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u/Sword_Thain · 1 pointr/DMToolkit

Windows is built in with Speech Recognition. I haven't messed with it, but I'm sure it works OK.

Also, you could get a gaming keyboard like a Logitech G13 with macro programmable buttons and fix up what ever you like.

I looked into programmable 'decks' a while back, found this.

I just found this and am not sure if I'm horrified or impressed.

u/FluffyBunnyRemi · 1 pointr/DMToolkit

That's about what I ended up getting, though I got this one from amazon instead. That one has little boards in the base and walls, so then it keeps its shape a little bit better than some of the others. Personally, I'd like it to be a bit larger, so that I could keep the dice inside as well, but it's not a terribly big deal. These little trays are the best for cheap dice trays.

u/DekKato · 8 pointsr/DMToolkit

I have a half dozen or so boxes of tiles, as well as a bunch of the Paizo map packs. They're one of my primary map tools.

So first off, I got one of these collections of basic terrain mats. They work with the corresponding tileset really well. I use the mat as the base, then put tiles on top for detail. Anything that I don't have a mini or tile for I just draw onto the mat.

I usually set them up before the game, take a picture, then set them aside to quickly assemble when my players get to the location. If they already know whereabouts they're going, I'll leave it set up because it doesn't really give anything away like a basic town setup. I've learned the tiles pretty well at this point so I can quickly put stuff together at this point if they take a sudden left turn.

u/Canadians360 · 4 pointsr/DMToolkit

While not explicitly Minis I found the Paizo Bestiary boxes a great budget way to get a broad set of creatures realized on my matt for cheap. I encourage most new DMs to check them out. Believe there are six general ones and some campaign/theme specific ones.

u/ElbowDeepInIt · 2 pointsr/DMToolkit

For anyone reading, I tried to use a laptop and .pdf's of the PHB and Monster Manual. Spend the money and get the real deal. You'll get so much mileage out of them, WotC earned their $30. It's so much faster to switch books and navigate, especially if you buy some of these. I really can't believe the difference it made in smoothing out sessions.