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u/VictoryGreen10 · 1 pointr/DallasStars

So I went looking for it, and I found an option. It's not a star, but it's the closest thing I could find.

This is a mini-helmet, but one of the reviewers said it made a good tree topper:

Best of luck in your search.

u/Strike0070 · 2 pointsr/DallasStars

Got the shadow box on Amazon.

I've thought about getting a bracket for the stick, but I don't know if it would be worth it for just one. I could probably get my dad to make me one though. He made the stand for the autographed stick blade with his laser cutter.

I've thought about adding some nice matting to frame the picture like in your post earlier, but I don't know if that would look good in a box this deep.

u/mojotooth · 2 pointsr/DallasStars

I used to have paper books that had this purpose. Here is an example. I used to love this, not just for fantasy hockey purposes but just for geeking out on hockey.

The difference, to me, is that Sherry Ross had a pretty obvious business model for making money from those books. For most websites it's much less obvious they can make money. So, from that perspective, kudos to hockeyatlas.

u/DeathByToothPick · 1 pointr/DallasStars

Not the exact same but here is another version

I'll see if I can do some Google Foo and find one

Edit: Found this one as well on Amazon. No luck with that version however.

u/Grubes1310 · 1 pointr/DallasStars

Yeah, I wound up on Zappos last night and they didn't have them either. I did find these to tide me over for now, though. :)

u/eatbeans96 · 2 pointsr/DallasStars

I'm playing the tapes on the VCR my parents bought that's at least as old as I am. Hooked up to it is this $15 capture card thing that's USB on the other end. You'll need composite cables to go between the VCR and the capture card, it doesn't plug directly into it.

To record the video I'm using OBS Studio, it's free and runs on just about anything. The capture card comes with software on a disc but it's kinda old so I'm not using it.

u/StephasaurusRexy · 4 pointsr/DallasStars

Intermission fun: Yesterday, I learned that these (possibly NSFW b/c of the titles) books exist. There are no words.

u/Chiapanacas · 3 pointsr/DallasStars

I found em on Amazon. Let me get off mobile and I can link them.

Edit: Here you go!

u/TX25 · 1 pointr/DallasStars

Hmm might try buying episode 6 from here? Looks like a sped up version (only 2hr 50min), but I bet that would still cover all gameplay:

Only $2.

u/noblee93 · 1 pointr/DallasStars

I saw some at the Hangar store in the AAC... I bet you can find them at most sporting goods stores. Here's amazon too -

u/OmenQtx · 1 pointr/DallasStars

Here's a few links. "Desolation" is their latest album. I saw them at a bar in Seattle earlier this year, they kick ass.

PS- I'm tickled pink that you played the Goldblum Birthday mix!

u/ChiDaddy123 · 3 pointsr/DallasStars

Just gonna leave this here... Explains why they shit the crease so often... ಠ_ಠ