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u/NoBulletTheory · 2 pointsr/CultCinema

HARD TICKET TO HAWAII is one of the of the greatest 80s exploitation films. The razorblade frisbee is fucking brilliant.

Andy Sidaris made a ton of films in the same vein, like GUNS with Erik Estrada and Danny Trejo and my personal favorite, SEVEN with William Smith.

You should all pick up his boxset on Amazon – 12 classic B-Movies for less than $6! You can't beat that.

I know I sound like a pitchman, but I just love this guys' films.

u/helenvsgladys · 2 pointsr/CultCinema

Growing up in a family that fully bought into this shit was crazy. My dad got several books like this one from our pastor, and my friends and I used to read them for laughs + recommendations of good movies and albums.

u/zerozed · 5 pointsr/CultCinema

The documentary is called Doomed! The Untold Story Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four and can be streamed via Amazon Prime Video.

I'd also recommend folks check out Red Letter Media's Best of the Worst video in which they discuss the film. Spoiler: they like it.

u/notacrackheadofficer · 2 pointsr/CultCinema

'Requiem for a dream' is a 1973 book, that is much better than the great film.
The whole red dress thing is in the book. A must read.

u/TwatsThat · 7 pointsr/CultCinema

I found this by accidentally clicking the new tab on r/all so I'm not familiar with this sub and thus this may not be helpful, but it's on Amazon for streaming and it seems you can watch it with a free trial of something called Full Moon that I'm not familiar with.