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u/SlimLightning · 5 pointsr/DBZDokkanBattle

Amazon! Banpresto Dragonball Super Movie Ultimate Soldiers-The Movie-Ⅰ

Looks like it went up to 30 but it's an awesome statue! Going to be getting the SSB Goku and Vegeta that go with this one as well eventually.

u/SonsOLiberty · 1 pointr/DBZDokkanBattle

The K1 is from my readings the best Android tablet on the market for gaming.

Sadly Nvidia discontinued it, I'm assuming they have a new model coming.

I only paid like $160 or so they are on Amazon for almost $300!

If Dokkan supported a controller I would have gotten the [Nvidia Shield TV](NVIDIA SHIELD TV | Streaming Media Player with Remote & Game Controller it just got the Oreo update to.

So I'm not sure what tablet would be budget friendly as literally I only use that tablet for dokkan and that's pretty much it.

u/d3athsd00r · 2 pointsr/DBZDokkanBattle

If you had time to plan I would recommend a case of Surge and a 4 pack of Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili

Otherwise, I'm a big fan of Mountain Dew and Spicy Nacho Doritos.

Do you happen to have a Trader Joe's near you?

u/SuperVegitoFAN · 1 pointr/DBZDokkanBattle

Atleast where i live.

First time it happened, after 23 years so i will admit i dont know WHATs the norm, and i didnt get the silver alloy fillings, but apparently plastic instead, or something like that.

Yeah i was given the choice, i was even allowed to wear these

During the procedure, but again, it wasnt really that bad, might chose anesthesia next time, but now i know how it feels.

u/GrandMaster_08 · -1 pointsr/DBZDokkanBattle

Dang sorry I hope you pull a few LRs and the cards you want in the future.

This might help:

u/mustererboys · 2 pointsr/DBZDokkanBattle

I saw this right below your post on my front page, so i thought i'd just let you know that this book on dealing with lost pets is free until the 7th.

I love dogs, man. Losing them just feels so bad.

u/NeoD13 · 3 pointsr/DBZDokkanBattle

About the Android Saga representation, the picture doesn't show everything in fact, only part of it.

You can see the whole thing on Amazon for example:

u/Bb_skot · 1 pointr/DBZDokkanBattle

I've been wondering if this game could be used as a mechanic. Haven't actually played it though.

Potion Explosion

u/thedenominator · 6 pointsr/DBZDokkanBattle

"Today a foreign man visiting Tokyo attacked the headquarters of Bandai-Namco with a 'Bug-A-Salt' rifle and was quickly apprehended by unarmed employees."