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u/ryandinho14 · 2 pointsr/DaftPunk

So you want a turntable huh? Welcome to the world of vinyl, where every sound is captured in its purest form and you can transcend into a previously undiscovered dimension of high-fidelity. There's a few things you need to take into account when shopping for a record player:

  • Obviously, your budget.

  • Your high-fidelity listening experience and on what equipment.

  • Your supporting equipment such as speakers/headphones, amplifier, preamplifier, stylus, and even cables when you get into high quality equipment.

    When shopping for musical equipment, always start from the bottom up. If you let someone else do all the research for you, you will end up buying very expensive equipment you don't need/won't understand/won't be able to appreciate. My father blew thousands of dollars on hi-fi receivers, speakers, subs, and more based entirely off of what the assholes at Best Buy told him, but he has no idea how any of it works and he has it set up so that the sound quality is of speakers one-tenth the price.

    Your listening experience is what should really determine how much you splurge. Switching from listening to mp3s with Beats/iPod earphones to vinyls and hi-fi speakers/headphones is a massive audio transition that your ears will have a long and hard time transitioning to. Don't jump straight in to the deep side of the pool, because you will drown in the depth of the sound. Also, and more importantly, an inexperienced listener won't have the ability to tell the difference between an entry-level turntable and a thousand-dollar feat of engineering. If you don't want to get overwhelmed and you don't want to waste your money, you need to start with entry-level equipment.

    Note that by "entry-level" I don't mean cheap or gimmicky. I mean the first tier of the high-quality pyramid. The first step in a new world. Entry-level equipment can still be relatively expensive, but nothing to the dozens of thousands some golden-ear audiophiles shell out for the ultimate listening experience. This is where you need to look at your supporting equipment.

    A turntable will be a serious upgrade to your audio experience, but what are you going to hook it up to? If you jam to an iHome or Skullcandy headphones that you bought at Walgreens, you would probably get more value physically eating the money you plan on buying a turntable with. You will not be getting vinyl-quality sound, so again, I say look into entry-level speakers or headphones if you don't have some already. A good pair of headphones will be cheaper than a full surround sound speaker set and subwoofer. You can find out more about audiophile-quality speakers and headphones on blogs and forums such as The Audiophiliac, head-fi, and my personal favorite, Innerfidelity.

    I became an aspiring audiophile only a year ago, so my knowledge is limited. Most audiophiles are older men and women with the experience and money to recreate high-quality sound, so I am always pushing my equipment to get the maximum dollar-for-dollar value possible. Here is my progression of equipment:

  • Audio-Technica ATH-M30 headphones. They were $40 when I got them and they were the biggest single improvement in sound I ever made. I listened to them primarily through my laptop, and at first my ears could not process all the different sounds going on in the higher-quality tracks in my iTunes library. Hence my recommendation to ease into the hi-fi market.

  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50. These are the workhorse of the Audiophile world. The most popular and most trusted headphone model, and in the opinion of very many, the best cans you can get under $200 or even more. Being only $60 more than the M30's, these are the cans I recommend starting off with. After six months with them I'm still learning to fully appreciate their depth of sound.

  • Onkyo TX-SR503. This was my first amplifier and also doubled as the receiver for my home sound system. I found it cleared the sound slightly and at high volume keeps the sound clear, along with allowing to play the music at much higher volumes than a laptop, mp3 player, or built-in amplifier can when you just want to drown out your world in a bravado of highs and lows. Amplifiers are the most technical-heavy with a wide array of statistics which allow you to judge their quality, but the numbers side is my weakest side, so I encourage you to research on your own the stats like Ohms, Watts, etc.

  • Audio-Technica AT-LP60. Buying a record player was the best choice I ever made in improving my listening experience. Of course I'm biased, but I find that the AT-LP60 is as good as it gets for any turntable under $200, and it's only $80. My first record was a pristine copy of "Bad" by Michael Jackson. Hearing that record for the first time through those ATH-M50's was a turning point in my life. No longer was I content with 192kbps torrents. The crystal clarity; the thumping lows and chiming highs; the sheer bliss of hearing MJ's "hee hees" and "shamonas" as if he was in the room was fucking righteous.

  • Denon AVR-989. Just like the Onkyo, this is an audio/video receiver that also functions as my amplifier. I did not get this to improve sound quality (which it does although), I got this because it was donated to Goodwill by either a Saudi oil tycoon or an elderly citizen who was intimidated by it and it was selling for $40, so I wasn't turning down that opportunity. If you are just looking for a sound amplifier though, I encourage you to look into a tube amplifier. They look and sound incredible.

    After this there are all sorts of other improvements you can make to your listening experience such as purchasing custom styluses and cables, but trust me when I say that will be unnecessary for a little while. I recommend starting with a basic stack of turntable, amplifier, and speakers/headphones. My personal recommendation is the ATP-L60, ATH-M50, and a solid tube amp or receiver. If you are curious about other headphone options, here is a beginner's guide to buying headphones, and here is a ridiculously in-depth review of 107 different headphone models, along with a chart with the review statistics.

    I think this is enough to get you started and hopefully I've spawned the quest of an aspiring audiophile! High-fidelity sound can change your life. It can heighten your senses and alter you view of life. I know it definitely has for me. If you have any other questions you can of course message me, but I recommend posting on those forums where audiophiles with 40+ years of listening experience and a vast wealth of technical knowledge are always looking to help new listeners like us.

    TL;DR Know your shit. Don't get ripped off.
u/non_troppo · 5 pointsr/DaftPunk

I'm not an expert on the matter but I know the basics, hopefully I can help -

First, your last question - yes, a LOT of good music is still released on vinyl. Most records come with a digital download of some sort so if you want to collect vinyl but still have your iTunes library you can do so for minimal cost on top of what you'd already be paying for the digital music anyway.

For a full setup - you don't have to pay as much as some enthusiasts would lead you to believe you also can't expect to get a halfway decent sound out of $60 unit from Target that has built in speakers. At the very least you are looking at $150, and that's if you can make some awesome garage sale scores. If you want brand new equipment you are looking at at least $300-$400.

You will need a turntable, a pre-amplifier, a stereo receiver, and speakers. A lot of stereo receivers like this one have a built in phonograph pre-amp so if you want to knock out 2 birds with one stone go that route. For a turntable, just find something that has a replaceable cartridge (needle), has a stylus counterweight (to keep weight off your record), and is fairly heavy (weight = no vibration). Speakers aren't really hard to figure out - just find some unpowered speakers on Amazon that have a good rating. You don't need some ridiculous setup with a subwoofer and surround sound...two basic floor speakers will sound great.

If you can't afford all of that you can always just get a cheap turntable with USB output like this and some USB speakers like this. It won't sound amazing but it's plenty good enough for most people.

u/xerofoxx · 1 pointr/DaftPunk

3 videos, wrapped around you 360.
Experience the Concert in 360 VR as
the Iconic Light Show plays all around you.

Be sure to select highest quality.
If you can't stream 4k, then I recommend downloading it. Enjoy!!!

Oculus Rift Users:
Step 1: Download "Whirligig Media Player"
Step 2: Download THIS VIDEO
Step 3: Play in Whirligig with 360 BARREL mapping
Step 4: Select depth until only 1 cube is showing

Music Credit: 'Alive 2007' by Daft Punk.

Support the artist by purchasing their amazing work provided in the links below. ENJOY!
-- Xero Foxx

Buy: Itunes->
Buy Google Play ->
Buy Amazon ->

u/a1blank · 1 pointr/DaftPunk

I actually just sprayed my Thomas helmet with Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish and, while it didn't come out nearly as good as a chrome would (I wanted to be sure that it would be done by halloween), it does look pretty good. Here's what it looks like with that metaillic spray paint without any sanding which would have done a world of help (don't zoom in too far, I had to crank up the iso since my apartment is so dark, so they're pretty noisy).

Here's the full build album, if you're interested. I've still got a ton more work to do, such as finishing fiberglassing the inside and applying bondo to the outside.

u/DirtyB02 · 1 pointr/DaftPunk

What is your local craigslist? I can look around for you. The best luck I had though was going to pawnshops. If you do go the used way then you will have to buy a new needle. I have this one and it sounds great and is pretty cheap.

Also you should put a post over in /r/vinyl, they know way more than I do. And here is a nice article on buying a turntable for cheap.

u/Sisricthegreat · 5 pointsr/DaftPunk He could have bought it in the UK Amazon but it's only £3 more, I don't see why it matters. Besides he's helping the independent record stores. Nice find OP, oh and happy birthday!

u/LuisNHewitt · 10 pointsr/DaftPunk

I'm not sure why it was omitted from the standard release but you can get a limited edition boxset which includes Alive 2007 on white vinyl, Alive 1997 on silver vinyl and, most importantly, a white etched 12" single which contains the complete encore.
It's a little pricey - but keep an eye out as Amazon discounts it by 50÷ once every couple of months!



u/MixDrynx · 3 pointsr/DaftPunk

Thanks! For the Thomas helmet, I started with a chrome motorcycle half helmet as the base. Then I used chrome (mirror) vinyl to cover the visor and stuff (that's the really shiny part).

The chrome spray paint I used on the ear pieces can be found at any hardware store (rustomleum, krylon, etc.--something like this: it's not as "mirror" like as the helmet or the vinyl. It's more "silver" than chrome.

Hope it helps!

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/DaftPunk

Got mine here:

It was a decent product, shipped fast, but in just an envelope so potential to be folded is quite high, though it seems not many people have had issues with it. Application was simple and easy, though I'm pretty meticulous with pre-cleaning and using a card to press it down well. Seems to be holding up find after a month (I take my car to the Pink Elephant for automated touchless high pressure spray wash).

u/captainrex · 4 pointsr/DaftPunk

I decided to use slower shipping from Amazon for the vinyl in the hopes that AutoRip will be available for it on release (it will!), so it won't be arriving until next week.

Though I guess that means I'll have two digital copies now, if the vinyl comes packaged with one as well.

u/PM-ME-YOUR-SUBARU · 2 pointsr/DaftPunk

I don't have Alive 2007 on vinyl, but I do have Discovery and RAM. Holy shit they sound so good. I'd heard RAM a thousand times digitally on my m50x before getting the record, and it was a whole new experience.

If you want a better turntable, this is what I have. Sounds very good even through just good-tier receiver and speakers.

u/mrjordak · 1 pointr/DaftPunk

I bought it off Amazon a few days ago for £14.94 with free delivery.

Unfortunately the cheapest one on there now (including delivery) is £23.75

Unless you don't mind getting it used.

u/Raziel66 · 2 pointsr/DaftPunk

They re-issued it actually, it's gotten much easier to find.

u/daftande · 1 pointr/DaftPunk

Damn! That sucks!!


No tote or shirt but the vinyl is at a fair price now on amazon:

u/type40darsit · 1 pointr/DaftPunk

You can get it from here or here. In one of the past threads someone confirmed with an Amazon representative that the package sold on Amazon was the same one as the one linked by the Random Access Memories website.

u/Christ_Forgives_You · 2 pointsr/DaftPunk

Cheap and reliable:

Remember you'll need a phono preamp and some speakers aw well.

u/OzTane · 1 pointr/DaftPunk

You said "deluxe boxset"

The only place I found the boxset and it says "deluxe" is on the French version of Amazon. Does that mean that if you preordered your boxset from here (where it doesn't say "deluxe") that your boxset will not include the "Encore"?

u/NotASmurfAccount · 1 pointr/DaftPunk

Is the only difference between this and this the USB port? If so why are they the same price?

u/Scriptkitties · 2 pointsr/DaftPunk

Why is it July 16 now? The robots said the end of June, and Germany might be getting it July 6.

u/morphite65 · 2 pointsr/DaftPunk

See if you can get a copy of Discovered: As Sampled by Daft Punk. It is just that, an album consisting of several songs they sampled from.

Ninja EDIT: Apparently it's on Amazon

u/nJoyy · 3 pointsr/DaftPunk

I'm keeping the box set, I was talking about this

u/eric00 · 23 pointsr/DaftPunk

Not yet. Expect some this weekend or next week.

Edit: it’s up on Amazon

u/Bore-dome · 1 pointr/DaftPunk

yep, he's right you should at least have gotten this LP60 Because the cartridges on those ion tables are shite :( sorry.