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u/burnt0ast · 1 pointr/CyclingMSP

I have bought one of these for each of my bikes. I haven't bought others but I've tried my friends. The metal is worth the weight. They are stable and super functional.

GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone...

u/notnicholas · 1 pointr/CyclingMSP

For any ride over ~80 miles one-way or rurally I still pack my hand pump as that's a sure thing, but I agree: it sucks having to pump it a billion times just to get barely rideable pressure in your tires.

You will get the occasional faulty CO2 cartridge (I can remember 2, off the top of my head), and I have heard of the pump actually breaking on rare occasion by a friend of mine. But if I'm riding locally the CO2 with a couple spare cartridges is the way to go.

I have two multi-tools:

  • a very compact tool that has just +, -, and the basic allen set that I pack on my basic local routes and training rides.

  • my more versatile Park Tool Multi tool that I listed above. I pack this one on my longer rides and/or my MTB rides. I love this one, but it's a bit heavier and takes up more space.
u/kenn0223 · 3 pointsr/CyclingMSP

I've used these for a few years. They are significantly warmer than they look and are wind and waterproof. They are some random brand but are priced much cheaper than name brand bike stuff and better than a lot of other things I've tried.

To about 20 deg I am fine with just regular compression shorts underneath and as it gets colder I add leggings and eventually smart wool pants.

They are "asian sized" which for me means I need a large. I normally wear size 29 x 30 jeans and small under amour leggings.

u/igacek · 1 pointr/CyclingMSP

Wait, for real?

Here's the exact model I have:

If you really found it, feel free to DM me and I would love to come and grab it, maybe bring you a pack of beer or something too, whatever you feel is appropriate. Thank you so much.

u/HolyLiaison · 2 pointsr/CyclingMSP

I use this mask

With this helmet

With these Goggles

I don't really have a problem with any fogging unless I'm putting my head down.

The facemask has a vent area for your breath.

Looks pretty good together imo:

u/Wynns · 1 pointr/CyclingMSP

One of those can things that you inflate with a pump.. then use to burst air in to the tire?

Like this: ?

Canned air... interesting. How'd that work? Some sort of adapter to go on the valve stem?

u/Hermine_In_Hell · 2 pointsr/CyclingMSP

I've never owned a phone holder, but have always been interested in one. One part that makes me anxious is all the potholes and rough roads, I can see anything coming loose or bouncing off while riding. Quadlock looks pretty solid, though.

Assuming you want to see your phone for directions? I do the same as u/rosickness12 and just have a mono earbud with the phone in a pocket or backpack.

u/Puerquenio · 2 pointsr/CyclingMSP

I use these: Rosenhill boots. They are flexible, comfortable and warm.

u/beef_swellington · 2 pointsr/CyclingMSP

I just bought these. For a pair of large volume waterproof bags, the price is pretty decent. My only real beef is that they don't have shoulder straps, but they do have carry handles so w/e.

I guess they're dope looking if you like high vis orange...

u/SecretAgentX9 · 2 pointsr/CyclingMSP

It's very, very new. The Facebook page says this:

"Headlight/ taillight combinations starting at $44.99. Single lights starting at $28.99. Available at THE ALT, SUNRISE, or ONLINE. PAYPAL accepted. Email [email protected] for more information."

EDIT: Order one here, if you please:

u/bigbillkaos · 1 pointr/CyclingMSP

There are a few cheaper options than the FlyPedal if you were looking to save a few bucks.

I've personally never used them, I ended up getting a set of pedals with a clip side and a flat side.

u/scrooched_moose · 1 pointr/CyclingMSP

Have you seen the Shimano A530 Pedals? They're reversible, with SPD on one side and platform the other.

u/jrmehle · 1 pointr/CyclingMSP

I've been using this for 3-4 years now. It's a bit bulky, but it does the job.