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u/10GuyIsDrunk · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

People might shit on me here for sounding like a shill in a moment but I promise you I've got no affiliations with either of the products I will mention here. As much as that may mean nothing to you, it's the truth and I wanted to at least say it.

And I went on that ramble above because the first thing I'm going to recommend to you is buying KontrolFreaks, QCQ for left and a comfortable "ultra" for the right. These will let you control the sticks with more space to move, you will be able to make smaller adjustments without a (significant) loss to your ability to make fast ones.

Second, buy a "Strike Pack F.P.S", it will add easily assignable paddles to your controller as well as turning it into an actual wired control with actual wired controller input latency (plugging in a USB normally does not make it wired, it's still working wirelessly and simply also charging). Note though that this thing has "mod" capability (as far as I can tell, straight up cheats), do not even think about using them, you could probably get banned for it. Just leave it in "tournament mode" and all "mods" are 100% disabled and it just uses the paddles. I play puppeteer and you should too, if you don't the following recommendation wont apply to you, but you'll get the idea. You're going to set the left paddle to X (jump) and the right paddle to Δ (swap weapons). This is going to open some doors for you, now you can aim while you're jumping in the air (actually aim), this is going to let you get around the map faster with better movement/jumps as well as do things like hopping above entrances and blasting the cap of other players. It's also going to let you swap weapons while you are aiming in preparation to use them as well as while sliding, this is vital to shotgunning/snipping effectively. The goal here is that the only time your fingers leave the sticks is if aiming is literally not important at all, like when reloading or emoting. You can totally go buy a custom controller if you want to, but when it breaks it's broken and you either have to replace the whole thing or get it sent in for repair, with this attachment though, if it dies it's not expensive to replace (and it's well built imo, I'd imagine some kind of internal failure is more likely than paddle failure) and if your controller dies you can just pop it off and put it on the new one. To me it seems like the cheaper and better option, but if you really like custom controllers or have tons of cash maybe that's the better choice, your call, either way you need paddles.

Next, put your sensitivity on at least 7, I would put it to 8. Relax, relax, now that you've got your control freaks on this will feel more like 5 or 6 (or 7-8 if you jumped to 10). I play on 10 with them, but I never would without them. This is going to let you have that mobility you need to improve, it'll stop you from breaking your neck every time a shotgun ape jumps over you, and with your better ability to actually use all angles of the stick you'll be able to track these things. It is going to take you time to adjust to this, you've got new weird sticks, your sensitivity is bumped, and you've moved buttons you used to use your thumb for. It's gonna be wack, it's gonna make you want to return everything, just hold on and take a breath. Now take another, because over the next couple weeks as you relearn how to play you'll find yourself pulling moves and thinking, "huh, never could have done that before." It will be worth it. Oh and make sure you have traction on your boots, I'm sure (based on your sensitivity) that you hate this perk, but now is the time to learn to use it because it opens the door for your improvement and the reason you hate it is because you haven't stepped through that door.

This is going to give you a higher mechanical skill cap, you will, on paper, be able to do more and play better. The next few weeks of practice are about rising to meet that cap, it really won't take all that long and the new mechanical skill cap will be worth it. The rest after that is learning to take what you already have ("My strengths are map/radar/audio awareness, quick reactions and outsmarting the opponent") and implementing those strengths better in the game now that you have a larger tool box (faster/constant aiming and mobility), that will take longer, that's the infinite grind, but at least you won't be handicapped by your controls.

EDIT: If you think paddles are not critical, go ask any PC player if they would willingly take their hand off of their mouse every single time they wanted to jump/reload/swap weapons. You will be laughed out of the room. Paddles alleviate most of that issue, don't sleep on them.

u/-Finnmeister- · -3 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

Just constantly play skirmish and rumble to improve gun skill. Also, either use a sniper OR a shotgun OR a sidearm and stick to that and dont keep switching, for instance, I'm a sniper although as I've perfected my sniping, I have used a shotgun occasionally.

Choose a set of guns that you prefer and use them until you have mastered them. Remember, no gun is overpowered or underpowered in the current meta (unless there is a glitch with it and excluding Grasp Of Malok cause that weapon is just spam and little skill IMO(!!)) My setup is doctorine w/ counterbalance and i use rifled barrel(!), 1KYS w/ hidden hand, shortgaze, last resort, rifled barrel and I use the IB rocket with G&H and tripod.

If you want some tips, you have come to the right place! If you want to get better easier, don't use stormcaller or bladedancer or sunbreaker (unless you main these subclasses and are a veteran with them) as they are high skill subclasses for 3's. Supers such as striker, nova bomb and golden gun can shut you down instantly so I would recommend striker, goldie or nova bomb.

Communicate more!

If you face a higher skilled team than you, do an aggressive push at the start of the match to put them on their back foot. (use !!) If you face the people who shotgun rush, use a universal remote with a sniper, I love to use this setup as it gives me extreme versitality but it is only for people who are highly skilled and can snipe like a god IMO.

Personally, run trials with my cousin who is lower skilled than me but is still top 16,000 for trials whereas I would be ~3,000 if I had been able to play in the last 2 months (my cable broke and I can't find a vga (I think is what's called) to HDMI converter that works (spent +£100 on them still no luck) so I am ordering a new monitor! Yes, it's overkill but I am also an avid CSGO player!
Furthermore, we (I) usually carry our friends to flawless.

Add me ps4: (i will be playing soon and I will add you if i feel like carrying/playing trials! (make sure you say 'sent by finnmeister in reddit' in the message box when you add me!)

Thanks!! Hope this helps :D

u/Morkaii · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

I have tried the Xbox Elite and the Scuf Vantage. I MUCH prefer the standard DS4 controller with a Strike Pack attachment.

The Elite was very nice, but the joysticks are a lot looser than the DS4. For someone like me who likes to snipe, it proved insurmountable. However, the quality of the controller is excellent and I use it with my Xbox. The resistance that the DS4 joysticks provide gives you a greater degree of control and accuracy in my opinion.

I pre-ordered the new Scuf Vantage thinking it would be the answer. Unfortunately, the quality is noticeably subpar and cheap. The sticks are better than the Elite, but not as good as a stock DS4. The upper paddles are difficult to reach to the point where I gave up on even using them. I returned it after a week of trying to make it work. Not at all worth the price, IMO.

u/Juheebus · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

I'm on Xbox and previously used bumper jumper. But I recently bought this and mapped the right paddle to jump and left for reload. I use puppeteer and switched the bumpers in the Xbox controller settings so melee is LB and grenade is RB. Now I can skate/jump pretty well, shadestep/slide/TG, aim my super better, and melee quickly after firing.

Really the only downside is I can't wombo combo (smoke/grenade) too fast or else I'll activate my super.

u/highlife159 · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

You don't want a splitter unless you want to have Destiny on both screens as the same time. If you want to choose which screen will display the image you need a switch/matrix that does 2in/1out or something like that. I've got a Rocketfish HDMI switch from Best Buy that I use and I haven't expereinced any lag that I'm aware of. But I'm using a pc monitor. Something like this should work for you.

u/bfyred · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

I have been looking to get a monitor for my Xbox one and move away from my 40" TV.

Ive dont a bit of research and have 3 on the shortlist.

ASUS Designo MX279H

BenQ ZOWIE 27"


Would love any input on which would be best.

u/mckinneymd · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

I grabbed the Sony Pulse Elites that came out before the PS4 but are still for sale.

While they're a wee bit heavy, they're great.

No stupid boom mic, a slider for chat and game audio, good battery life, solid construction, comfortable and decent surround sound. They are also compatible with basically anything with a USB port.

u/_arp · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

Agree that a headset is the way to go and you don't need to invest much. A decent set of earbuds or even something like this will be great.

u/georgemcbay · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

I've used this for years:

It works fantastically well. I use an Xbox One Elite controller on Xbox/PC/PS4 (via this converter on PS4) and on the PS4 it feels almost exactly the same (the response curve feels very slightly different but not in any meaningful way).

Brook have a newer version which seems to do things the one I use doesn't do (like carry audio through to the controller headset jack), so that might be the better option to buy, though I don't have any personal experience with it.

u/SpaceMagic403 · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

You could fix your l3 sprint with this.

CRC 02083 Di-Electric Grease Spray, (Net weight: 10 oz.) 16oz Aerosol

Super easy to do. Did it about 6 months ago to my cinch, just started having the issue again about 2 weeks ago but was very minor, will be re spraying both sticks this weekend and It was completely fixed for those 6 months.

u/TerminalSarcasm · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

I've never used one... but have heard of something like this before.

u/lovaigne · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

>I should add that I’m on PS4 specifically, so if an Xbox elite controller is a suggestion that’s unfortunately not an option

Try a strike pack. I've used mine for over a year now. Great durability, maps to whatever buttons you want, and won't break the bank.

u/WhimsicalJape · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

If you still have the Xbox Elite controller you can buy one of these:

I’ve had a PS4 Scuf and now use this setup on PS4 and the elite is way better than a scuf.

u/Vanarp_Letap · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

G305 wireless mouse (it uses Logitech’s light speed tech so it’s as responsive as a wired mouse) using a single AAA lithium battery in a AAA to AA converter to make it as light as possible (it’s about 74 grams). I have average sized hands and use a fingertip grip. I use this mousepad

u/nealpolitan · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

I use some nice philips open back head phones and modular VModa boom mic (it's attached to a 3.5 mm cord - you plug one end into the phones and the other end into your controller). Whole setup was less $100 shipped from Amazon. You do need a 3.5mm jack on your controller or else you'll need an adapter (newer XB1 controllers and Elite controllers have this). Not sure about PS4.

Amazon links below (the phones are actually discontinued but there is a lot out there - the price fluctuates wildly - they usually will hit $60-$65 every couple of weeks):

u/thedarkerride · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

I've had the same thing happen to mine. Do yourself a favor and buy one of these for your next one.

u/OneBlueAstronaut · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

When you get $15, buy this. There are some high sens gods out there but if you're like most people you won't be getting better til you get a bigger mousepad. I can do about a 380° turn at 800dpi/6 sens with this.

u/Goosebeans · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

The FPS Dominator is an awesome choice. Only problem I have with it is the included cable, which with the shroud can be problematic. I had a couple of the cables fail on me until I took my Dremel to the shroud and shaved it off so I could use a higher quality cable. Served me well. I played around with other controllers and they all seem to come with their own host of issues. Ultimately I landed on the C40 TR despite its issues so I could play with the offset analogs on it, and muck around with increased tension in the right stick more easily (no soldering required).

u/Tide89 · 2 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

You can get a HDMI > DVI cable but then you'd have no sound, unless you have a wireless headset that's compatible with a PS4.

What I used to do on my PS3, not sure if possible on a PS4, is set the audio output to composite, then use a double female RCA, to female audio input, basically turning the audio outputs on the composite cable to a 3.5mm audio jack. :)

u/Farming-For-Gil · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

I bought a mod pack off amazon that gives the same effect as the elite Controllers(xbox). It was $30 and totally worth the investment. I hated taking my thumbs off the sticks to jump or slide so the mod pack has improved my moviement tremendously. Here is the one for PS4 Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

u/TheBigMoney33 · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

I use these on the left stick:

with a kontrol freek on the right stick. It helps with the grip but doesn't increase the height of the left stick.

u/gatorglaze · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

Assuming you are on PS4;

This thing is amazing for the price. I have gone through 3 scuf controllers, 2 still going and my first one died of my own stupidity. The only reason I have not ditched the scuf for stock controller + this attachment is because of adjustable trigger pull. I cannot go back to a full trigger pull after having the scuf for so long, once I figure out what to do to get adjustable trigger stops on my stock controller, I will prob switch. The only con, HAS to be wired at all times. But I play at a desk with a monitor so its no big deal.

if your on Xbox they make one for the xbox controller as well.

u/Shriekin-Wanderer · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

16 inches is not small at all. I use the QCK Heavy + (Large), which is 16 by 15 inches.


My in game is currently at 400 dpi 10 sens.

u/bodaddyhurst · 6 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

u/DemonDeacon86 · 3 pointsr/CruciblePlaybook
Less expensive paddle pack, I've had a relatively seemless transition with mobility and at $40 it's a steal IMO. Could prib het this and a decent monitor. I'd still recommend monitor if u can't swing the $40 and use jumper or make L3 your X button to jump

u/thedirtyscreech · 1 pointr/CruciblePlaybook

I'm also looking to hear more about the controller leaked on by Emio, and this controller plugin as well. I'm hoping at least one of the four options here will be wireless, but I'm kinda doubtful that will be the case.