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u/xxflexluthorxx · 1 pointr/CringeAnarchy

See. You are giving ground. Earlier you said that it was only environment :-). As an aside, I think the idea that people's culture being entirely separate from their genes is a silly idea, but that's for another time when I'm not typing on my phone on a Friday night.

You are rehashing what I said earlier (and don't understand it). Yes genes work at the individual level, I said that and that's where you hit it from. You glossed over the fact that different populations have different frequencies of genes. It would be unlikely for a European to have sickle cell. It would be unlikely for the best sprinter in the world to be East Asian. Why? Because different populations have different frequencies of genes. That said, it very well could be true that in the best sprinter in the world lives among the billion of so Chinese, even though the chances of it are infinitesimally small. If you were a betting man a wiser choice for picking the group with the best sprinter in the world would be west Africans. Why? Because a west African is more likely to have the traits needed to become a champion sprinter. Are all west Africans fast? Obviously not. But as a population they are more likely to have the traits required to be good at it. The same is true with behavior and intelligence. This is obviously more controversial because of the sensitivity of the issue, but as I've said, every one of the traits I've listed does contribute toward criminal behavior. I suggest you read:

Hopefully it won't trigger you too much b

u/Niekisch · 42 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

I wish you bullies would leave Tariq alone. His video on the Art of Mackin' - along with his best-selling book, available now on Amazon for only $15.95!! - have proven invaluable in my quest to woo a fair m'lady.

Who cares if he's a paranoid, race-baiting mental case who sees white supremacists behind every blade of grass? By using Tariq's tried and proven methods of mackin', men are guaranteed to increase their player ratio by at least fifty percent (50%)!!!

u/SmileAndDonate · 1 pointr/CringeAnarchy

Info | Details
Amazon Product | Muslim Americans in the Military: Centuries of Service
>Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. By using the link above you get to support a chairty and help keep this bot running through affiliate programs all at zero cost to you.

u/TimPoolSucks · 1 pointr/CringeAnarchy

Not kidding, I have a bunch of cherry MX and I almost prefer the ones I have with cheap Chinese switches. It's like typing on bubble wrap.

Highly recommend the Anne Pro 2 with gateron blues

the quality to price ratio has gotten a lot better over the last couple years

u/GGGilman87 · 11 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

You can't forget his contributions before he became a filmmaker, in publishing books on the art of mackin' - like The Art of Mackin' or The Mack Within. He pretty much went from Black PUA to "We Were Kings" to full blown conspiracy nut and obtuse Twitterer over the years.

u/Squiggledog · 2 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

ACKTHUALLY, this is a prank gift.

If this site would ever use its function of sharing links we would actually see that this is just a novelty.

u/FjohursLykkewe · 1 pointr/CringeAnarchy

Yes, and as Christians we of course did nothing to the Muslim populations during these periods. People like you are the reason the fighting never ends.
Also heres a book by a religious studies professor.

u/Clitler_Youth · 24 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

Last time I went to the page, the top comments are always something along the lines of "why does my review keep getting deleted?"

Even people who have expressed voting for hillary are giving the book bad reviews, but Amazon is pretty obviously deleting negative reviews for some reason.

Check out the page here:

u/infecthead · 1 pointr/CringeAnarchy

25lbs of rice for $20, which is just a little over $1/kg, my bad for slightly overestimating.

I literally bought 1kg of chicken breast for $10 last week, and that was at a more expensive supermarket. Easily find it for cheaper at the local butchers or market.

Almost 50kg of beans for $15

Love the (just slightly inaccurate) name calling, really helps your shitty arguments.

u/acehook · 4 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

i remember reading the mayflower back in highschool and squanto pulling a dick move that screwed over both native americans in the area and the pilgrims, but completely forgot what or why.

u/headless_bourgeoisie · 1 pointr/CringeAnarchy

> What sucks is that these poor bastards are just doing their jobs, and they likely feel awful about it.

uh hu

u/cleaner187 · 0 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

> 25lbs of rice for $20, which is just a little over $1/kg, my bad for slightly overestimating.

Costco. Not everyone has access to one dumb fuck. Add membership fees and it's not .80 lbs. Nice try though dummy.

> literally bought 1kg of chicken breast for $10 last week, and that was at a more expensive supermarket. Easily find it for cheaper at the local butchers or market.

Sure you dud chubbs. I bought 2000 KG of coke for 19.99 at the most expensive dealer last week. Trust me. I 'm on reddit.

>Almost 50kg of beans for $15

You can't be this dumb or can you? If you are a not so clever troll then you are the dumbest most shut in loser i Met here. Not an easy task friend.

This was your link:Almost 50kg of beans for $15 :

Bob's Red Mill Black Turtle Beans, 26-ounce (Pack of 4)- $15.28

So fucking dumb. SO fucking shut in.

>Love the (just slightly inaccurate) name calling, really helps your shitty arguments.

Nah. It's 100% accurate. You just proved it.

u/lolweedbro · 8 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

FUCK FUCK FUCK always meant to archive it but was too busy to get around to it

/u/BasedGodfrey did the lord's work though:


r/StrangeStatistics Archive Links: (The National Institute for Literacy estimates that 47% of adults (more than 200,000 individuals) in the City of Detroit are functionally illiterate, referring to the inability of an individual to use reading, speaking, writing, and computational skills in everyday life situations.) (Life-cycle effects for migrants from Iraq and Somalia moving to Finland between the ages of 20 to 24; Iraq immigrant is a net deficit over their lifetime of -690,000 EUR, Somalia immigrant net deficit -951,000 EUR) (Posting Rules) (Rape has increased close to 1700 percent from 1975 in Sweden. this is progress sweaty!!!) - - - - [BBC article is a 404] - (This one is basically useless as doesn’t record the map) - (Half of US Black women have genital herpes. 80% of those infected do not know it. (CDC, 2010) - (47% of Muslims living in the US say that terrorism against military AND civilian targets is sometimes justifiable.) - (Over 46% of male homosexuals report being sexually abused as children compared to only 7% of heterosexuals. Child abuse is possibly a primary factor in the development of homosexuality.) - - (MuH DiVeRsItY) (Debunking studies (immigration)) [I didn’t feel like archiving the multitude of links in the post, as many were already archived] (Black men have much higher estrogen than men of other races) (20% of black adults nation-wide cannot read. 40% of Hispanic adults cannot read English.) (The Anti-Sodomite Anthology) (71% of Silicon Valley tech workers are foreign-born.) (% that believe it's "Very/Somewhat Good" that American Whites will be a minority in 2050) ('Five years ago, we published analysis showing that high levels of immigration hurts Republicans in elections, regardless of what position the party takes on illegal immigration') (Gonorrhea rates are 30 times higher in African Americans than in Whites. (old CDC study from 2000)) - (The average H-1B immigrant is less intelligent and qualified than the average American.) - (Women who claim to be willing to date any race are lying and are just as discriminatory as women with explicit racial preferences.) [SSRN study wasn’t able to be archived] (Melanin concentration may directly correlate with aggression.) - (As many as 50% of rural Afghani men engage in pedophilia.) - - ("A rough estimate reveals that close to half of everybody living in the Arab world is inbred.") - (Europeans and Asians are subject to more recent evolution than Africans.) - (Immigration has reduced the average skill level of Americans.) - (Of the 30 most deadly mass shootings in America, non-whites committed 36%, a slight overrepresentation.) - - Comments by u/cheesemanwub - - - - [404] - - [Unable to archive] - [Just linked to homepage(?)] - [404] - - - [Another 404] - - - - - - - [404] - - [unfortunately none of the damn graphs work in archive] - - - - - - [unable to archive] - - - - [Didn’t really see a reason to archive this] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Http://Www.Amazon.Com/Origins-Worlds-Mythologies-Michael-Witzel/Dp/0199812853[Again, Didn’t See A Reason To Archive]

[There is still a ton of links posted by u/cheesemanwub in the post on mass shootings]

u/Jummiho · 3 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

Budget deficit has a link to the cost of blacks in america included.
US education scores is actually PISA scores by race.

For homicide rates, you can obviously look at FBI crime statistics table 43.

For the correlation of whether or not blacks commit more crime than whites, you can look at Ellis, Beaver and Wright (2009) where they looked at whether or not blacks commit more crime than whites in 113 studies. Turned out they did in all 113.

For how well it correlates with violent crime, you can look at the New Century Foundation’s report “The Color of Crime”. They analyzed the violent crime rates of 50 U.S. states and D.C for the year 2005. The analysis found that state violent crime rates correlated at .81 with the percentage of the population that was Black or Hispanic, .37 with the state’s percentage of high-school drop outs, .36 with the states poverty rate, and .35 with the state’s unemployment rate.

The only thing that I miss is the gun ownership and murder correlation. I can't seem to find that anymore.

u/weopity77 · 0 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

certainly many things justify the systematic extermination of groups, an important one being the survival of the nation-state, but that didn't happen here - what happened here was systematic deportation which is exactly the same fate that would have befallen the turks had they been been utterly defeated in ww1. the armenian men were mostly put in labor camps, the old and women and children were deported. the turkish people had to the right to defend themselves from enslavement just like anyone else. the british, french, and russian empires have treated their colonial subjects the same exact way all through out their history. the fucking british had concentration camps in kenya in the 1950s and 1960s for fucksake. the british taught the world how to create concentration camps when they deported the men across the fucking ocean and then marched the boer women and children across the veld and put them in concentraion camps where fully half of them died by 1902.

the entente in ww1 intended to completely destroy turkey. to carve it up and crush it ethnically. russia was to get the caucuses, instanbul, and the turkish straight, the french were going to take anatolia and enslave the turks there, the kurds were going to get a nation, and the turks were going to be enslaved or deported from all that territory and presumably left with a tiny rump territory they didn't actually control. do you have any idea what russians, british, and french have done to ethnic minorities under their colonial control over the centuries? mass murder, rape, and utter enslavement. what would have happened to the turks that lived in areas that were majority armenian or kurdish?

the armenians threw in their lot with the entente in this conflict that we would define (if we applied your definitions evenly) as a war of mutual extermination. the armenians had an army of 50,000 fighting against the turks in 1918. many hundreds of thousands if not millions fought against turkey or gave aid to the entente during the entire course of the war.

your problem is you've never read an objective account of ww1 in the middle east, you don't know what the intentions of the entente were because they were never allowed to carry them out simply because russia collapsed and the french and british were exhausted by the end and you aren't well read enough to know their secret intentions, and similarly you aren't aware of colonial policy of the entente because you are crucifying the turks for doing exactly what the entente and armenians and kurds would have done to them had they won a complete victory.

if you'd like to learn about history and not just parrot back propaganda, here are two decent books for a neophyte.

u/Pls_No_Ban · 4 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

39% of all cop killers are Black, although Blacks are only 12% of the population. Source:

93% of Black men who are murdered are killed by other Black men. Source:

Blacks commit 56% of all robberies, despite being only 12% of the population. Source:

Blacks commit 50% of all murders, despite being only 12% of the population. Source:

Young Black men kill 14 times more often than young White men. Source:

Blacks are seven times more likely than Whites to commit murder. Source:

The percentage of Blacks in a city, not poverty, is the best predictor of crime. Source:

In New York City, 1% of people arrested for shootings were White, while 74% were Black. Source:

In New York City, 43% of people arrested for rape were Black. Source:

In New York City, 61% of people arrested for robbery were Black. Source:

67% of people arrested for gun crime in London are Black, although Blacks are only 12% of the population. Source:

Black men in London are only 12% of the population, but commit 32% of rape. Source:

A Black person in Britain is twice as likely to be in jail as to be in university. Source:

Blacks commit more violent crime against Whites than against other Blacks. Source:

Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against Whites than vice versa. Source:

Blacks are 2 times more likely to commit a hate crime against Whites than vice versa. Source:

Blacks are three times more likely than Whites to commit White-collar crime (fraud, bribery, racketeering, embezzlement). Source:

Areas with more Black people have higher rates of crime. Source:

I have more, just let me know

u/Dbash123 · 2 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

This is something I hope can help you:

Humans can be genetically categorized into five racial groups, corresponding to traditional races.

Genetic analysis “supports the traditional racial groups classification.”

“Human genetic variation is geographically structured” and corresponds with race.

Race can be determined via genetics with certainty for >99.8% of individuals.

Oral bacteria can be used to determine race.

Race can be determined via brain scans.

96-97% of whites have no African ancestry.

97% of Whites have no black ancestry whatsoever.

There was “minimal gene flow” between archaic Europeans and Asians.

Common-sense racial categories have biological meaning.

Human intelligence is highly heritable.

Scientific consensus is that IQ tests are not racially biased.

Very poor Whites are comparably intelligent to very wealthy blacks.

Privately, intelligence experts hold more hereditarian views than they express in public.

Black children raised in White households have similar IQs to black children in black households.

The average African IQ is estimated at 79.

The average African-American IQ is 85, compared to the average White IQ of 100.

The white-black gap in SAT scores, a proxy for IQ, is increasing.

Genes for large brains, linked to high IQ, are common everywhere except Africa.

Intelligence has a 40-50% genetic basis.

IQ scores are the best predictor of success in Western society.

IQ is 75% heritable among Whites.

92% of Mulatto (black man, white women) children are born out of wedlock.

Gentile whites are the most underrepresented group in top colleges.

Sweden is the rape capital of the West, likely due to immigration.

Asian women find White men more attractive than Asian men.

White men are pound-for-pound stronger than black men.

Germanic/Nordic people have lower time preference than any other group.

Human evolution is not merely ongoing but is in fact accelerating.

Human races are diverging into separate species, not mixing into one.

Blacks are seven times more likely than whites to commit murder.

The percentage of Blacks and Hispanics, not poverty, is the best predictor of crime.

90% of gang members are non-white.

Asians are nine times more likely than whites to be members of gangs.

The average H-1B immigrant is less intelligent and qualified than the average American.

Race is a better predictor of crime than poverty.

White immigrants on net improve government revenue, while non-white immigrants cost money.

Blacks are overrepresented in serial killings. Killer Information Center/Serial Killer Statistics.pdf

Blacks are overrepresented among child abuse and pedophilia, and this isn’t due to biased reporting.

White-Asian children are twice as likely as Asians to have mental illness.–baa081108.php

Black-white children are more likely than both black and whites to make poor decisions.

Racial bias against miscegenation is likely biological in origin.

Interracial marriages have a 23.5% chance of divorce, compared to 13% for same-race couples.

Mixed race kids suffer from low self-esteem, social isolation, and poor family dynamics.

Mixed race children are more likely to have health problems, high stress, smoke, and drink.

The percentage of Blacks in a city, not poverty, is the best predictor of crime.

Blacks are 600% more likely than non-blacks to commit murder.

The purpose of section 8 housing is to move blacks from elite urban areas to middle class suburbs.

Hispanics receive shorter prison sentences than Whites for the same crimes.

Police hesitate longer to shoot black suspects than White suspects.

Race-mixers may give less parental support to their children because of greater genetic distance. J. Phillipe. “Inclusive fitness in human relationships.” Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 96 (2009).pdf

15% of the human genome has been under selective pressures since the races separated.

Scientific discussion of race has increased since 1946 onwards.

Over 100 White women are raped by blacks every day in the United States.

Melanin concentration may directly correlate with aggression.

Africans have higher rates of a gene associated with violence.

Europeans and Asians are subject to more recent evolution than Africans.

64% of Hispanics have IQs too low to enter the military.

Mexican-Americans have higher disability rates than other races.

Europeans and Asians are subject to more recent evolution than Africans.