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u/WorldWideDarts · 3 pointsr/Darts

> Sorry Steel tips!!

Ah there we go. Well let me give you a couple links to start with and explain a little more about them.

Here is a set of 26g Red Dragon Tempest darts. Not to confuse you too much but these are actually old stock Winmau Silver Vanquish darts. They cost about $45-$50 a few years ago when they came out. 26g is on the heavy end of things but at $16 it's worth a try.

On the other end of the spectrum here's a beautiful set of 18 gram steel tip darts. I own these and LOVE them. Worth a try at $15.

If you want to go in with friends you could place an order from Amazon UK. The shipping will be about $8 for 4 sets of darts.

These are 23 grams but be warned... This is what actually shows up. It's a 95% tungsten barrel and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Hard to pass up for $12.70!!

These Golden Tempest are actually 26g Winmau Golden Vanquish and a steal at $12.70.

You could also get these 25 gram darts. They're a Winmau Navigator dart. Super high quality and it offers up a popular (in the USA) knurl grip.

Any of these options are incredible starting points if getting into darts and these darts are just as nice as any dart that a professional player uses. You're going to be hard pressed to have anyone send you darts but to be able to buy these incredible darts for $12.70 from Amazon UK is something that you really can't beat.

u/nonothing · 3 pointsr/Darts

I like A1 and A3 from Darts: Beginning to End

A1: Throw 3 darts at large segments: 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13 (more than just cricket so you use more of the board)
If 2 darts land in the large segment you give yourself a mark. You want the game to be around 45-60 mins long with no breaks. I started with 3 marks on 20-16 and now I do 4 marks on all numbers. Switch to the small bed if you need more of a challenge. It really helps you get confidence in single numbers and throwing darts in the same place. Also helps aim for a specific spot, the large bed is so big, picking a hole or fuzz on the bed can really help dial in consistency.

A3: Throw up to 3 darts at T20, T19, T18, D20, D10, D16, D8, Bull. Add in numbers you like, I added D1, D12, D6. I play to 3 marks.
Throw darts at the number you're aiming for (lets say T20). If you miss, move on to the next number. If you make that bed in 3 darts or less give yourself a mark and move on to the next number. If you throw the bed on your 1st or 2nd dart, the rest of the darts in your hand can go to the next bed. If you make T20 on your first dart, switch to T19 for 2 and 3. If you miss those last darts you are still on the T19. Landing a bed gives you more darts at the next bed potentially.

Both of these games speed up as you close numbers out. I like the fact that it makes me focus for 60 minutes with no interruptions. The pressure of A1 to land 2 darts after missing the first one is helpful to me as well.

I always sprinkle in some Bobs 27 or just some trainer games on of 501 to get myself ready for a league match.

u/shakeyjake · 4 pointsr/Darts

You have a few options any many will depend on your needs and budget.

Many have said the Dartslive 100s is the best electronic home dart board. $199

I have a Arachnid Cricket Pro that I am happy with($149). It actually used to be Chris Pratt's board but that's another story.

If you don't need it to be electronic then maybe get a steel tip board and some conversion tips for your soft tip darts. The Blade 4 is my favorite board($56) and Puma makes a steel tip board with soft tip sized segments($42.50).

You can even get a non-electronic soft tip board for cheap.

The full electronic versions will keep score, handle multiple players and have other game options like count up etc. They will also have a computer opponent to play against.

u/-PoundCake- · 1 pointr/Darts

It really depends on what you are looking for. I've used plenty over the years. For at least 15 years my go to was the White Horse Case. Lately I've been trying to downsize though and have progressed from that to the Casemaster Elite Jr. to the Casemaster Salvo, and then on to the wallet style cases with the Bulls Trifold Wallet Deluxe Dart Case which is the right concept that I wanted, but way too floppy and the dart retention sucks (the darts will just fall out of it if you're not careful). Right now I'm using the Target Montana Wallet which is all the way at the other extreme - retention is great but it is way too stiff and fat for what I want. I'm thinking of trying the Target Carrera Wrap Wallet next if anyone has any experience with it and can give me a heads up on it.

edit: I actually really like all of the above, by the way, just haven't found the one that is perfect for me yet.

u/DeepFreeze180 · 2 pointsr/Darts

This $20 webcam will do the trick. Your built in camera might be good enough quality but I think you’d much prefer an external cam bc of the maneuverability.

You can start playing right away! The cam check approval is needed to enter tournaments- and yes, for that you need about 12-20 ranked games completed and then a mod needs to check it. “Ranked games” just means an equalizer or ladder match which is what most everyone plays anyway.

u/m_anwr · 1 pointr/Darts

Wow, I really like these offers, thanks so much for sharing this. I stumbled upon this one:
Do you think it's worth the shot to pay the customs and VAT to bring it to Egypt?

u/Berlin180 · 1 pointr/Darts

If you're determined to buy only from Amazon, go to Red Dragon's Amazon page, look through Amberjacks and Flightmasters (or search Amazon under "Red Dragon Amberjacks" or "Red Dragon Flightmasters"), and pick one that appeals. Since you're beginning, I recommend something with a straight barrel, anything that strikes you from, say, 21-26 grams.

But be advised that you can also buy darts from Red Dragon on eBay and from their own site, and both alternatives are significantly cheaper.

Here are just some of the ones I'd recommend for a beginner, but be sure to look through them all on the Amazon site:

All quality darts. I've been playing darts since 1990 and have never felt the need for an expensive set. To show you that I believe in my recommendation, you could go to my Twitter page and look through my pictures to see what I throw, or you could see the ones I use myself here, from the same brand as what I'm suggesting to you:

u/thanatos0967 · 2 pointsr/Darts

Hi folks -


u/chuckdeezoo beat me to this question for the day... and instead of creating a new post, I'll just piggyback... or perhaps Robin hood onto his topic. ;-)


So the question I have and perhaps, this might help u/chuckdeezoo also...


What's the better way to go for Winmau boards? The standard Blade 5 or the Dual Core Blade 5?


Winmau Blade 5 is on sale for $65 (US)


The Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core is $89 (US)


Any thoughts on the difference?



u/leftai2000 · 1 pointr/Darts

No cabinet for me! I'm currently using a backboard, similar to this: It took me more tries than I want to admit to to get it right, but it's fine. What I'll do next is get a 4 X 8 ft piece of fiberboard, mount my new board (I have a new One80 Gladiator II waiting), and build a raised oche that's mounted to the fiberboard with hinges, and make my own surround with foam from a local store. Sounds like a lot of work, but it is easier than you'd think.

u/cornynibblets · 2 pointsr/Darts

My buddy and I were also experiencing the same problem. Ended up getting a blade 5 and viper surround from Amazon. I can't recommend them enough.

However, if you don't have the means (or patience) to save money and wait to get a board, I almost bought one of these:
Use the force

The only downside, is the color scheme isn't traditional.
But from what i've heard...they are pretty decent.

Another option is the Viper boards on Amazon Meh!

Although...if you are going to spend $ might as well spend $60 and not have to replace for a while longer.

Do yourself a favor - Winner Winner

u/BizcuitFace · 1 pointr/Darts

I just ordered the tempest from the UK as it was roughly the same price. I also the in a set of Sky Pro's for kicks ;D.

Really want that 4 pack deal though! And I know it's a gamble, but I really like the "torpedo" style RD's. They're like $30 on

u/somethinggooddammit · 1 pointr/Darts

Just got a set of these guys:

Pretty happy with them, especially for the price and prime shipping. My Designa Elite 95s feel a bit more solid, but still good stuff.

u/monstarjams · 1 pointr/Darts

Check out this book if you need tips for practicing. It is incredibly helpful!

u/yeotajmu · 2 pointsr/Darts

I just bought a 4 set case on Amazon that has plenty of storage space for flights, and 5 compartments for holding all my shafts and another section for holding my miscellaneous stuff like O-Rings, flight protectors, repair tool etc.

And of course can hold 4 sets of darts.

Casemaster Classic 12 Dart Nylon Storage/Travel Case, Black

u/half-star · 1 pointr/Darts

I've been looking into getting this

Which I believe is the same material ("high-density v-foam") that is used to make this

What I'm thinking about doing is putting a sheet of the foam directly beneath the Viper dart catcher that's already surrounding my board, and have it reach almost all the way to the floor. It can probably be glued to a thin plywood backing rather easily, or maybe taped since the surface might be too porous for glue.

u/techguyjason · 1 pointr/Darts

I agree with all others about getting darts across the pond. If you dont want to do that, I have these and they are in your price range. This cheaper than you can get them from dartscorner.

u/imdaterminator · 1 pointr/Darts

There’s bound to be Black Friday deals on something over the next 2 far there’s this One80 Gladiator II for $45, and I read somewhere that the Winmau Blade 5 was $28 last year during Black Friday??

Hold out for just a bit, it could be worth ur while

u/darthvalium · 2 pointsr/Darts

What are you confused about?

To protect the wall around the board you can mount the darts board on a pin board or you can buy a "wall protector" (amazon link).

To count you can use a chalkboard and your brain or an app. I personally use darts scoreboard.

If you want the board to do the counting for you, you should consider softtip.

u/DeputyWicked · 3 pointsr/Darts

You guys are a bad influence lol. I had to order a set and get in on this deal. I got in on the soft tip 4 packs but not the steel tip ones so thanks for the info! Also found the same deal on Amazon Canada but restrictions didn't allow to have them shipped to me from Canada. Here's the link for any of you Canadians up North.

u/Murraymurstein · 2 pointsr/Darts

The big case is my favorite. Holds four full sets but I usually carry two or three sets and extra Robson flights.

I don’t remember where the metal case came from, it holds a fully assembled set with normal flights but not Robsons, since they don’t bend. I use the soft case with the brown badge two to the right for carrying one set. It has a hard plastic insert to hold the darts and keep the flights from bending out of shape. that’s a very similar version also made by Casemaster.

u/mgg1967 · 2 pointsr/Darts

Here is an Amazon link to the model I got. I got mine off of eBay. I actually found a listing for four of these for $6.99. It is a Neewer Adjustable Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm.

u/IvanZhukov · 1 pointr/Darts

This is a classical dart style that is manufactured by several brands and we had a post about them not to long ago.

Red Dragon Amberjacks are very similar to and rather cheap. Those in 24g were my first own farts. Solid darts, but in the end not grippy enough and too thin for my taste. The grip on the knurled part wore off with time, too.

Edit: Found the is post:

u/CawlinAlcarz · 1 pointr/Darts

It's the DMI Bandit. I've hade it since early January, this year. Thanks!

u/Leggilo · 2 pointsr/Darts

DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboards are also going on lightning deal at 11:40am est tomorrow and are staple free...never heard of them before though.

u/S13pointFIVE · 1 pointr/Darts

Casemaster Elite JR

This is the case I use. I carry one set of Steel tip darts and one set of soft tip darts for when I am throwing darts away from the house and don't know if we are doing soft or steel. I don't have to remove flights on either set when they are in the case. And it has room to house a plethora of accesories.

u/disgustipated · 1 pointr/Darts

You can cover the plywood with cork or felt, or padding and cloth... be creative - if you drink lots of wine then you already have the cork. :)

I purchased one of these - yeah it was $50 and I could have made one cheaper, but for me it was worth it to just buy the damn thing and forget about it.

u/deGrubs · 2 pointsr/Darts

You just need a bigger surround. This may be big enough.

u/Sbenjamin4110 · 2 pointsr/Darts

I have this one that works well for me, no tools needed. Viper Surround