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u/s0ybeanm0m · 1 pointr/CsectionCentral

This was already suggested, but highly recommend maternity panties like these. I bought a pack when I first got pregnant with my son almost 3 years ago & after I had him, nothing else could compare for the first few weeks postpartum!! I’m having another baby in 2 weeks via CS & have ordered more already. I would highly recommend for post c-section.

Also, another good thing might be some mederma, or some kind of oil for her scar, once it’s healed. My friend gave me this stuff called Bio Oil & it’s greatly improved the appearance of my scar. Other suggestions would be chapstick. I forgot mine at the hospital & my lips got so dry & chapped after surgery.

Have fun, you sound like an awesome friend!! 😊

u/tashabaker11 · 6 pointsr/CsectionCentral

I also wanted to offer an alternative view.

I will be the first to admit that labor and delivery is scary especially for a first time mother. BUT I think it would be incredibly helpful for you to learn more about the process. The more you know the less fear you'll have.

I originally subscribed to this sub because I thought I needed a scheduled c-section due to low lying placenta. It moved up on its own and I was able to have a vaginal delivery. I chose to do it naturally with no pain medication and honestly, it was an awesome experience. Yes- it hurt, yes- it was hard, but I would do it over again in a heartbeat! I ended needing an episiotomy which I know scares a lot of people but they gave me a local anesthetic first and I couldn't feel it at all. My recovery was so easy!!! I just felt a bit bruised down there for the first little while and that's it. Full disclosure, I know not everyone has this kind of experience, but statistically the vast majority of births are complication free.

So long story short, I would suggest you look into vaginal delivery more in-depth. Look into the stages of labor. Definitely research the potential risks and side effects of a c-section. Also with this being you're first, c-sections can have negative risks for subsequent pregnancies.

This book is designed for support people during labor, but honestly it was the best resource for learning the stages of labor. It's a very empowering book. I highly recommend it!

I'm not specifically saying you shouldn't go for a c-section, I just think giving your self the knowledge of the pros and cons will be a huge help!

Best of luck to you!!

u/mdmecontraire · 2 pointsr/CsectionCentral

I think it's great you are thinking ahead. I had an unplanned c-section so I wasn't prepared for it at all. Like many others, I also have the Halo bassinet. I wish I had chosen the Doc-a-Tot because I would love to sleep as close to my son as possible in a safe way. The added benefit of the Doc-a-Tot is how portable it is. The Halo is HEAVY. You can't move it easily in between rooms. However, my 3 month old baby now sleeps great in it. The only problem I had with it in the beginning is that my bed is pretty low to the ground and the Halo bassinet is too high for it to hover right above the mattress as I would like it to. It was very hard to sit up quickly after a c-section so I ended up sleeping on the couch next to the Pack and Play Bassinet which was the perfect height to roll over and check on my newborn son. The swivel feature of the Halo is pretty great though.

My advice is to practice rolling over to sit up. It's in our nature as moms to want to sit up quickly if we hear our baby cry and that was so painful after the c-section. If you roll into a fetal position facing the edge of the bed or couch, then try to lower you legs to the floor and use your arms to push yourself up. The bellybinders really help. I wore 2 at one time sometimes. Even after most of the abdominal pain is gone I found my incision and skin on my stomach to be very tender. Even the waist band of sweat bands would bother me. I got these underwear and they really helped suck everything in and I could even wear jeans without pain. It takes awhile to get used to the corset boning, but I love them.

An another bit of advice I should add is to stay on top of your pain meds! At my hospital even when you are prescribed a stronger medication, you have to request it, they won't just bring it to you at the time of the next dose because of how addicting they are. It took awhile for the anesthesia to wear off so I was surprised by how great I felt until day 2 when I turned down a round of oxycodin and then I felt like I was hit by a truck.

u/bonnie-go · 11 pointsr/CsectionCentral

The hospital will have these really sexy mesh underwear. Take them. Take them all. Ask for more while you are there and take those too. They will also have the monster pads for your postpartum bleeding. Same for those as well.

I second the comfy pillows and anything else you need for sleep. The hospital beds are the worst.

I ended up getting my own hospital gown (I had been planning a vaginal birth) and I really loved that for surgery and the night/day after. The snaps up the back gave me more coverage/comfort than the ones they have there. Plus they came in cute prints. I also really liked these nursing nightgowns. They were perfect once I changed out of the gown and I still love them at home.

Speaking of showers, they will typically provide little sample versions of shampoos and soaps but I really liked that I brought my own just because it made me feel a little more human. Maybe bring a couple towels if you have room. The ones they had in my room were really sad.

Not that you asked but I will recommend walking early and often. It won’t be fun, but you’ll heal so much faster! Also ask if you can bring a speaker into surgery. We picked a few songs to play for baby’s birth and it was just magic.

Good luck, mama! Can’t wait for you to meet your little one!

u/smc0551 · 1 pointr/CsectionCentral

I recommend you bring a dress to wear home, and maybe have a few ready at home (the shorts and pants put pressure on my incision). Take the hospital underwear, but consider purchasing some, too (I bought these and wore them up to 2 weeks after). The hospital let me take their extra long napkins (yes, you'll still bleed like anyone else), and then I switched to regular pads once the flow lessened.

Keep up with the pain meds, stay ahead of the pain. I took the pain meds up to 2 weeks pp before I felt confident I didn't need them.

DRINK WATER! LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! Always be drinking water in the hospital.

Be prepared for help on pulling up your underwear.

Peeing after will be weird as you gain control back after the spinal - the nurses told me blowing bubbles through my drink's straw would help, and it did!! I was totally fine peeing after a day.

Get everything ready at home before you go in. Getting in and out of chairs will be tough for a while. I used a step stool to get in and out of my bed at home.

What else can I think of that may not be obvious... My husband bought me a nice robe to wear in the hospital instead of the dumb hospital gown. That was nice, not necessarily c-section related.

It doesn't hurt to remove the staples (that may be common knowledge, I had no idea).

I posted my birth story here if you want to read about it.

Good luck!!! =]

u/summernot · 1 pointr/CsectionCentral
It has a silicone panel that pushes against the incision to minimize scarring.
I liked using the my Blender Bottle for water while breastfeeding, because it had a wide opening, and I'd chug the whole thing down as fast as I could, because I'd be so thirsty. (just take the blender ball out)
A good nursing pillow. Mom's Breast Friend was the gold standard when my babies were born, but there are a lot of other choices now.
Absorbant mats like what they use on hospital beds for all the spills and leaks and everything else. These are great for so much: leaky boobs, changing babies anywhere and everywhere, etc etc. I still use them, and my kids are 7 and 9. They're handy to put on the bed when someone has a tummy bug.

Dry Shampoo

A toilet bidet attachment. Something like this: There are a ton of options.

u/wendydarlingpan · 1 pointr/CsectionCentral

In addition to just generally helping me feel more “held together,” coughing and laughing, etc... are painful after any abdominal surgery. Holding a pillow across your midsection can help, but so does a binder.

The postpartum nurses brought me one and helped me put it on after my C-Section. It helped me be up and walking laps around the ward as soon as the anesthesia wore off completely. I was told the more I walked, the faster I would recover. Not sure what the data is on that, but I did recover pretty quickly, especially considering it was an unplanned surgery after a multi-day induction.

I have no idea who makes the binder they gave me in the hospital, but it is a giant white Velcro wrap that looks like this one:

Also, off topic but when you are in the postpartum ward, have the nurses show you how to get in and out of bed easily. No one showed me until my last day and it made a huge difference. I’m not sure how to describe it, but I’ll try: If you face the back of the bed (when it’s sitting up) and put your knee up and grab the side rails, and then turn to sit in bed, it is way easier. Sorry if that’s confusing! Hopefully a nurse can show you.

Hope your surgery and recovery goes smoothly!

u/readytopartyy · 4 pointsr/CsectionCentral

cauniss Womens High Waist Cotton Panties C-Section Recovery Postpartum Soft Stretchy Full Coverage Underwear(5 Pack) (L)

These were helpful. Also loose shorts/pants and nursing tanks. Easy to eat snacks, like protein packs and popcorn were nice to have. You probably don't need your pump at the hospital, maybe just leave it in the car if you want to be safe.

u/shovelnomore · 1 pointr/CsectionCentral

I also used three band from the hospital and the mesh underwear for a while, washing them until they weren’t holding up well anymore. I did buy these underwear from Amazon and while I didn’t feel they were super supportive or anything, they were comfortable and didn’t bother my incision.
Innersy Women's High Waist Cotton Wavy Macaroon Color Ultra Cozy 5 Pack Brief (S, Printed)

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/CsectionCentral

I didn’t have a csection but have a similar incision and these two items were amazing.

T-shirt dress, this specifically

And these underwears:

u/cupcake_3 · 1 pointr/CsectionCentral

Ah whoops.. I gave the wrong name, this is what I used, it's actually called scar away for c sections

u/zuggyziggah · 4 pointsr/CsectionCentral

I have heard of this but not personally experienced it. I read about it in The Essential C-Section Guide - it's a method of pain control used by some hospitals and there are pros and cons about it. In my experience, I had my c-section around noon and had my pee catheter taken out the next morning when I had to get up and walk around. I think I'd rather be moving sooner than later, so I'd ask if they will waive their normal policy for you (especially since you have experience with c-sections and know how it goes).

u/phyllis_the_cat · 1 pointr/CsectionCentral

I had a wrap band? last time, like a belt, and I hated it. It rolled up and was just really crappy. I've been looking at a bikini style one for a while, and will probably order it for my c section in October.

This is what I was looking at.