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u/sassquatch1111 · 3 pointsr/Dads

The best thing is to help drain as much of the mucus out as possible. For this, I’d highly recommend saltwater nasal spray. You can buy it at the drugstore. I like to make it with sterile water and Himalayan sea salt because that has added minerals. I’ve used it on myself when I have a cold and it’s amazing how it really breaks everything up. This container from Amazon has a nice gentle spray that my son wouldn’t get upset about. (The drugstore one made him pretty mad.)

Also, holding him in a steamy shower (obviously not too hot) will help a lot with drainage. Even if he doesn’t get wet and you just hold him there with the steam and wipe his nose as stuff comes out.

Good luck. It’ll be the first of many and then you won’t be phased. 👍

u/jeffreygenehk · 2 pointsr/Dads

Not sure if you want books for daughter or you. I have two boys but picked up The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine to try to understand what pregnancy and motherhood was doing to my wife. It won't really help you be an awesome Dad. You don't need to read it cover to cover but it's pretty solid stuff and very illuminating. Spoiler: girls are different than boys.

On being a positive presence, a friend of mine who has raised two amazing daughters told me: raising your kids up right is simple. You just do it by example. Simple...but not easy!

Louis CK has this advice...warning, it's not a fun prediction:

u/IronyingBored · 1 pointr/Dads

You could buy a kit. I would let her pick one that interests her that deals with coding. We built this one. Amazon link. A little pricey for what you get but it was fun. A little coding and building.

I would search "coding camps" or "robotics camps" in your area. They are usually run by science centers for kids. Email the science center, or better, the counselors that run those programs. They would love to give you a list of resources.

Check out your local library. They might know of programs to enroll.

Edit: If you want to learn by yourself. Search for a project that uses a raspberry pi zero w. That's the most economical option. Adafruit is your friend. Lots of tutorials.

u/HillyardLuke · 3 pointsr/Dads

This book save my sanity and probably my marriage: The Happiest Baby on the Block

The only other tip I can recommend is have a song. I was lucky enough to stay home more than my wife with my daughter the first 6 months and every day I would rock her to sleep to Uptown Funk on low to keep a rhythm. Every time, every day, multiple times a day and she came to associate that song with love, safety and calm. It got us through her first few rounds of shots (I’d play it on my phone and dance with her after to calm down) and an 8 hour road trip when she was 4 months old. Obviously you have to find a song that doesn’t drive you nuts, but to this day, at 4 years old it’s a special song for us.

u/karmaceutical · 1 pointr/Dads

Pick up a comforter from a discount store that has square patches like this one

Get fabric paint and do a hand print of your kid in one square. Repeat annually and fill up the comforter

u/deajay · 26 pointsr/Dads

Get a free standing baby/fireplace fence, something like this:

Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it until she actually shows an interest. Then get down on her level and have a simple but earnest conversation "furnace hot, do not touch." Then be prepared for her to learn the lesson the hard way.

u/SithDemon · 2 pointsr/Dads

When i was growing up we had a book called: Good Times. I managed to find one and ordered it off Amazon. I well be using it when my kids get older. It is full of activities you can do with the Kids. They don't print it anymore so you may find a used one.
Good Times (Every Kid's Book of Things To Do)

u/sandboxninja · 2 pointsr/Dads

I think it's more about what qualities you want to teach your daughter. I try to teach them to be independent and resilient. So my recommendation would be one of the girl power 5 minute story books such as this or My daughter didn't start reading the "5 minute story" books until she was 3. Before that it was really whichever books she was interested in. To me it's important that she chooses which ones she likes and cultivates her own opinions.

u/threespoons82 · 9 pointsr/Dads

Instead of a traditional night light you could use a GroClock as part of sleep training.
The little one presses a button to send the sun to bed and wake up the star. Set a time for the sun to come up and educate your kid that that’s when they can get up.
Wrap some kind of bed time story around the whole sequence and you’ve got a nice way of keeping the Tigray in there bed!
Hope this helps...

The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer

u/RandomActsofViolets · 1 pointr/Dads

If you want to learn how to cook, try How to Cook Everything - and don't get the e-book version.

There's over a thousand recipes, but they're all pretty simple and he kind of lets you know that you can modify as you need. I think it really gives you the basics on how to cook so you can learn to modify what you've got into a decent meal.

If you're just looking for simple recipes, really, just Google + the word "quick" or "easy" will give you something.

u/AbeCross · 1 pointr/Dads

They are great. Especially when your tires are fine but your TPMS light goes on, you immediately know it's the sensor and not your tires.

here's something very similar:

u/brfergua · 2 pointsr/Dads

There’s something called a door monkey that we find useful. Keeps that from getting into mischief in the morning before I hear them banging around and get up.

Edit: here it is.

u/thisaccountwashacked · 2 pointsr/Dads

Our son spit up quite a lot until he was about 4 months old, so we got a pillow similar to this:

Also echoing the tummy time, and that I think most kids grow out of it as their head grows and they spend less time laying down.

u/Youre-In-Trouble · 3 pointsr/Dads

Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross Sections of Everything (Stephen Biesty Cross Sections)

You may be thinking of Steven Biesty's illustrations?

u/Mouthtrap · 1 pointr/Dads

Ok, well this one got me to cook - before I went through this (it's meant for children and what they describe as "kitchen shy adults"), I was terrible at cooking. I used to do ready meals because my own cooking was a health risk to myself and anyone who ventured near it.

u/Im-an-ME · 2 pointsr/Dads

Clay Hand/Foot print and picture frame.

Clay Keepsake & Photo Desktop Frame - Red Mahogany

The frame quality isn't the best thing on the market but I don't think she will mind.

The clay pieces we made ended up bowing a little but I think that is because we put the frame vertical too early. So if you make it keep it laying on its back for a few days.