when ordering, maybe even purchase an extra or two, which still ends up being cheaper than $60 activation fees in-store.

Also, timing is important. I had no interaction with AT&T during the whole process. Your AT&T profile/account will remain active, but eventually the lines will be dropped once the porting is complete. Even though I switched to Cricket on (technically) the day the next billing cycle began for AT&T, they still felt the need to charge me full month of service. After the nasty "Pay us now" letters and emails, I contacted them through web chat to sort it all out, and they cancelled out the amount. (A fine lesson in why you never set up auto-pay with any company)

Also, also... If you're looking to get the referral bonus for signing up... You need to submit an email and claim a referral code BEFORE you do anything with your lines. Then after you create your account and port phone lines, you can claim that referral bonus. I made the mistake of claiming a referral code AFTER I signed up for the account, and it just simply does not work. Cricket buries this information deep, and only after you are left scratching your head why you don't get your free money for signing up, will you find out the real reason why.

u/Dennygreen · 2 pointsr/CricketWireless

They used to, but it seems like they switched over to only the adapters now.

I bought one from there like a year ago, and it worked fine.

u/whozdabest · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

If you want to port the number a previously activated SIM card, I think there's a $15 fee for changing your number:

I'd suggest getting another SIM to port if you decide to move to Cricket. Amazon is selling Cricket SIM cards for $2.99.

i don't believe Amazon is selling the new Cricket SIMs (all white) yet, but they should work fine nevertheless. The new SIMs puts you onto AT&T proxy servers from the very beginning of activation as opposed to third party proxies. All the old SIMs will eventually migrate over, as many already have.

u/tiwaryrajiv · 2 pointsr/CricketWireless

I think AT&T iphones should work. However, please be careful of sim size. As far as I know idol 3 uses micro-sim whereas iphones use nano-sims. So you may have a problem. The easiest solution is to buy a Cricket sim from Walmart, Target etc. and activate it on your existing line. Amazon is charging $5 for it

Then your micro-sim will quit working and the number will transfer to the nano sim. You will have to do this procedure for each line.

u/technohunter123 · 2 pointsr/CricketWireless

For which budget? For low-end phones, the iPhone 5S and Nextbit Robin are the best.
iPhone available at and Robin at Amazon:

For higher-end phones, look at u/resistXtrance's post.

u/janeuner · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

Asus Zenfone 3 MAX. Excellent battery, decent camera, good build quality. Only downside is the rounded edges on the screen glass (screen protectors don't seal completely).

u/ecs0013 · 2 pointsr/CricketWireless

As a few others have said, Amazon also has them on sale:

It looks like a limit of two, and I don't know how Amazon handles international shipping for things like that.

u/notyavgkat · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

NICE !!! So basically I won't need This. I know i'm dumb when it comes to stuff like this .

u/CorporalVoytek2 · 2 pointsr/CricketWireless
  1. Have the phone "unlocked" by cricket so you can use another SIM card in it

  2. Get a Sim card that works in the UK. You can buy it when you get there, or you can get one before you leave. Something like this:
u/Yo_2T · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

I'd recommend the Moto G

Internal memory is 16GB but you can pop in an SD card for additional storage upto 128GB.

u/kkarmah · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

I did this the other day. Ordered the LG X power, when it came I put the sim in my iphone and activated. Done! I never even put the sim in the LG, I'm keeping that as a backup phone.

I also have 2 bring your own device multi-size sim kits for my kids. I got those on Amazon for $5.

u/elginkevin · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

From an listing:

"This phone does not work with AT&T, H20 and other carriers that do not support 2G Bands."

u/tyman5402 · -1 pointsr/CricketWireless

I appreciate your answer but I'm an idiot and have no idea what any of that means. Is there an
easy way to tell from an Amazon listing?

EDIT: added link